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  1. Only 3 gigs left this year. The Phantom Band - Stereo, Glasgow 16/12/11 Fish - The Caves, Edinburgh 18/12/11 Bladdered! - Behind The Wall, Falkirk 23/12/11
  2. 40 - the number of rolls of fat she has between her chin and her vadge.
  3. He's got a 'classy' teardrop tattoo so he's obviously a fud.
  4. I subscribe to a credit report website. It's interesting to note that Livingston 5 only has 2 directors in Andrew Gemmell and Neil Rankin. Where are the other 3?
  5. 749 - Count them if you want. That includes directors, sponsors, journalists and complimentary tickets so the 602 attendance mentioned is probably who paid at the gate. So much for your 'call to arms'
  6. They're staying full time with a full youth system. How the hell will they be able to afford that on the low attendances which they'll be getting this year?
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but would this not be available under The Freedom Of Information Act 2000?
  8. Everything will be revealed once they've established the name of their teddy bear.
  9. On the back of the comments buy the potential buyers, that is that they're only interested if Lavvy are a Div 1 team, I believe that there will be a token points deduction to keep the other league member s happy. However, it won't be significant enough to threten their Div 1 status or blow the Lavvy takeover.
  10. Surely this is a wind up? http://www.livilions.co.uk/forums/showthre...1332#post301332
  11. Between 100 and 115 according to the Livilions website. if that's the level of support that they muster during a time of crisis they've got absolutely no chance of survival.
  12. I stumbled across this gem from Jun 2001. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...ton/1421309.stm
  13. I always have a Band Of Brothers day over the Christmas period where I watch every episode back to back.
  14. I'd imagine that they will be paying the salaries from Italy to avoid the cash being arrested in their UK account.
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