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  1. 3 hours ago, AYRSHIRE_ANGUS said:

    Getting the train via Killie then doing all three pubs in the metropolis after the game. Curious about the place they call the "mad hoose".

    The Mad Hoose (Market Inn) is fine. Kyle runs a good pub. Usually free jukebox and pool table at weekends.

    There's an indoor bowling club with a bar too, across from Freddie Williams bookies. Snacks available.


  2. On 11/25/2018 at 20:36, Wile E Coyote said:

    Will any Ayr fans actually get the train to Auchinleck. There is no direct route so it would be a train to Kilmarnock and then one to Auchinleck and trains south of Kilmarnock are not that frequent. If you are getting public transport there are two direct bus routes from Ayr to Auchinleck. Much less hassle in my opinion


  3. On 11/1/2018 at 22:28, Skyline Drifter said:

    Mmm, have you heard of the concept of VAT?

    And are you banning kids from this playoff tie or just conveniently ignoring you have a 3rd price range?

    It doesnt, as noted, the SPFL get 50% to pay for the parachute payment.

    You are never getting 7000 for a home leg playoff tie, and certainly not all adults. And take the VAT off too.

    I would guess your average per head net of VAT will be £10 - £12 at best. 

    Who gets this VAT?

    Honest question.

  4. 17 hours ago, D'Jaffo said:

    He has his own song of course but Somerset Boab is long gone from Somerset.

    Does he actually go to games now?

    Isn't he a Celtic fan?

    He did a good job raising funds, focussing attention on us and created an atmosphere a wee while back, but I think he was a Celtic man at heart.

    Hope I'm wrong. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, diegomarahenry said:

    Team played well today, McDaid the only one who was slightly off the pace, still did ok though. Keeper had one save to make all game and did everything he had to.

    Partick were poor at the back, looked panicked, Doolan and Erskine were poor as well, thought they would have caused us more problems than they did. 

    Game looked over after 20min, Thistle clicked a couple of times and looked a decent team going forward but look like they are missing someone in the middle to aim at. 



    I thought Thistle were poor.

    There wasn't many "oohs" and "ahs" from their fans. They didn't have many goal mouth incidents.

    Second goal killed the game.....and atmosphere.

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