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  1. Tbf yea, my older brother was in and out of the job centre years ago for JSA, constantly getting little temp contracts and having to restart claims. Said it got to the point the local job centre kinda knew the script and that he was always genuinely looking for work/wouldnt be claiming for long, so they were always quite pleasant to him when he was in. I was on universal credit for a while after leaving a job (during the pandemic/lockdown) but didnt get much, i got a part time job shortly after which ended up above the threshold for any uc anyway. The advisor i had for a few weeks was great tbf, pretty much literally said "yeah the local job market is terrible right now, if you're looking for work fine, if not then just jump through the hoops and you'll be fine, ill keep you right", she knew fine well the 35hrs of job search activity or whatever it was you had to log was nonsensical as you could look online for an hour and only see maybe a couple of jobs worth applying to in the area.
  2. I was a bit too young to fully grasp it at the time and tbf its probably already touched on somewhere in the thread, but is there a fair like for like comparison with crypto and the dot com bubble? To me NFT's seem similar to cybersquatters on domain names...
  3. I may be misremembering but i think it might have been even better than that, they had scored a goal and cerny ran over to the linesman, shouted at him for half a minute claiming for offside/handball, and then the goal was overturned. Deffo was the 3-2 game against 'well. Ah, i mind that and all. There wasnt all that much shouting at the ref in that one, just general bemusement and confusion.
  4. I think it is a foul, but its kind of... right at the end of the challenge. Cant wait for VAR going by the last couple of pages tbh, its going to be a glorious shitshow.
  5. Cant blame you tbf. Ach, its better than the rapidly unfolding disaster under caldwell, ill cling to that
  6. Steven Lennon or Juan Allegria. Discuss. Edit: lennon at least went on to do well in iceland, i genuinely think allegria is one of the all time worst and might be out of professional football in a couple of seasons. Least he's only a loanee, but it still grates that even a competent striker for this level might just have been enough to finish a bit higher in the league/grab a goal in the playoff tie. Wouldnt have been enough in isolation, that goal we conceded tonight, f**k me. Not the only failure but the most glaring. Bannigan was poor too. Akinola was decent i think.
  7. Ach, at least we're either going to get a classic redemption story from allegria or hes going to do f**k all and serve as a nice focal point for frustration. Win win i... guess.
  8. Yep, even the game on tuesday at firhill due to the earlier kick off mightve been tricky for some fans, i wasnt able to make even that.
  9. Bassey is an extraordinary player to watch, in a complimentary way; extremely strong at winning the ball back and instinctively goes really tight every time but hes good enough that he never seems to get rolled or turned, so he hardly ever seems to have to stand off from players as a lesser defender would. Going forward he isnt as strong as said earlier in the thread but he still somehow bundles his way forward and beats players through sheer persistence time and time again. If he learns how to thread a pass or get better at crossing he could legit end up going for megabux in a couple of years. I said earlier he was toiling a bit from the constant fight with poulsen and id stand by that (it coincided when leipzig scored and had their best period so the whole team were a bit nervy), but once the third went in he caught a second wind.
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