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  1. Kilmarnock v Sevco 5088

    Only diddies lose a game against a Welsh team.
  2. Kilmarnock v Sevco 5088

    *** is a Rangers fan. Nothing more, nothing less.
  3. Kilmarnock v Sevco 5088

    If we're playing on the moon i'll be there.
  4. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Don't think he's ever been shorter than 4/11 at PP though. They pulled the book the other night when Skybet went to 1/10.
  5. Dundee's Next Permanent Manager

    You wish you had a dud that could win stuff.
  6. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Michael O'Neill was 1/12 to be Scotland boss. Larsson was 1/10 to be Celtic boss. Clarke may well be Scotland boss ( I hope not) but bookies regularly are clueless and just react to folk betting on rumours.
  7. The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

    it would have been a good bit more had you been promoted! I was £340 when I renewed last week, which I thought was decent value to be fair. Think it goes up to £370 at end of May. I think we had just over 4,000 season ticket holders last season, hopefully get over 4,500 this year. £260 for Ayr is decent IMO, especially when the PATG is £18. Folk compare season tickets up here to down south but fact is that clubs up here rely on actual fans through the gates whereas down south clubs could play in empty stadiums and still make money due to TV. Sickening.
  8. Season ticket renewals.

    I bet you that sounded funny in your head.
  9. Kilmarnock v Sevco 5088

    I'd check how Killie voted pal if I were you.
  10. Kilmarnock v Sevco 5088

    We'll leave the bigotry to you lot @kingjoey
  11. Players over £100,000

    Scored 2.
  12. Players over £100,000

    It was £500k combined, majority for McKee! Pasca was 100k. Dugald McCarrison was £100k. Paul Wright was £375k. John Henry was £175k I'm sure. Paid money for Ally Mitchell from East Fife but can't mind how much but think it was 100k. Same with Andy Millen from Hamilton. Andy Smith was defo over £100k too.
  13. Hertz v Killie 4th of May

  14. Hertz v Killie 4th of May

    I'm in that one. Not a phone in sight, glorious.
  15. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Pretty much how I see it.