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  1. Geez new Korn is a hard listen.
  2. Never fancy my chances vs Caley. Always regard them as a bogey team. So do a lot of my mates who support other cluibs in fact. With the logic suprised Caley dont win everything. 1 - 2
  3. Scully Comrie Martin Ashcroft Lang Edwards Beadling Cochrane Kiltie McDonald Nisbet Get back to the ccltic game formation. Gotta get tougher to beat
  4. Yesterday i listened to System of a Down - Toxicity..belter of an album
  5. Think Gill for at least shot stopping cant be worse, however after seeing the united came the cb's and Scully were not well organised. Gill will have his work cut out possibly just getting a confident pairing in front of him. Didnt see Arbroath game but from what ive read we defensively were slow and im guessing was similar to United game..Devine is hardly gonna make anything better. Is it worth putting an extra cb in. Ashcroft, Lang and Martin, With Comrie and Edwards wingbacks.
  6. First half United won every individual battle on the pitch, but were helped to some degree by awful defending. United caused issues themselves by pressing. They tried to do to us what we did when Ryan Dow scored v Dundee...and it worked. Coupled with Scully's poor attempted saves. Second half possession wise and in terms of no of attacks each it was pretty even, but United had the better chances and of course the pen. So I would say they defo should have won by more. Is it a great United team...hard to say, but it was the better team on the day and i think will be more than enough to win the league. As for us, on to Arbroath and get that first win
  7. I like a few Stone Sour songs, and your right on Corey. Great singer
  8. Gave new Slipknot a go, and would recommend. A band ive kinda just not bothered with since Iowa as tastes changed. May well fill in gap now from then to most recent.
  9. I seem to recall Owen Coyle wearing 2 or 3 when he came to us in the late 90s.
  10. I think a few of the unused players will get game time, but wouldn't expect whole team to change. Lang in for Morrison, Bowman, turner and maybe McGill/McCann get a start. Paton being older maybe rested in favour of Todd maybe.
  11. Look to the future. Aim should be to have Ryan, Nisbet, McGill, McCann and Smith bang in the goals now. We will all always have a soft spot for FEB, but he was a one season wonder. A brilliant one season wonder but time for him to prob aim for league one if staying in Scotland. Clark would be a good addition, but he wont be back.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/48574873 that photo..what happened to the defender?
  13. Even these would have made a better kit than the new away one.
  14. Dundee United Partick ICT Dunfermline Dundee Morton Ayr Arbroath Qos Alloa
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