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  1. Seems really odd, I'm not sure this is one of those "t'was ever thus" things thats been going on since forever. Just generational (no more Yes Minister type politicians floating around, for all his faults I couldn't really picture Jim Hacker snorting coke at any point, whereas these days its full of more wanky, financialised types in politics) or that they've been getting more and more brazen the longer they've been able to get away with it? I mean George Osborne was blatantly high as a kite in parliament at least once and nothing ever happened to him so its not shock of the century.
  2. Wondered from the OP and part way through the article why they had the CCTV, was it just so they could record/watch a feed of his suffering for their own amusement? Considering they texted each other images of their cruelty I'm guessing that's what it is. Arthur should never have had to endure what he did. I can't understand that level of pointless cruelty. edit: it's minor in comparison to the rest but cutting up the football shirts as punishment - I doubt either of those fuckers got him those so they were probably rare moments of kindness gifted to him for birthdays/christmas from relatives, and they couldn't even let him have that.
  3. feel like its cheating/not quite in keeping with the thread to mention 'murica (which has arguably also lost its collective mind since as far back as Vietnam, and has separate threads for Trump's presidency for which theres plenty of ammo) but its too good not to add. I'll justify it as serving as a nice little illustrative crumb of comfort that America too has gone completely insane.
  4. sounding very George Gallowayesque there imo, looking forward to Neil Oliver losing his fucking mind on reality tv in the near future.
  5. ... is there not a massive storm raging at the minute, pretty sure i caught a bit on the radio yesterday where people were being advised not to travel if you were in edinburgh? Was out and about for work the day in Glasgow and the weather is still pretty heavy, even saw and felt the odd flashes of snow that thankfully died down pretty quickly. Pandemic too, people still have it drilled into them not to go and gather in large groups etc. Wouldn't read anything into it, I'd still be voting Yes in a heartbeat but pro tem* I'd not bother my arse for an indy march. *i read this on a payslip of mine recently and i really liked it so will now go through a fad of smugly trying to work it in wherever possible on P&B
  6. Found this worthwhile, very on-the-fence but goes into that a reasonable person can easily see this as either murder or self-defence, but the jury can reasonably conclude it's not murder beyond a reasonable doubt. Also that systemic problems exist with black vs. white self defence statistics (shock horror, black people get fucked over more often) but as worthwhile as that discussion is, it's only Rittenhouse that's on trial here, not the system itself. He is guilty of making a bad situation worse "bringing gasoline to a match party" and people are now dead as a result. Also that if Rittenhouse was shot and killed by the guy with the pistol then he could, very conceivably, construct a self defence argument of his own (that he held a belief that Rittenhouse was an active shooter) that a reasonable person could agree with. priti is 100% not swampy btw.
  7. Sometimes ill wake up in the middle of the night and have a momentary panic ive overslept, check the time, see its something like 4am and then curl up all toasty like Eric Cartman for a couple more hours of blissful peace. Finding loose silvers or even pound coins on the ground outside, picking up coppers doesnt feel worth the effort but a 50p someone has dropped (provided its not grotty looking) is getting in my pocket.
  8. Meh. I get you're only meant to use the horn for warning, but a short beep seems to be the done thing. A full on seething blast would be a no-no, same if its a learner. Half the time they're dicking about on a mobile hence why theyve missed the lights change so getting their focus back on the road is sensible.
  9. When someone hasnt noticed the traffic lights have turned green; i get to give them a short little beep of the horn and revel in the smug satisfaction that (at least for those few short seconds) im a more attentive road user than they are. Its also a pretty safe and innocuous road event that at worst loses a few seconds off your journey time. On a nicer note - when theres a red light up ahead of me in a slow moving queue of traffic and i get to let someone out from a side road. All about that best flow of traffic baby. Kinda afraid im morphing into alan partridge as i get older.
  10. Other than that the skiing one is golden too, probably my favourite episode. Helps that its more or less a live action version of Asspen from South Park which i loved too, couple of contenders there. "That doesnt sound like a prank, it kinda sounds like sexual assault" and mac corpsing when the party dudebro stands in a corner and goes "im gonna jerk off here for a bit til i get hard" Also Charlie finally getting a bit of a break just letting the ski lodge work for him by banging the Bulgarian woman in the hot tub
  11. You're forgiven tbh, Chris Erskine looked every bit a junior player for months for us. It happens. Delighted Rudden's turned out to be a good forward for us, easy to forget how unforgiving being up front can be at this level when games turn into scrapfests etc
  12. Every so often theres a result that just screams that a manager isnt going to be in charge by the next game (mowbray at celtic getting horsed by st mirren stands out)... i know solskjaer has survived a few of those now but thats got to be the trigger for him to go now?
  13. Ha, i think i caught some of that on the pbs youtube feed, have watched some of the trial out of curiousity. I think the prosecution argued the title of the ststute itself was worded clearly but the judge ruled that the title itself wasnt relevant, the actual clauses were which left enough of a gray area that rittenhouse couldnt be charged.
  14. its not really anything to draw from but havent the last few Rangers/Rangers* managers from abroad been a bit pish/underwhelming? Le Guen and Caixinha flopped, and Advocaat's were at the heyday of EBT usage. He did play for Rangers FC at least so maybe that'll stand him in good stead as manager at Rangers* FC.
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