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  2. kinda similar yeah, especially from the pandemic. Not so much changing career but just trying to get a professional accreditation so I can fucking start one . I've been thinking of trying to do some sort of professional accreditation (ACCA, ATT) since the HND in Accounting I got hasn't really helped me land even any interviews and due to fucking up in my younger years at Uni I really don't want to either self fund or jump right into an honours top-up course (left in 2nd year at about 19, being brutally honest I was just a shiftless b*****d back then), sort of stuck doing routine clerical work on an ongoing temp basis at the moment - part of which involves a fair chunk of reviewing CV's. Eye-opening to me how many folk on their CV's have "good" job titles for lack of a better word (anything from transactional finance stuff like Accounts Assistant, Finance Assistant roles right through to Financial Controller/Accounts Team Leader) off the back of some of the AAT qualifications in particular, some of them have a BSc or the like but not all. Have been squirrelling away money but having to self fund it and cutting my work hours to part time is making me hesitant to do it.
  3. can sort of get leaving it off while its cooler but I reckon we* changed the bedding at least 3 times during the summer months alone this year. Even with a fan on there's the odd time where the sheets just end up fucking wringing with sweat, usually mine (kennethwilliams.jpg) and they pretty much have to get changed. *me changing the pillow cases, her doing literally everything else for the sheets, quilt covers etc. My kind of teamwork!
  4. i may be getting the wrong end of the stick here but if you are here in good faith, you have my apologies. basically there's been a spate on P&B of unusual accounts (and your pictures are, ah, in that category) which post a few times then start editing all their posts to shill stuff like viagra
  5. you'll fit right in with that profile pic tbh seems like you're another bot infiltrating the site tbh so have you got any hyperlinks to VIAGRA products? Thanks
  6. im really confused but this comes over as being a parody that someone has paid him about £40 to produce, like those Big Man Tyrone videos
  7. fair enough, yeah I kinda went a bit mad there. I'm blaming getting up way earlier than normal. Think it might well be a case that I posted it on here more to reassure myself/start seeing how it sounds written down and to get me thinking about it more than anything else, ha! thing is that it's not strictly going to be on finance, it'll be a kind of soft loan from my partner to make up whatever I can't put toward it - she's said she's happy to take it in drips and drabs and maybe the odd lump sum, so it's interest free. I did think about job security as a factor tbf but if the worst came to the worst I own the car outright and could sell it a few months down the line, and even from my contribution I've not blown literally all of my savings away (have got some other cash squirrelled away in premium bonds and some other bits and bobs, have a couple of money jars I can break into for emergencies too) went f**k it and bit the bullet, enquired about it on my lunch hour, tbqfh with all that's gone on this year I just really fancy a new (used) car. Have offered cash + the trade in, will see what they say on the callback later on, can be a wee bit flexible with it so fingers crossed they don't boot the arse out of trying to get me signed up on a finance deal or something... will be seething if they send me the video and it's scratched to f**k or summat
  8. https://www.arnoldclark.com/used-cars/vauxhall/astra/sports-tourer-1-6t-16v-200-sri-5dr/2017/ref/arnbe-u-445841 sorely tempted to trade in my 15 plate astra for this (waiting for the price to confirm + pics to go up). Similar 1.6 litre petrol except this one is newer, lower mileage and crucially has a turbo so hopefully won't be so boring to drive. Can scramble the cash together and either loan out a portion from a bank, buy on finance or (my preferred option) borrow from my partner and pay her back sans any interest. I could maaaybe do the bank loan purely so I can bump up my credit rating but tbh I'd rather owe the cash out to her than a bank. Judge Judy has been on often enough in the background to know that we'd write out some kind of written agreement before going ahead. Home delivery would be an option too. I might be going absolutely mad, but I'm pretty much certain that when I looked on Arnold Clark at trading the Astra in last year they valued it at £4000, I had a look recently out of curiosity and it's up to £4500 now, would guess they're bumping up the trade in values to encourage sales. *************** TL:DR *********** is it a good time to be getting a motor right now? The trade in value seems a