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  1. I'd assume it's not including away fans/debentures. Most the middle of South Upper has never been on sale.
  2. Spot on mate, thanks very much. My missus has been a few times through work but always good to get info from other folk that have been! Will look into a few areas you've mentioned. Absolutely buzzing for two nights on the Blue Train!
  3. 7 league defeats in the league (could be 9 if we don't get finger out by next Saturday) for us isn't going to boost the travelling support. I'd expect maybe 750 ish to travel. Certainly not the 1,300+ we had last time up there in the cup.
  4. Did Oz in Economy - was a piece of piss. Give me free booze and drink for 26 hours and i'll sit anywhere. Missus did Japan last month in Business Class for work and it looked amazing though!
  5. Also, anyone been in May? Think it's okay during day temp wise but cold at night?
  6. Anyone been? I'm off there for 2.5 weeks in May. Fly into Jo'Burg and staying a night there then getting the Blue Train from Pretoria to Cape Town. In Cape town for 4 days then got car for 10 days and doing Safari at various places (Pumba Game Reserve, ,Lalibela Game Reserve, Grootbos Reserve) Staying at couple of nights at Fancourt so playing The Links. Anyone got any recommendations for Cape Town specifically? Think the game drives etc will take up a lot of time elsewhere.
  7. That's pretty pish. That include away allocation?
  8. 3pm on the Saturday thank f**k. Two buses from our boozer, one full and other filling up.
  9. I'd say it's closer to 45,000. Only two sections of the East out of the full stadium still to go on sale.
  10. Nice to see the Celtic fans with the plastic pitch excuses in early.
  11. Our bus had two buses up at that, were 120 of us in a boozer in Brechin for 11am that day - best support I'd seen us take up there since first away game in the Premier under Burns when we lost 1-0 (Paul Kane screamer I'm sure) and was also first league game when the RD was open. That was August and was still baltic. We had a good crowd up like you mentioned last time in the cup, just under 1,400 and it was wild travelling conditions.
  12. I'd be delighted with the 7.20pm on the Saturday. We've already said bus would leave 9am as normal if it was a 7.20pm kick off and make a day of it.
  13. Celtic to continue to shit the bed going for 9IAR and will drop points here.
  14. No offense, it's a game against a team near bottom of the bottom league in Scotland. It's not one to get the pulses racing but I dare say you'll think the same about a trip to RP!
  15. I'd say Killie fans are fairly indifferent about this game. Should win comfortably but you never know.
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