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  1. That's actually a very good football song (without the add ons)
  2. Hopefully you can avoid songs about dead folk this week.
  3. Oh when the saints, get relegated has a good right to it. Usually followed by a decade in the seaside leagues dreaming about that time you almost got top 6.
  4. Man Utd sing it. Why don't you go on their forums and bore them to tears too
  5. How many do (non Old FIrm/Hibs) fans get allcoated? I know the cup game next month we would get full stand if required.
  6. Killie at 4800 according to the Killie Trust update. Be nice to get to 5,000.
  7. Whilst our numbers are around 10% of the population, i'd hazard a guess that 2000+ don't live in Kilmarnock. Alot of Killie fans in place like Stewarton, Kilmaurs, Irvine, Kilwinning, Saltcoats, Ardrossan, Troon, Prestwick etc Not to mention those who now live in Glasgow. Plenty on the trains down each match day.
  8. Manager on a shakey peg before the league has even started. What a riddy.
  9. Just seen St Mirren ate THIRD in their league cup group behind arbroath- and Airdrie. Surely not @Hendo
  10. Their workplaces and schools are all air conditioned. Ours aren;t.
  11. I'm speaking from recent experience, whatever you do, don't book flights at £350 before the previous round is over!
  12. Yet have never been in the top 6 in the SPFL and can barely muster 3000 season tickets from a town of over 75000. You seem obsessed about Killie for some reason, oddball.
  13. We'll finish above St Mirren. You can bookmark that if you want.
  14. Summer of reflection and more to his role at Killie than was previously offered too. Maybe wanted to end his career on high.
  15. Have you ever made top 6 since it's been a thing? St Mirren fans are a an odd bunch - we have one season out the top flight in 29 years and they suddenly get a superiority complex. Bit of a weird outlook from fans of a yoyo club that struggles to shift 3000 season tickets. Whatever floats your boat - we need more bold shouts from Paisley now that that circus act Fitzpatrick has been replaced. Mind he thought your would get into top 4? Delusional auld pisher.
  16. TBF, there are teams in the championship who will struggle to sell 500.
  17. Killie were over 3,400 at the weekend. Hopefully close to 4,000 when season starts.
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