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  1. Hibs fans are turning into the Tartan Army with their happy clappy attitude and their celebration of complete and utter dross. They should be outside the ground trashing player cars after a result like that.
  2. Hibs are hilarious. They always fall down when the pressure is on and are worthy of their bottle merchant tag.
  3. I can't see Hibs winning this. They're perennial losers and I think Rangers will easily go through and then horse Motherwell.
  4. Hughes did well at Falkirk until his last 2 seasons which were dreadful apart from the last few games of the relegation survival season and the cup run to Hampden. He'll work well with limited resources at ICT but don't even think about giving him money to spend or he'll make a James Hunt of it.
  5. There's been a major bust up between Pressley and Smith. He'll never kick another ball for us.
  6. The Shanghai Shuffle occasionally produces a few worthy pictures.
  7. Brewdog Punk IPA. It's not cheap but it's rather pleasant.
  8. I hated the checkerboard shirt at the time but I think it's actually quite smart. It was a ridiculous idea for the home shirt but I don't think anyone would have objected to it being used as an away or 3rd option.
  9. I'd have left it out too but I suppose the club are only interested in which one sells the most. That one has always been popular amongst fans.
  10. He's the worst full back we've ever had. Edit: and he's a complete p***k to boot.
  11. They Council has spent millions knocking down the flats at Inver and Birnam court and replacing them withe modern terraced housing. They've punted a lot of the undesirables down to Grangemouth and theyve moved low income working families into the new houses which has improved the area.
  12. Fort William is a shithole. It's Grangemouth with a better view.
  13. Falkirk's former goalkeeper - Darren Hill - injured himself jumping through a plate glass door in Skinflats whilst off his head on a combination of Alcohol, Cocaine and prescription painkillers.
  14. This is a good interactive map which highlights the areas of deprivation by postcode / district. http://simd.scotland.gov.uk/map
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