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  1. Alyn Smith as an outside shout, but I reckon it'll be Cherry. 😐
  2. I really wish I knew what that Freddie Freeloader P&B account is for, have seen it before on our threads from time to time and saw it again not long ago; I would guess its some sort of weird journalism/gambling bot scraping posts for stats or something going by the account name and the fact it's been on the site since 2015 w/o a single post to its name. https://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php?/profile/63141-freddie-freeloader/ but then the thing is that you don't need an account to see P&B threads, just for posting on them, so I'm at a bit of a loss as to what it's about...
  3. "At 45, I am just about young enough to course-correct without drugs, but my doctor isn’t messing around. You have six months, she says, to turn the ship around." Burst out laughing at that after your post, genuinely just surprised there was no mention of getting into Q.S.P.C. (quite superb physical condition. My acronym.) or making the walk to school in just three gulps of air as a child to the amazement of her peers
  4. iirc from the BRALT a major sticking point was the notion that the history/titles were a transferrable asset that could be moved from one to the other seamlessly. I think HibeeJibee made a point too that for a brief while there were technically two Rangers FC "licences" to play football which is a bit of an... oddity, but I'm not wanting to misrepresent him/make a hash of that point in too much depth edit: might be too late already re-reading that, I think it was membership rather than licence, wasn't confident licence was right hence the quotation marks above
  5. as the proud owner of an - *alan partridge voice* 2016 Hwhat Car Magazine Car of the Year - 17 plate Astra then I reckon the hatchback variant would be worth a look, possibly a Corsa too. their resale values are piss poor (I think due to there being absolutely millions of them in the UK) but the flip side means you should comfortably be able to find a really low mileage one in that budget with a higher spec, im aiming to run mine until it dies (especially with the petrol n' diesel ban, I know its for new sales but I'm pessimistic about road tax and fuel costs creeping up and up over the next few years) My first ever lease was a Seat and was impressed with it, so going to take a look in that direction, also see what Peugeot have to offer these days, have had a few in the past, inc a 205 1.9 GTI. Sigh. I saw one of them abroad in Spain on holiday a couple of years ago, ha! Next to no rust on the thing and all, brilliant looking wee cars.
  6. first thought was London & South East housing bubble skewing the average perhaps, would take a guess that multiple graphs would be more insightful (one for the UK as a whole as per the one provided there, one for the UK excluding all the London boroughs etc., and one for averages solely in all the London boroughs etc.) edit: amusingly going solely by Trainspotting renting in London was still pretty bloody expensive in the 90's, sure there's a bit where he's on the phone quoting £400 - £500 a week for the 1 or 2 bedroom studio flat that Sick Boy and Begbie start squatting in!) that aside I'd be curious to see some kind of aggregate monthly rental cost on the graph provided too for all types of 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom etc. properties and what proportion of income that takes up...
  7. Grant Hanley in instead of Greer perhaps, might hit the >10cap threshold w/o a quick google to cheat? Never ever felt comfortable with Hanley in at CB. edit: of the CB's with more than 10 caps that were awful he was one of the first names to come to mind tbh so im sticking to my guns either way, sue me Another name springing to mind is Ross McCormack, can barely remember him in a Scotland shirt and I'm sure he ended up winning a few caps to meet >10 caps too. Sure he scored at least once but iirc he was a massive letdown.
  8. immediately made me think of that Kaye Adams thing that she was anti independence because then she would lose her cushy London """work"""
  9. Sorry to hear about your mini breaking down after getting pranged, harrr dee harrrr *fully aware that trying to come over all Patch Adams doesn't always help but I really mean that just as a lighthearted icebreaker and I'm not knowingly trying to be a dick, I know tone isn't always easily conveyed over the internet. If you didn't appreciate then feel free to call me an arse, fill your boots if that cheers you up a bit!) anyway - everything you've said is very familiar to me, right down to avoiding medication (I avoid drinking too unless its social so it's been months since I've even had so much as a beer tbh) I still get happy or joyful moments, but they're fleeting these days. I'd describe it as a sensation of just kind of... existing? Rather than sheer emptiness/numbness. I'd say it is the default state which is a bit shite. I don't know how much help this can be to you but I would say that I've noticed that instead of calls w/ any close friends/family being over and done in <5 minutes and mostly communicating just through text or whatsapp, there are waaaay more calls now and the average time is probably closer to half an hour now. It's not even chatting about anything all that important but it's ABSOLUTELY some of the happier moments I get. Just things like hearing my mum and talk away about what she's been cooking recently etc. If you have a close old school friend or blood relative you can call/whatsapp who you haven't directly spoken to in a while I would say try and get in touch with them that way, its really easy to fall into a routine of doing everything through text or some kind of messenger but I like hearing from my brother, mum, partner etc. over the phone as often as possible. Hope that can be a useful suggestion. Other than that I'm just going to go the route of saying stuff like "i like walking my big dug a lot" which, while true and is something I find kind of comforting to get some sort of routine with, might come over a bit trite. final note - im posting this at close to 4am so take a wild guess at what my sleeping patterns are like at the minute 😐 tl;dr you aren't alone in feeling like that, for whatever its worth.
  10. have just started watching from the 2nd half for the Man Utd game. They look pretty inept trying to play out from the back, all way too slow + they don't seem to be picking the right passes or finding space to move into Newcastle's half. Everything they're doing looks telegraphed too, no clever disguise on passes, nada. Daniel James is pish too, skinned rotten by Saint Maximin and not contributing anything tbh edit: The curse of "x is pish" immediately followed by x scoring lives on...
  11. I'm increasingly convinced he's just a political version of "The Unit Killer" out of the Wire that's been parachuted in by The Powers That Be to gut out Labour from within:
  12. thing is, if you were a youngish Yes voter in 2014 off the back of Labour/Lib Dem/Tory parties all backing No + in the face of the relentlessly miserable, negative media coverage then I'm not so sure support for independence will just "thaw" to support for the status quo as time goes by. Also - everything since 2014 points to any notional status quo as being a red herring. Our future Union or no Union has a fair amount of uncertainty in it too. I'm leaning towards another deeply unpopular conflict in the next 5 years being what finally breaks the Tories dominance, but maybe we're at the point where nobody down south would even care enough to punt them out from an Iraq war style debacle (shooting from the hip but I think that may have been a perfect storm; being seen to be America's lapdog for an unpopular George Bush was more damaging from people that didn't really give a shit about going into the war itself, plus the Dr David Kelly stuff was damaging from people that didn't want the war in the first place. Afaik that + Gordon Brown replacing Tony Blair finished Labour off. The "bigoted woman" comment, what with the way Brexit turned out a few years later, was probably more important a factor than anyone maybe even realised at the time too...)
  13. "I'm not sure how I get blamed for this. Just a humble monk. I have no power. And, I'm more concerned now about carefully avoiding getting shanked to death. This is why Russia is awful. Picking away at people instead of policies"
  14. do you ever look at the Scottish approval polling ratings for Nicola Sturgeon and just... cry?
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