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  1. Will vote yes again, but im not going to get my hopes up this time. (assuming it goes ahead next year)
  2. Any better candidates as assistants at least? Neil Scally and Alan Archibald were decent if unspectacular players. McCall got to wind up Jackie McQuillen in A Shot At Glory, beyond that ive no idea what like he was as a player, before my time...
  3. Saw a post elsewhere to the effect that this is the first time bitcoin has dropped below a previous all time high = tulip mania is over.
  4. Have watched it the night with family ******* SPOILER WARNINGS AHEAD, id spoiler tag but tbqfh its a bit of a loose excuse for a plot anyway and relatively predictable; most of the plot really just serves to set up fun set pieces ******* Ok, so caveat aside - even if you get it spoiled for you beat by beat, its probably not going to ruin any enjoyment from going to see it, if its the type of thing you like. Im on my phone so will try to bullet point it. Stuff i didnt like: - Starting the movie with Dangerzone. I get its a tricky choice where to play it but i really really would rather they kept it to when they took off in the F-14. Would have been a more satisfying payoff imo, but maybe too on the nose even for this. - As above posters have mentioned, the other side characters didnt quite have enough to do. Stuff i liked: - if you're going to pander, pander. old porsche's, the motorcycle, flashbacks to the first film, a p51 mustang, an f-14, great balls of fire, dangerzone, CHAFF flares. Its all there. - if you're going to suspend disbelief... suspend disbelief. Maverick surviving a mach 10+ ejection, maverick AND goose 2.0 getting hit with missiles and ejecting and living, maverick and goose 2.0 getting saved twice at the last possible second, an utterly ridiculous mission concept thats Blackadder Goes Forth levels of military insanity, Why Didnt They Just Tomahawk The Death Star Vents From The Cruiser?, Ed Harris is right and drones would make more sense (but i think the point of his character is just getting in front of it) At first i was questioning it a little but maybe the mantra repeated through the film "dont think bro, just do" is also aimed at the audience. Once you start to roll with it its *corny alert* a rollercoaster of cool high speed low altitude flying and the right kind of cheese. I enjoyed the ride. - relatively funny too, without being a Marvel quipfest. "I dunno what those signals mean Maverick" "yeah i have no idea either", jennifer connelly having a bit of fun with him in the bar at the start, teller and cruise out of breath in the forest... A good few chuckles in the cinema throughout, perfect for the tone. - Finally: i dont quite think its intended to be full on propaganda. No countries or ethnicitys are mentioned. It feels more like a film like Balboa, or Trainspotting 2 perhaps; the setups are ridiculous but its more just akin to some of the newer rocky movies conceit and playing with it (in this case "old retired champ takes on young modern star, who would win?" = "could an F-14 still fight modern aircraft and win with a great pilot") and imo the whole film builds to them jumping in the cockpit of an old f-14 for the climax. Having a fully fuelled, fully armed f-14 as the only aircraft untouched from the missile strike handy for both pilots to jump into? f**k it, why not? 8/10 from me. Agree with the other poster earlier too, jennifer connelly is still a wid.
  5. Something im curious about that probably has a simple explanation, but ignoring fluctuations - is there not a problem with using bitcoin for transactions with how fractional it is? £1 for something is relatively easy to figure out or wrap your head around, but paying for something in 0.0000000085634 Digital Good Boy Points seems a bit convoluted (at the point of sale) Edit: i may have asked before in the thread and forgotten, think i meant to ask it a while back and forgot to post tho tbh.
  6. Im sort of skimming the thread so not sure if touched on but given what usually wins leagues is squad depth then surely it stands to reason a Scotland "select" - even if limited to a squad of say 25 players - would win the league? Its a little weirder in the abstract because in theory Scotland wouldnt get the relative advantage of, say, selling a player for big bux to reinvest with more flexibility, but at the same time they could shuffle the squad about in january even more flexibly than any club can based on who's playing well/badly/injured. Bizarro lands super scoreboard would be some listen when a promising scottish player breaks through in the top flight and rather than being the next Kieran Tierney/Kris Boyd theyre drafted straight to the National Select Squad. Edit: beaten to it a bit by the most tip top cat
  7. That cant be right, surely? He cant score a legitimate goal so surely the goal should be flagged offside? Even if he got punched or something id say it would be offside but a red card for the defender. Is there a You Are The Ref that clears this up Edit: if this is the rule then i want years worth of disallowed goals on PES back, offsides were always first even if you got cleaned out, ha
  8. Offside?? The CL final goal was disallowed for less for Real...
  9. Not familiar with the road but i reckon there needs to be road markings, signage, everything imaginable to scream out MERGE IN TURN. Maybe even USE ENTIRE ROAD SPACE or something. Probably still wouldnt make a massive difference, maybe needs hammered home more in theory/practical testing.
