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  1. Bill Withers is sadly no longer with us. 🙁
  2. Afaik the furloigh scheme covers wages up to 80%, capped at £2500 a month. Now its fair enough that the outgoings of high earners are going to be higher (but really they should have enough cash and/or income insurance to meet their obligations comfortably) but i think if clubs were using the scheme for all employees then topping up the rest over and above the 2.5k for higher earners from cash reserves there'd be less outrage. I think maybe clubs are still wanting players to keep fully match fit and strictly monitor them in case football (miraculously) restarts faster than anticipated even if behind closed doors, which they cant do if they're formally furloughed?? Would actually mean more govt funding going to clubs if ive got it right, but selectively picking and choosing who they pay through the scheme while leaving top earners completely untouched doesnt look great. Id guess theres a lot of behind the scenes talks with player agents going on about temporary pay cuts...
  3. I think a lot hinges on what happens across all the major airlines over the rest of the year for tourism over the short to long term, and the impact it has on air fares. If anything the fact a lot of folk have missed out on holidays this year will generally increase the desire to go abroad - when its practical to do so. Might be a slight hit to travel to Asia on purely psychological grounds, but thats just my hot take. I'm not so sure of that. Anywhere heavily reliant on tourism - i think Greece generally doesnt export much so them for starters - will want to get people flocking back as soon as possible. Once we're at a point restaraunts etc are back open i reckon we'll see flights pick up again too...
  4. tbf i'd guess most players in that position would be ok with adding several extra months to their deals if needed... same with most loans etc. which I'm sure would be worked around.
  5. Ohhhh. Was he the one that bragged about having multiple hd tellies and being pointlessly cruel to call centre staff? Explains a lot, must be bored and decided to start shitposting in here.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52092857 tbh I don't know how credible Chris McLaughlin is but it reads to me that the SPFL have given up on finding any way of finishing this season and are laying the groundwork for a decision (soon) on i) null and void or ii) finishing on current league standings. edit: mebbe taking a lead off Uefa going by this related article https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52079717 further edit: actually that article isn't really conclusive either way but I think it says that if the closed doors games can't be done by June then scratching this current season would be the preference? Found this bit interesting too, sounds like they don't expect the English top flight to finish either to magnify the potential for complete cranial detachments across the border too: The English Premier League is reportedly exploring a televised, behind-closed-doors event this summer. However, that is considered fanciful by senior figures in Scotland.
  8. Park Rey >= Hapa Rey > Pure Rey > Minimum Wage Rey
  9. lol, seems like it was true about Grealish. What an absolute fanny. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52099863
  10. Mount and blade bannerlord early access is out now!!!!!
  11. Oh, id agree with that, dont get me wrong. Edit: tbf i might have missed something at the pace the thread is moving at; was just generally trying to say that if you do take the car out - stressing that its for an essential trip i.e. pharmacy/shopping for household staples - then i really doubt theres much added risk solely from the driving alone in terms of accidents adding strain on the NHS. Taking the car out for a pointless scenic drive or to visit a park or the like is still something we shouldnt be doing, since theres a host of little added problems it causes (you'll need to get more petrol/diesel than you normally would which can result in a trip to a petrol station for a start)
  12. On the taking the car out point - as long as your car has a valid mot and you drive safely then simply travelling somewhere in a car in itself isn't really an issue right now I dont think. There are probably going to be more people during lockdown doing something fucktarded at home (im thinking Kirk Broadfoot egg on face type incidents) and injuring themselves than there will be road traffic accidents or breakdowns, not least as theres significantly less road traffic for school/work right now. Roadside assistance if needed should be fine too since you could maintain distancing etc pretty easily I think?
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