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  1. oh yeah! Keeping it football related - some of the West Ham/Olympic Stadium stuff is really mad. They've got a really suspiciously, conspicuously good deal out of it afaik. https://www.cityam.com/taxpayer-to-cough-up-35m-for-west-ham-stadium-revamp/
  2. Probably already covered/touched on in the thread but Jimmy Saville staying completely untouchable until his death. Never been much of a conspiracy theorist but it's blatantly obvious that he was being protected from facing jail time by The Powers That Be... whoever they are. Falkland Islands; any mention of Argentina making moves to claim the territory gets some people frothing at the mouth with anger, dont think its cropped up recently but i think it comes around every few years and gets the Daily Mail seething. Similar thing happened with Gibraltar and Brexit I think over news items that Spain would make moves to claim Gibraltar post-Leave. live news announcing that the British government literally had no plans in place if Leave won at the Brexit referendum
  3. alanpartridgeshrug.gif I had a quick google and cant find any fixture details so dont think it was deveronvale anyway.
  4. thread reminded me - i mind years ago having sportscene on for scottish cup highlights on bbc one, and it got to Queen of the South vs. a junior side (cant mind who, might've been Deveronvale). QotS had a corner shown on the highlights and I vividly mind you could hear what I assume was the Deveronvale manager at the corner, clear as day, shouting along the lines of "NICKY! NICKY YOU SHOULD BE THERE. NICKY, THAT b*****d'S GONNAE BE FUCKIN' MOVIN' FAE THERE!" burst out laughing, always assumed whoever did the highlights barely paid any attention to the audio mix and phoned it in hoping no-one would care enough to complain by that point in the programme. Also a St Mirren - Rangers game years ago that tickled me on TV; near enough every single goal kick for Rangers you could hear a fan screaming full throated at Allan McGregor "BEAST. SEX OFFENDER. YOU DIRTY FUCKIN' BEAST." "STAY AWAY FROM THE FUCKIN' ROHYPNOL, YA DICK". and generally calling him a deviant in various entertainingly sweary ways.
  5. that... that looks like he just falls over making an arse of attempting to head the ball, would be seething uncontrollably if that was given against thistle
  6. leaning towards 84, but an O.G rather than a penalty (opens up the possibility of it being Brown sclaffing it into his own net)
  7. going by this id go with 90% boomer, 10% doomer
  8. not quite some goblin trying to flog half drunk Irn Bru bottles or something like that but i love this
  9. playing the meetings games as if he's Wally out of Dilbert, legend.
  10. I think I might have posted this before but at an old job a few years ago, the ops manager came over to our team and asked if any of us knew what a particular site was used for; the site in question is one of those free movie streaming ones (I was only familiar with it as my girlfriend would regularly use it to watch shows and films, won't name it as its likely a malware infested hellhole) I awkwardly told the ops manager that I'd heard of it before, she asked whether it was a dodgy site and I said it was a bit iffy as far as I knew. Turned out someone on the backshift in a different department had been regularly using it when it was quiet and the IT department at the company had flagged it up to the ops manager, said silly bugger who was going onto the iffy site(s) ended up getting summarilly dismissed/gross misconducted for misuse of IT equipment. Had limited sympathy for them in the end as there's plenty of safe for work ways to kill time whenever its quiet on shift. P&B chief among them - thanks, Div.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58988711 Scottish farmers potentially getting shafted by the trade deal + concerns over similar deals to come.
  12. This sounds fair yeah. It was over a decade ago now but iirc he did pretty well with a jobber filled Birmingham City, who've not been in the top flight for a good while now.