  10. I mind when i finally got decent at doing multi drop home deliveries i finally had the time to have a smoke both before and after completing runs, and no i wasnt an awful White Van Man, just learned the best routes to go and what i could get away with when parking, genuinely drove very safely/responsibly as it was made clear it was my driving licence on the line if i fucked up; the "sound" supervisor didnt really care (basically as long as i was meeting the schedules and not fucking up the deliveries she wasnt fussed) but the store manager and one off the other supervisors hummed and hawwed about it, eventually the manager actually fucking watched me on cctv and pulled me up after a delivery run "oh i saw you have a cigarette and left 5 minutes late on the schedule, i know you got back on time but please dont do that again, we need you out on time in case theres traffic issues". Found it a bit weird/voyeuristic but hey yo. I mean she was right at the end of the day but i never hid that i was smoking. Normally im not one for shithousery but after that i did exactly what they asked, no smoking before runs - still sparked up whenever i got back - but at the first high rise of the day i delivered to (very common so just about guaranteed to get at least one highrise each run, often early on the run with the way the routes were calculated) id spark up. They could theoretically track the van location after the delivery, but if they queried it it'd be easy to bullshit that the lifts were slow or they took a minute to answer the door, oh sorry lol it was really hard to park there etc. etc. The manager liked asking me to do pointless busywork/fucking cleaning stuff if it was quiet. I saw the job a bit different, all i cared about was making the deliveries to the right people and not damaging any goods/the van tbh, wasnt paid enough/given enough leeway when the roads were murder with temporary lights everywhere to care enough about any other shite they asked me to do so quite happily just half arsed any """additional reasonable duties as requested by your manager""" they flung at me. Pfffffft. I did merrily chainsmoke once i handed in my notice there tho, have to admit.
  11. From memory the question of what happens to the royal family post indy was left with some constructive ambiguity + Salmond was leaning toward retaining the monarchy at the last indyref anyway. It isnt some seismic shift in the SNP position either and is really a secondary issue so to speak.
  12. One of my older brothers cant drive, and i vividly remember years ago being absolutely seething at him when he wanted a lift to town to pick up his meds prescription before the pharmacy closed. Now i *would* have been fine with it, the problem was that he just assumed i would stop whatever i was doing and give him a run down. I cant mind the exact wording but instead of something like "ive got an to go to the pharmacy in a few hours can you give me a lift into town, its only a 10 minute drive?" it was "oh i need a lift into town, and by the way the pharmacy shuts in about 20 minutes so we'd better get going." I think i told him to f**k off at first but he put on a big guilt trip that he wouldnt make the pharmacy in time if he had to walk it. Ended up taking him down not least as my mum sighed and asked me a bit more nicely to do it (probably also because if i didnt she'd have had to) As with most things in life getting the courtesy of plenty of notice is fine, its when folk are springing stuff on you and treating you as their own wee chauffeur that it starts to get frustrating.
  13. tbh I think it was a pen, if you're going to take a touch in your own penalty area you need to make sure it's immaculate. Clumsy touch by James and then follows it up by leaning into the Hungary player.
  14. Nelly furtado doing the opening of euro 2004 was "cool, makes sense i suppose" and Leicester having Andrea Bocelli when they won the league was actually kinda cool. Camilla Cabello made little to no sense. Was funny as rio etc awkwardly went "er yeah, it uh adds to the spectacle like the superbowl in america", got the impression they werent convinced. Gerrard was even more glib about it iirc. At least it wasnt fucking Ed Sheeran.
  15. Shout out to the m140i driver who - blatantly ran a red light (turning left) on me while i was waiting to turn right, no filter lane just a normal junction - slowed to about 2mph for every set of bumps for the next 10 minutes of driving as their suspension is so low (begs the question why they just haaaaad to go through that light in the fucking first place, barely saved them any time anyway) - had a pug sticking out her driver side window, clearly in her lap while driving A class act all round
  16. I agree with that yeah. I know theres the whole meme about Tactical Chess Battles on #barclays super sundays when the top 4 play out a snoozefest, but that was legit a decent game and a good watch. Liverpool carried enough of a threat to be getting shots off but Real also nearly broke and scored several times too. Some good individual performanes helped keep it interesting, a few to pick for madrid, Kounate was probably liverpools best player. Thiago wasted a fair few passes trying the big expansive ones but thats on Real setting up to make it hard to ping balls about. Thought van dijk was pretty quiet, defended competently but either wasnt instructed to/wasnt able to carry the ball into midfield, actually Kounate did more of it if anything. Thought Mendy at left back played well too thinking back, caught out a bit by a ball over him for salahs right footed shot (probably courtouis best save of the match) but didnt really look out of place.
  17. Yeah he didnt mention anything about whether another madrid player touches the ball, if the last madrid player touching the ball is benzema then he cant play himself offside? Surely?
  18. you know i typed in XI at first and it just didnt look right on the screen to me for some reason, ha. Kinda like whenever I type out a word like "acquiesce" or something - will confess i googled that there after typing it to make sure I got it right but the P&B spellchecker didnt go red so I got that one right first time at least!
  19. Rangers FC vs. Queens Park Rangers Rangers FC vs. Hanover Rangers FC vs. Captain Tom All Star Select XII (sponsored by Captain Tom's Special Edition Commemorative Royal Gin)
  20. Is rbs still state owned? iirc they took circa £26 billion in bailout money, paid themselves about £1 billion in bonuses and bought £25 billion in government gilts/bonds which the uk taxpayer is effectively paying the interest on. Edit: ahhh fred goodwin, christ i forgot about him Also as a tangent afaik PFI is a bit of a fuckup all round. Paying huge premiums but not even getting to own the buildings/infrastructure at the end of it. Sure a fair few schools were in the news built under PFI that were crumbling, rat infested hellholes within just several years of opening.
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