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  1. Especially with less than 1,000 away fans.
  2. Palmer has played fine against some rubbish teams, Tierney is miles better than should start if fit. These games are no place for sentiment. Agreed.
  3. I thought there would have been a cracking crowd given the prices.
  4. Hopefully higher than the pathetic crowd last night given the prices.
  5. Well we don't for league games unlike the OF, so why would this be any different?
  6. TBF, a visit to Aberdeen isn't top of my to do list either unless Killie are playing.
  7. No worries. Might have changed from your last visit. Not exactly somewhere you'd go for a night out but okay for a few pre match. Only £3.20 a Tennents too.
  8. It'll be open from late afternoon. If you are too early for it opening, the hotel will be open or go to the Brass and Granite beforehand.
  9. Had to get a connection in Newport when I went to Chepstow in middle of a Scotland Wales/Scotland Belgium double header and we stopped off there to get train to London. Absolute toilet of a place.
  10. It's a lovely day in Glasgow. Suns out, barely any wind and not even cold.
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