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  1. *nervous twitching intensifies*
  2. Nominating myself for being a bit of a daft c**t earlier: coming along maryhill road at the old job centre. Taxi was sat at pedestrian crossing with right indicator to a u-turn, i slowed down and flashed. Problem then starts as a van was waiting to turn left out of the small side road bit, i hadnt clocked it, the taxi hesitated a bit but managed the hairpin turn there and i started moving forward again rather than letting the van out too. Guy in van behind me was pretty seething. It is an unusual situation at that bit to have a car doing a u turn + someone wanting out at that side road, but as a learning point ill need to remember to fully commit to letting a situation resolve itself, itd have been better to just have stopped outright w/o any flash of the lights and let the van and taxi sort it for themselves from there but i didnt. No accident or collision caused at least, lesson hopefully learned there...
  3. Do they not usually fling out thousands of comp tickets for the finals to sponsors anyway, who will probaably get priority?
  4. Was that not Theresa May? Ahhhh thats it yeah, cameron was too early
  5. Was it blackford that was the snp group leader at wm when cameron went after brexit? Think there was a lot of bacon flavoured seethe at him being seen to be attacking the outgoing pm instead of serving up shitey platitudes as was customary.
  6. Wonder how long it is before car companies re-release the retro hot hatches like the 205 GTI and the Renault 5 GT Turbo. I for one am all for it aslong as they dont butcher the execution (which they almost certainly would). fantasy land for my price range but all for more cars styled like this -1989 audi quattro😍 no fake exhausts, no stupid nonsense on the grille, just an utterly gorgeous looking motor. edit: would also settle for an auld lancia delta
  7. unless it was a fever dream, was there not a p&ber who knew (via a second or third hand claim) that oliver had a microtadger?
  8. ... and lo and behold im now bombarded with ads for euro car parts on p&b. Without wanting to go full Detournement a part of me wonders if that was your end game here...
  9. it feels like i'm potentially being meme'd from some direction or other, but i unironically had a little google regarding this pretty recently to check what the "best" oil to put in was/pricing it, first time topping up the new motor. it was either 5W-30 or 5W-40, something like that. car hasnt exploded since i put about 500ml into it anyway. idk if its still on but the Tesco near me seemed to have really good clubcard prices on 2L of oil so you might not even have to go too far for it, think was about £8 for a 2L bottle, online prices I saw were generally around double that. the stuff i got also handily had labels telling you what model cars they go in, would take a punt that VW/Audi/Seat generally are interchangeable as are a lot of the GM or group PSA engines but would just read the front and go from there tbh. mind and check your indicator fluid levels while you're at it, especially if you've a BMW or Audi, they're notorious for having common faults/leaks with the stuff.
  10. can see that McGinty, ah, hasnt really worked out for Morton - tbf he was generally woeful with us too, not sure how deliberate it was but horror flashbacks of him getting on the ball and just smashing long diagonals up to Miles Storey for us. edit: and of course *that* .gif with him falling on his arse at a long ball getting caught in the wind against you. Genuinely a little curious - did he do that thing where he starts carrying the ball forward from defence well for a game or two, maybe even getting off a good shot from distance, to get your hopes up that he's not a complete and utter diddy only to revert to type?
  11. Sturgeon absolutely cigaring it despite i) fronting up on the televised Covid briefings and to the restrictions in place and ii) the Salmond sideshow that went on. Things u luv 2 see.
  12. "For the party as a whole, we're just going to have to put our foot on the ball. I'm not going to throw in the towel just because of one bad result, and I'm going to remain leader of the Labour Party until the final whistle blows for this Conservative government. I still firmly believe that we should give Boris a red card for his own goal over not just his illicit flat renovation, but his mishandling of the Coronavirus crisis." did a bit of a garry o'connor face just typing that out tbh
  13. Can even picture the 1500 word Laura Kuennsberg article trying to portray it as a piece of nuanced, calculated 4d chess from are Boris.
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