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  1. for whatever it's worth you're not alone in them feels. Dunno if this says something about me maybe being antisocial/not all that personable to be fair, but sometimes that bit in Clerks 2 pops into my head - that thing where one of the guys says "I'm nearly 40 years old, I don't want to have be making new fuckin' friends at my age" which always resonates with me, especially as I'm getting ever closer to 40 now. Had several friends at secondary that I used to go to the pubs and that with, sometimes good times, usually not all that great if I keep the rose tinted glasses off, but as the years have rolled on I'm only in regular contact with one guy that I've been friends with since primary school. He's basically all that's left of my social life at this point, and I had a wee laugh at a still game rewatch where one of them goes "well, that's us humped. We're officially out of patter for each other" because it's kinda what it's like for us now; once we're done with current events and football when we meet up we just end up doing that Trainspotting 2 thing of going on a mutual alcohol fuelled nostalgia trip . I'm not griping about it as the guy is pretty much my closest friend, but the problem I guess is that it's at the point where instead of going out with him every Friday and Saturday like I did when I was in my teens, we only really meet up once every few weeks for some drinks. I always look forward to the next one, though, so at least it's not at a horrible point where we're making excuses to not have to see each other anymore. I hope that never happens, and I don't think it will. Older brother is now down in England with a kid of his own, and my other older brother has had a fair amount of trouble with bipolar over the last few years. The bipolar brother can be... challenging to remain patient with, I have to confess. He's sometimes absolutely horrible and treats my mum disgracefully, and over the last year or so I've started running out of time for him for various reasons. Won't go into it all but I fluctuate between sheer resentment for him to gut wrenching pity. I fear for what he's going to do once my mum and dad aren't around to run after him anymore. There's been handfuls of folk I've gotten on alright with at work and the like but never enough to actively spend time with outside of the office. It's sometimes a bit sobering to think that maybe no-one else has cared enough to try. Maybe I could have made more effort myself, too, but as above it goes back to that Clerks 2 thing. Punted social media a while back, don't really miss it. Felt like I always had to create an image of some sort. I don't think that applies to P&B in quite the same way, so this has filled any gap from Facebook and the like perfectly well tbh. I try to look at the better sides of things too to be fair even if it's just stuff that's along the lines of "well things could be a lot worse". Got a solid wid as my long term partner and she's angling for me to marry her, so I must be doing something right in that relationship if nothing else. No, I'm not posting any pictures of her.
  2. beat me to it. It's been covered several times across multiple P&B threads I'm sure, but releasing him at the time was the right call and dropping down ended up being the boot up the arse he needed. I'm still more irked by the fee we managed to get for Liam Lindsay considering some of the big money fees that some other Scottish clubs have managed to rake in over the last decade.
  3. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/season-ticket-update/ in case it's been missed. Was most interested in this bit, warming to the idea of getting to sit on my arse at home watching Thistle with a few nice cold pints to get me through it. "Finally, we have also been actively working on our plan for the streaming of home games in the event spectators are not permitted to attend when football returns. We will update supporters on this following next week’s season ticket relaunch and as soon as those streaming plans are finalised."
  4. i) scrape a plate of food you're done with into an appropriate bin and immediately rinse it thoroughly in the sink ii) leave the plate at your arse and let the food take over the plate like the monster in 1982 horror classic The Thing, requiring comparatively more effort later on to get it scrubbed clean
  5. I'm only going by a limited bit of experience within student funding/finance and not anything on a high level teaching side here, but are there not still a lot of courses/higher education providers offering foundation years at the start of the course which I think are there precisely for those who don't quite meet the normal 3/4 year honours course requirements? I think they still attract the full whack of tuition fee for the cohort on "year zero" for the course though, which might be a bit of a fucker.