lot better than it was (could be coincidence but it's the only thing I can think of) and how much could I realistically haggle them down? edit: a big thing putting me off is that tbh I've barely used the car in the last few months anyway and if I buy it then it'll mainly just sit on the drive, but the thing is that if I leave it to next year then my current Astra will just depreciate more and more (pretty sure they're shite for holding their value) so I might be better off doing it while dealerships are more likely to give me a better trade in on it and/or lower their asking price a bit more than they might normally. basically that I can keep saving to build up to buy something next year, but if the trade in value drops then it cancels it out somewhat. *********************************** Alternative suggestions appreciated, preferably a big hatchback i.e. something with a decent sized boot and folding rear seats or an estate due to having a massive dog. Not keen on getting a diesel. Don't need to have sonic the hedgehog pace on it but something with a turbo or at least a 2.0L petrol would be grand. I'm used to the Astra and quite like it (I just want my first ever turbo, even if it's on a boring family estate Astra) so for continuity my first choice is a 1.6L turbo as per the above link. I'm sort of toying with just getting a look at photo's/video of it, committing to buying it then booking to take it to my local garage so they can give it a quick look over and I think I'd be able to get anything sorted under the manufacturer warranty (think it's 3 years with Vauxhall, sure that's what mine had but could be wrong) or failing that take it back to the dealership - current Astra had a tire pressure light on which came back shortly after I bought it, took it in to the Vauxhall that's 5 minutes away and it got sorted promptly with no charge/hassle under the warranty, think it was a nail in a tyre or something. I could go to the physical dealership in Motherwell to look at it myself (I think so anyway, Covid being what it is) but tbh I'd just pop the bonnet open and go "oh yeah that's right I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing" FURTHER EDIT: interesting, checked Autotrader out of curiousity: £3890 vs. £4572 from Arnold Clark. Assuming they don't try to f**k me over and go "oh that's based on perfect condition, we'll give you £4000 on a trade in since yours has scratches on it" then I'm better off going through AC for a trade in at least.
  9. dude just give schools thousands upon thousands of pounds for it equipment to entrust to almost of their cohort lmao
  10. Cafe lady just said apropros of nothing that Firhil has been defaced with graffiti, claimed it was due to letting israel train there?? 😒 Edit: tbf considering the era we're in im not taking it as gospel, might not be much graffiri and its exaggerated. Ill maybe drive past and see for myself. No idea if israel were training at it for a start.
  11. haven't actually seen it but tbf you're the second person ive had recommend it so think ill give it a go, i think its on iPlayer I might actually have to look this up on wiki or something, because I legit think I may be a bit muddled with the timeline over Iraq/Afghanistan. Would've been a fledgling surly teenager at the time in my defence... I think the US/UK got involved in Afghanistan first, I was living in Kuwait in the early 2000's and can vividly mind it. iirc I didn't have to come home straight after Sept. 11th and I can remember it was quite tense at school in the immediate aftermath (teachers were sternly telling entire classes to basically keep their mouth shut because parents may have been going the XBL route and high fiving each other over loads of people dying in the attacks, or they may have been a lot more sympathetic since the US stepped in to remove the Iraqi forces in the 1st gulf war) I only had to leave when the Iraq conflict started I'm sure which was at least a few months after Sept. 11th? Mum and dad said it was just not worth the risk of staying - they said there was a higher risk of kidnapping etc. while we were there due to the conflict so we were better off going back home. (one of those weird things I can remember was finding out after flying home that a Chinese Silkworm missile launched from Iraq had exploded relatively close to the penthouse we lived at and had shattered all of the windows at a nearby shopping mall as well as some at our old home, was a bit of a "hoo boy yeah I can see why we got out of town" moment. edit: iirc it exploded over the Arabian gulf)
  12. nothing on the OS about Glass (maybe waiting for scans to confirm how long he's out for assuming he's not already had his loan patched), shite to hear that. Fine with Spittal being back, as mentioned he was better/more influential than Zanatta at least.
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