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  1. Crawford has more or less achieved what AJ did. And AJ went. What i think is giving Crawford more time is fact he is bringing on the youngsters and has secured us players we cpuld one day get fees on. I no of course JA did this with Jackson Longridge of course. SC approach with younger players means he is trying out a more "harder to get right plan"than AJ. But AJ never really had issues with paft time teams. Ok Alloa at east end in last season aside he tended to beat part time sides in league and cup 9 times out of 10. Crawfords era seen is lose to Raith, Edinburgh,Arbroath, Alloa and Stranraer which are games i think AJ would have won.I say time for SC to go personally though as like everyone else..i think he has the right idea..and done some good things..but he cant make it work where it counts most on the pitch.
  2. Top 10 - No particular order Purple Mountains Jay Som Stella Donnelly Foals 1 and 2 Alterbridge Cass McCombs Jade Bird Korn Idlewild Black Pumas Worst Papa Roach Lewis Capaldi Blink 182
  3. Foo Fighters - Wasting Light Queens of the Stone Age - Like Clockwork Stevie Nimmo - Sky wont fall Faith no More - Sol Invictus Spoon - They want my Soul Spoon - Hot Thoughts Myles Kennedy - Year of the Tiger Parquet Courts - Wide Awake! Cass McCombs - Tip of the Sphere Idlewild - Interview Music
  4. After not being able to attend the last 3 home games, all being wins up to yesterday, I was scared my arrival back would ruin things. Lol how wrong I was I recall a Dumbarton player getting sent off early in last league game of the season we made the playoffs in first few mins, but even then a wee bit of time went by before we took the lead that day. Yesterday game done in 4 mins, although I suppose its never safe at just one. Just terrible defending and terrible attempt to recover. O'Ware should argueably have just let Kiltie take the shot, keeper may have saved it. Never no now After that it was no contest. Worryingly on speaking to a Thistle fan, he said Williamson was dropped of late despite being a better defender than the right back on the field. Williamson strengths are in attack, but certainly you could have done with Ryan yesterday. He would have at least got close to Lewis Martin if nothing else for that second goal. Second pen, on seeing the highlights I think is a pen, though at time I thought legs just got tangled. Luck against the defender as he went to kick the ball and caught Nisbet. Accidental and when the luck isn't going for ya, these things happen.
  5. Think go same defence as last week. Going forward though no one standing out too much. If Dow is fit id have him back in, McCann more in the middle with Nisbet supporting?
  6. Geez new Korn is a hard listen.
  7. Never fancy my chances vs Caley. Always regard them as a bogey team. So do a lot of my mates who support other cluibs in fact. With the logic suprised Caley dont win everything. 1 - 2
  8. Scully Comrie Martin Ashcroft Lang Edwards Beadling Cochrane Kiltie McDonald Nisbet Get back to the ccltic game formation. Gotta get tougher to beat
  9. Yesterday i listened to System of a Down - Toxicity..belter of an album
  10. Think Gill for at least shot stopping cant be worse, however after seeing the united came the cb's and Scully were not well organised. Gill will have his work cut out possibly just getting a confident pairing in front of him. Didnt see Arbroath game but from what ive read we defensively were slow and im guessing was similar to United game..Devine is hardly gonna make anything better. Is it worth putting an extra cb in. Ashcroft, Lang and Martin, With Comrie and Edwards wingbacks.
  11. First half United won every individual battle on the pitch, but were helped to some degree by awful defending. United caused issues themselves by pressing. They tried to do to us what we did when Ryan Dow scored v Dundee...and it worked. Coupled with Scully's poor attempted saves. Second half possession wise and in terms of no of attacks each it was pretty even, but United had the better chances and of course the pen. So I would say they defo should have won by more. Is it a great United team...hard to say, but it was the better team on the day and i think will be more than enough to win the league. As for us, on to Arbroath and get that first win
  12. I like a few Stone Sour songs, and your right on Corey. Great singer
  13. Gave new Slipknot a go, and would recommend. A band ive kinda just not bothered with since Iowa as tastes changed. May well fill in gap now from then to most recent.
  14. I seem to recall Owen Coyle wearing 2 or 3 when he came to us in the late 90s.
  15. I think a few of the unused players will get game time, but wouldn't expect whole team to change. Lang in for Morrison, Bowman, turner and maybe McGill/McCann get a start. Paton being older maybe rested in favour of Todd maybe.
  16. Look to the future. Aim should be to have Ryan, Nisbet, McGill, McCann and Smith bang in the goals now. We will all always have a soft spot for FEB, but he was a one season wonder. A brilliant one season wonder but time for him to prob aim for league one if staying in Scotland. Clark would be a good addition, but he wont be back.
  17. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/48574873 that photo..what happened to the defender?
  18. Even these would have made a better kit than the new away one.
  19. Dundee United Partick ICT Dunfermline Dundee Morton Ayr Arbroath Qos Alloa
  20. The Black Keys is a pretty enjoyable album, some good fun tunes on here. Pretty consitant band Would recommend the The Black Pumas album, their first one if you like a bit of soul. Also Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett has an entertaining blues,rocky,country album out which is good fun. Dream Theaters new album is pretty average. So many of bands ive listened since teens really struggling of late. Really getting into newer stuff and older 60s-80s now. Getting old obvs. Rammstein, Weezer, Dream Theater etc have all been average at best. Im glad I can still enjoy new music though, Im not finding it noise as I get older.
  21. Would agree with this. Its so hard with so many new players to really predict where we will finish though. Could be a complete disaster but we cant rule out doing something special either
  22. 1: First player to score a goal in The Championship (league games only) - 5 points awarded Hope no game moved to Friday night. Josh Coley - Pars 2: First player to be red carded (league games only) - 10 points awarded Paul McMullan - D Utd 3: First managerial change (valid even for changes before the season starts) 3 points McPake - Dundee
  23. TBh im not massively familiar with Weezer, remember them from late 90s only really. Just checked it out of curiousity and maybe as I hadn't listened to them in a while it was quite different and exciting. I didn't realise Weezer had so many albums and attracted so much criticism.
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