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  1. Im not much of a fancy "underlying quantitative analysis of our elite xG output metrics" type, but the way we defended the space throughout was unbelievable. Granted Spain were moving it about a lot but Gunn had hardly anything to do; to stop Spain from carving open any gaps takes a hell of a lot of work, focus and intelligent pressing, and that Scotland team did it for about 99% of that match which is immense. Fair fucks to Porteous, Hickey, Christie, McGinn, Mctominay, Hanley... all of them. A kind of Inter vs. Barcelona vibe to tonight, which sorta fits given Clarke was Mourinhos assistant for a while.
  2. 152/345, fair few names on the tip of my tongue. Joe Kinnear was the one that had a heart attack and had to leave abruptly? anything pre-2000 was more or less a write off, i typed out tim westwood and got confused when it wasnt giving me the answer... fackin Tim Sherwood. edit: i also genuinely forgot about Ralf Rangnick, had it in my head that Ten Haag came in straight after Solskjaer! think its due to him having that weird dual role as Director of Football so it slipped my mind he was (loosely) in charge at Man Utd outright. edit: Avram Grant was at West Ham, apparently. Huh. edit: last one, but I'm surprised Klinsmann has never ended up getting a gig somewhere at some point
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-65071989 SIMPSONS ALREADY DID IT
  4. Pretty much the same story as last season from the playoffs (defensive howlers against Imverness in the playoffs killing our season vs. Brownlie this time albeit we werent getting near QP anyway) and really we've pretty much made no progress since then - we are indeed a mediocre Championship side. Bah.
  5. Less stodgy now as inverness are going very deep, few wee mistakes creeping in from them too...
  6. We might still scramble a draw out of this but im not convimced, we look a bit... stodgy. No chance we're winning this either so our seasons more or less done now. Boooooo.
  7. Should have been a yellow i think, 99% of the time players.just get booked for those cynical "stop a counter but not quite a clear opportunity" fouls.
  8. "Money has allowed me to do amazing things, i can support people who matter to me and donate to charities" Kinda reads like he doesnt actually donate f**k all tbh.
  9. Pretty piss poor game. Highlights how important Milne is for us getting forward. without him we ended up just hitting lots of long punts to Graham that he generally did what Brian Graham does, with a view to getting a wee bit of space for Tiffoney running off from it, but it didnt work/was comfortably defended by Dundee. Bit of a learning curve for Doolan from that, Dowds + Mullen probably could have done with coming on earlier than they did as we looked a bit better going forward once they were on and we were blatantly powderpuff in attack before the changes were made, but a dour 0-0 is about all that match deserved. Lawless looked like he was running through a tar pit at times through that. Another clean sheet at least, small positive what with mcavoy (back at Fulham and all), aero and milne all unable to play.
  10. "Gosh its amusing to see Doug Imrie Looking so down in the dumps Every guy here'd love to be you Gaston For pissing off those Greenock chumps"
  11. aye, its really hard to get reasonable wage demands for anyone half decent. was incredibly frustrating as good players initially wanted about Β£1k a week while I had Thistle in the championship, got promoted in the first season and just about everyone I was interested in signing was after Β£3k - Β£5k a week Looking at youth departures from the EPL worked ok as they often just want a few Β£hundred p/w and had good enough potential for the top flight. Even trying to loan players is a nightmare compared to FM2019 as everyone wants the bulk of the wages paid plus they get shitty if you don't conform exactly to their agreed playing time and will seemingly never do any kind of business with you again. Have lucked out with loaning a couple of regens on youth contracts in for this season that are good squad players, need to bear that in mind for next season - clubs are less likely to want wage contributions if they're on a youth contract, but that can be slim pickings...
  12. Bought fm2023 with the last version i played being fm19. The europa conference league is fun, but theres bits to it im kind of wary of; the defensive options like trap inside/outside etc. Also barely seem to notice any difference in how inverted wingers play compared to inside forwards... might need to read a guide, yech. Ross County seem to release all of their regens almost as soon as they generate, picked up a couple of promising players just by poaching them, idk if a bug. Seems a good deal trickier to find players, the attributes are a lot more hidden now. Theres little things that are tried and true that still seem to work (looking at whoevers been relegated from the top flight, jumping into various international under 21 sides and looking about - if a 16 year old is in, say, a czech/croatian/serbian u-21 squad rather than the u-18s they tend to be shit hot) but im relying on scout reports and agent offers a lot more than before. Think might be to encourage you to use a director of football but signing players is one of the most satisfying bits for me. Edit: seems a lot harder to break through to competing for the league with thistle now, on fm19 the other scottish clubs tended to start making really dumb transfers and spend like Β£1M+ on players who are about 33 and will decline rapidly so you can beat them just by being smarter with your budget, but they seem a bit more canny than before. Maybe after a few more seasons it'll happen again. Player wage demands are maddening, although ive probably goofed by pissing off every agent on the face of the planet. Managers holding permanent grudges against me for not playing one fucking loanee every single game is annoying too.
  13. I have a feeling that, in five years time, you're going to be frothing at the mouth with rage at whoever is SNP leader for criticising the governments new policy of getting tough on crime by introducing Great British Death Squads. Hey ho, at least they'll have nice little union flegs proudly displayed on their kevlar!
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