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  1. Most adults are able to put a little bit of critical thought into what they spend their time, effort and money on though. I mean one of the Manchester teams playing today literally saw a few thousand fans form a brand new club due to being dissatisfied with their ownership (among other things).
  2. 😮 critical result right there, cant believe we snatched a late comeback victory off the back of recent performances and results, i had it in my head most of the players had given up knowing they'll be out the door soon but perhaps not. Season defining fixtures coming up for December, would take an avg of a point per game by the time we're into the new year all things considered.
  3. I know that it feels like every year since the first season back up in the top flight (oh how very long ago that team feels now) there's been a bit of a fear of relegation about this time of year, but it's starting to feel like there's just no arresting the decline this season; any hope that McCall would find a way to immediately steady things is gone now. We're pretty comfortably the worst team in the division. Not pinning my hopes on us sorting this on January either seeing as we're a bit of a sinking ship.
  4. I mean the seaside leagues aren't *that* bad. Will be nice playing against some unfamiliar faces for a change, haha!
  5. Sooo... the training ground was an expensive flop? Kind of knew when we were relegated that it was going to get loused tbh. Wonder if it'll get resurrected with TBC/Weir backing if we end up back in the top flight, though, but then that still runs the risk of us getting relegated and the whole thing getting scrapped again. Think it's finished, unfortunately. Good to see the academy funding will continue in any event.
  6. tbf to him though (don't know anything about the Brady Gun Control bill or Vermont shooting you refer to and cba googling it either, taking you at your word since it certainly sounds 'Murican enough to vote against gun control and for there to be a school shooting) that could very well have been an instructive learning experience?
  7. Blind carbon copy any and all correspondence to your manager, maybe? Failing that I'd be tempted to ask why in the blue f**k he's wanting it sent directly to him rather than following the process. Whatever you do, try to keep it all in writing every step of the way with no way of it getting tampered with. If he's asked you to send him the feedback on the fly in person rather than through some sort of email, text or something that keeps a formal record of it then I'd be having all sorts of alarm bells ringing.
  8. I literally don't know why he's doing it but considering what you've posted on here it might be worth firing him a PM as per the post in this thread? He may not be aware of it and if it's causing you (understandable) anxiety then once he's aware it might stop. @Marshmallo?
  9. I keep picturing ICTChris's devious, workshy colleague as Wally from the Dilbert cartoons. Makes it all the better tbh.
  10. Agreed. Looks absolutely... offal shiteatinggrin.jpg
  11. 😮 Still can't see them seeing out a draw (or even snatching a win) tbh but incredible to claw back from 2-0 away. edit: just got a stream up since the game is interesting now, didn't realise it was at Pittodrie, whoops. Leaning towards there being a shitty (probably deserved) red card for an Aberdeen player to f**k things up.
  12. think this is about right, yeah, leading to death by a thousand cuts for the NHS as we know it.
  13. 5 hours in paint (edit: credit where it's due, the snipping tool saw a fair bit of use too), enjoy
  14. Could be wrong about this as it's one of those things that's in the back of my mind but I can't fully flesh out why, but doesn't EVEL seriously put a dent in the chances of ever having a future PM that is (at least nominally) Scottish?
  15. There was an Israel flag too for a while I think. Kind of bizarre behaviour for someone that's allegedly a fully grown adult to indulge in, really.
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