  13. those little "oh shit" lip quivers from 47 seconds ish are my spirit animal
  14. it blows my mind at some of the narrower roads around here (bottlenecks around Tresta Road especially) watching people struggle their way past in Evoque's; its bad enough getting one and regularly having to go on roads like that on your daily commute, but there's always several parked up at the side and all - living on one of the narrower city streets with parked cars either side of you and still getting an impractically vast car baffles me. I had a Clio for a while and it was pretty nice and stress free being able to park it up/squeeze into nice tight spaces (ohhhh matron) without worrying about my wing mirrors, would unironically rather drive that again than a fucking Range Rover with all the stigma that comes with.
  15. option 1: phone your school and say you'll be late dropping your child off as the road is blocked by protestors option 2: OI NEED TO GET MOI KIDS TO SKEWL, FACK OFF OUT THE ROAD, FACKIN MOVE YOU SLAG, C'MON ENGERLUND SCORE SOME FACKIN GOALS
  16. jumping in a little - wee bit surprised for QotS there's no mentions thus far I can see of Jim Thomson (thompson?) the big centre half or Sean O'Connor up front. O'Connor iirc was a legit very good target man who had to go part time through bad injury luck, and Thomson was a big part in your cup run before narrowly losing to Rangers (pre-liquidation). Think he scored in that final too and generally played very well, can mind being a bit gutted for him after that. O'Connor probably would be ahead of Dykes, albeit I'm only going from one or two games against QotS at Firhill where he played and didn't do much I don't think. Dobbie is a no-brainer for you tbf.
  17. Liam Lindsay, big unit of a defender and bagged goals for us in the top flight too Gary Harkins (1st prime spell with us, not the washed up 2nd spell). Scored some belters, was creative too. Stephen O'Donnell because I love him.
  18. Ah, memories. The good: Beating hamilton after lambie passed away Doolan's 4 goals The bad: Templeton scoring in the last minute to beat us, think it was after losing to two late late goals against Dundee the week before to put us right in the shit, that double header was what arguably what killed us in the top flight that season The hideous: Conrad Balatoni falling on his arse from a long punt for Jason Scotlands winner, that was late too iirc
  19. just caught the highlights, McGinn's goal reminded me a little of David Villa against Man Utd in the CL final a few years back; touch to steady, little to no backlift and just finessed past the keeper, glorious. McTominay's meanwhile was more like when you forget to hit the shoot button on PES and yet you still manage to Dirk Kuyt the ball into the back of the net. Glorious in its own spawny way.
  20. I haven't actually seen the game tbf thanks to fucking work but from this and other rave reviews - it's tricky to put into words as I'm knackered, but was it almost that kind of performance you see from players like Paul Scholes on their best day or someone like N'Golo Kante? I think I get what you're driving at, it's that kind of elite level knack where players just seem to end up here, there and everywhere and constantly have an influence on a game, rarely ever putting a foot wrong when they get the ball. Modric against us at Hampden probably a glaring example of that kind of performance, just making the game look incredibly easy even under pressure. If Gilmour can get anywhere close to that kind of level over the next few years then we're laughing.
  21. tbf Newcastle TV could be some laugh when the Saudi takeover goes through
  22. This rings true yeah, I think Yanis Varoufakis talks on it too and finds it profoundly sad. Gist was that he used to be on first name terms with the cleaner when he was a lecturer and built up a rapport with them, now wherever you go its a revolving door of faceless low level wageslaves. Was it a court challenge that killed that? iirc there was a pilot scheme a few years back where people were indeed sent on some kind of shite like "skills development placements" at Poundland and the like for 2 - 3 weeks, with the threat of sanctions for not turning up, under the promise that once they completed the placement they might get given a contract... except that never happened because Poundland etc just got a new raft of claimants in for a while to get some sweet unpaid labour from.
  23. "liberal" as an insult, especially in murica, has always struck me as strange; liberal pretty much means you're in favour of trying to make progressive, forward thinking decisions doesnt it?? the dictionary definition certainly suggests so when i looked it up, so why is it seen as a massive insult? Maybe in america its some kind of "them liberals can take my .50 cal murderrifle from me over my COLD DEAD HANDS" thing, idk.
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