  6. It's ad hominem. Not ad hominum. So if I call you a thick c**t it's an ad hominem attack, not an ad hominum one. Hope that helps clear that up for you. You're clearly not here in good faith so yeah, I have to admit I've got absolutely no qualms over calling you a thick c**t. If all you want is mutual masturbation over All Things Union then you're better off going to somewhere like Follow Follow, or maybe waiting and only reading whatever Kincardine decides to spew onto P&B at about 3am from time to time. P&B's demographic leans toward Yes, if that annoys you and you don't think you can resist tone/concern trolling then you're probably better off avoiding the politics section or you're just constantly going to end up like this guy/Kincardine:
  7. a little bit of wee's not going to stop me being me quite literally a pish advert, harr dee harr
  9. if an independent Scotland votes in a government pledging one? Sure thing, but yeah good luck to a most likely Tory govt in England selling reforming the Union. Bloody subsidy junky Jockoland, tell em to piss orf etc. Wales is slightly different because of Plaid Cymru tbh.
  10. i have to admit i kinda just willed it to be a red card for the keeper just to make the last few minutes interesting, game ended up petering out with injuries, timewasting and """injuries""".
  11. i) political party stands in Scottish seats with clear, well publicised manifesto commitment to seeking a referendum on Scotland going independent ii) said party wins an overall majority, mandate for a referendum on Scotland going independent now impossible to argue against in good faith prefer that to arbitrary timescales pulled out of your arse tbh.
  12. feeding a blatant troll/alias but alright, f**k all else to do i) assuming its a reference to that Salmond bit that's often misquoted/taken out of context the "once in a generation" stuff is a red herring, for various reasons. The main thrust is that any senior political figure on any side could say it'll be held once in a generation, once annually or once every thousand years and it'd only ever be their view on it becaaaaauuuse... ii) the main bit here is that if the SNP keep getting significant election results at Holyrood and Westminster then, shit shock horror, the constitutional debate isn't going to go away anytime soon. Last I checked there has indeed been a pretty consistent and firm backing for the SNP at election after election over the past decade. iii) There's also credible polling to point to which can gauge opinion on Indy throughout Scotland (savour this quote from the Daily Record attributed to Adam Tomkins, but please disregard the "first time in history" bullshit): iv) tying in with ii), Scottish Labour have been so spectacularly incompetent under brain donors like Kezia Dugdale and Jim Fundilimundily Murphy (Leonard looks like he's of similar calibre, night and day between his profile and that of Sturgeon) that it's now more or less turned into a straight shootout between the Tories and the SNP at most elections on unionist/independence lines (notwithstanding weird little Lib Dem enclave islands in the Here Be Dragons bits of Scotland). Also might be worth noting that for all her media darling status Rape Clause Ruthy the Tank Commander got totally backed into a corner over Brexit and ended up fucking off (at least temporarily); senior Scottish Tories actually having to defend some of the more abhorrently cunty practices of the Govt consistently voted in darn sarf is only ever going to feed into the "wait is this what we're a part of here" sentiment. Haven't even mentioned Scotland vs. England differences in terms of Brexit voting, Boris Johnson's views on Scotland from his time at the spectator/Mayor of London or a few other things springing to mind, so the above is all you're getting from me. Nyahh.
  13. tbh it's mainly a one way thing but when we were in the Prem (oh how long ago that feels now) I always wanted us to beat Rangers* or Celtic more than anyone else there. You can say that for most SPFL fans I guess but it's the closest thing to a derby game feel I get on any matchday. Other than that I've not really got any needle with any other club, including Clyde and Airdrie. As mentioned, this might be a generational thing. At the time I'd have said probably Rangers* even moreso, not in a "big team revealed" way but more that we missed out on playing against them in any of the lower tiers and I'm confident the Thistle team with ATS, O'Donnell and others could have beaten them while, say, McCoist was still in charge of them. Plus Celtic have generally had their act together over the last 9 seasons, Deila years probably the exception, so scraping a win over them always felt like a pipe dream. As it is, considering our record against both of them them in the top flight in all cup and league games (not just the last few years either, our win/draw/loss return against them is horrendous reading pretty much since the Millenium Bug was still a thing so we're talking 20+ years of shitty results varying from narrow failure to absolute pumpings) I'm at the point where I don't think I'll see a Thistle win over either of the arsecheeks in my natural lifetime.
  14. I had a quick google to put a face to the name, agree with that. I'm not keen on Kaye Adams who I've always been convinced is a firm toe-the-party-line type.
  15. Will add a relatively obscure one to hopefully get us across the globe quicker! I lived in Kuwait for several years.
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