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    Would be a shame if the Hummell white top gets the nod considering the home version was the choice last time. I wouldn't have even had it as an option for this set of votes to be honest.


    I'd have left it out too but I suppose the club are only interested in which one sells the most. That one has always been popular amongst fans.

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    What's Langlees in Falkirk like these days? That used to be well shady, same with Hallglen

    Every time I've driven through places like Plean and Harthill it always seem to pishing with rain and there's an Orange Walk on

    They Council has spent millions knocking down the flats at Inver and Birnam court and replacing them withe modern terraced housing. They've punted a lot of the undesirables down to Grangemouth and theyve moved low income working families into the new houses which has improved the area.

  3. I don't think there are too many candidates from the Highlands for this thread, there are plenty of bland towns and villages, but nowhere truly abhorrent

    South Kessock (The Ferry) in Inverness is pretty grim, although it is in a fantastic location next to the River Ness, Caledonian Canal and Beauly Firth. Hilton and Dalneigh in Inverness are a bit shite as well, but nowhere near as awful as the Ferry.

    Outwith Inverness, the Milnafua area of Alness has a reputation for being a shithole. I have never been as far North as Wick or Thurso, so there are possibly some shit places up that way?

    Fort William is a shithole. It's Grangemouth with a better view.

  4. Has anyone else mentioned Skinflats yet? Ugly little collection of council houses on a floodplain with view of Grangemouth to the southeast and Longannet to the northeast.

    Even the name makes it sound like a scab on the arse of Scotland.

    Falkirk's former goalkeeper - Darren Hill - injured himself jumping through a plate glass door in Skinflats whilst off his head on a combination of Alcohol, Cocaine and prescription painkillers.

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    Grangemouth isn't even one of the worst places in the Falkirk area, far less one of the worst in Scotland. Like most towns, there are good and bad areas, fortunately I live in the good area. ;)

    The smell isn't always there, either that or you must get used and I'm rarely in the town on a Saturday, but can imagine it being quiet. 24 hour ASDA is where it's at.

    Unless there's no breeze (whiche doesn't happen very often) most of the reek from Grangemouth ends up elsewhere.

  6. The bottom end is a shite hole. The council are doing up all the houses but to use the old saying "you can put glitter on a shite but it's still a shite" springs to mind. Apart from the bottom end the rest of Alloa is ok. Think it's mainly down to the amount of commuters who have moved into the area due to all the new houses being built in the area. It's a lot nicer around here compared to 10/15 years ago.

    The rugby club is also down the bottom end and it can be fun trying to put up with the bottom enders. Last week at training we had a wee guy around 14/15 come running over with a bit of wood and skelped one of the under-18s with it. The lad who got skelped got up and kicked the wee fuds face in and then as we were finishing training 3 cop cars turned up to lift him. At the time the majority of us didn't know what was going on as we didn't see the incident as we were the other end of the pitch.

    Also last week we went for a run from the rugby club up to the west end park to do some sprints/interval training and as we were running back to the club we are going through one of the schemes and a couple of lads started getting cheeky to a couple of the younger lads who were out in front. It was quite funny when me and another big lad went past and challenged them. The wee c***s shat themselves.

    Agree with you on rosyth as well. Depressing shitehole but close to home so good to be based there.

    Is Devon Road the dodgy part? I cycle along that road when I'm doing the circular ride from Falkirk to Strling. Every time I do it I always see a dismantled car in a front garden, at least 1 junky and someone wandering about with a carry-out.

  7. Their is an open letter on Follow Follow to the rest of Scottish football...It is a kind of apology from the whole Rangers support and has been backed by nearly all on there...Last i looked it was 4 pages of posters in total agreement with the OP. ;)

    How can it be an open letter when only the narrow minded can actually view the forum?

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