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  1. Highlights - Seeing youngsters Todd and McCann and too a lesser extent Allen appear in the first team regularly. Just having fans back Cole and Todorov's goals v Ayr...didnt count for much in the end, but a great moment none the less. Pars beat Raith, and didn't lose to Raith Lowlights The Hiring of Peter Grant The coaching of Peter Grant The Management of Peter Grant The Man-Management of Peter Grant The bowlful of confidence from Peter Grant The recruitment of Peter Grant The formations adopted by Peter Grant The confidence shattering of players by Peter Grant The CV of Peter Grant
  2. What an awful statement, what possessed him. Why would anyone say any of this nonsense on something like this. He cant be this stupid can he. His angle i guess about "well no one moaned until we signed him," is the one thing that still baffles me in this whole thing. I no some Clyde fans were unhappy at the time, but in general lets face it, he played for them for years and no one was bothered about calling this out. Where was their sponsors? the media then? The government? If there was anything it wasn't enough, and the fact there wasn't has given Sim and co an angle to pass the buck They are of course wrong and above doesnt excuse the signing, they are grown ups, fathers, humans etc, and should no better either way than appoint Goodwillie and then react in the way they did, and especially should no better than react this way in this article. But dont leave clyde and co and the past out of this, a lot to answer for there too.
  3. Watched the gym episode last night, so many great moments. The scenes basically in the managers office with Jeremy applying for the job " what a novel?" and the attempt to get the fitness instructor sacked are priceless.
  4. i noticed queens beat ayr at somerset in feb, so i guess i get why Ayr wouldnt fancy Qos.
  5. Ah 10/11, what a time. How i miss those days. That 2-2 Raith game was one of the craziest games. We battered them until ...Bell? Phinn? got sent off, and then raith battered us. Oddly they hit the bar, i think the post, and had efforts on goal that had they went in would have been worldies, yet scored two of the crappiest goals ever known to man. Guess raith wont care how they go in of course. Sure that game ended around half 5 as well. Mad stuff We did have a wobble in the 3rd quarter, and i remember digging out a win at Falkirk which felt like the turning point. The last minute win at county was the big win of all to make everyone feel it was our year....then i think we won all the remaining games. And the tank! A belter of a moment.
  6. Very sad news, Dave Grohl obviously is the name everyone always thinks off with the foos, but Taylor always seemed to be well known and regarded in spite of Dave. Seen Foos live twice and Taylor sang on certainly the second show, at Murrayfield in 2015. Always seemed a nice guy and very talented. On lunch hour later i will be enjoying the sun with some foo's playing. RIP Taylor.
  7. We're doing it tomorrow night. Going into play off spot tonight 3 points behind Ayr, going to be a 3-1 win. O'Hara, Lawless and Donaldson the scorers. Consolation by Kyle Turner. Will it be enough in the long run i dont no, but strangely optimistic as i type this
  8. We have a potential emergency loan. Isnt Alexander (i no he's 174 years old) meant to kinda be the cover when the Stolarczyk goes. Just another example of how bad season has been if we need to bring in a 6th goalie. Currid, OFW, Mehmet, Alexander, Stolarczyk and now maybe another
  9. My recollection was that no fans were excited about the appointment, but willing to give a chance. From my point of view i thought with the squad we had, if we recruited right, we would probably be finishing around 3rd-5th. I didnt think Grant would be so poor as to take the team backwards, as he struck me as maybe being a manager who would make us a tougher team to play against. Some decent central midfielders, a better goalie at least, and we'd do this. But i didnt think he would have enough to finish any better than what Crawford achieved....on this point i was right. Even the papers and fan sites around the start of the season thought the pars would be killie's closest challengers. In retrospect it turned out to be a disaster, poor management, recruitment, shape. Poor man management - Ross Graham became a lost soul and is now doing well in the premier league. Watson disrespected the club, that awful statement after the QOS game. Everything just spiralled after that. Hughes has a mammoth task, he has done ok, but his failure to get enough of the right players in and play to our strengths with the attacking players we have are going to be his downfall i think. I think the general feeling was we would probably do no worse than the previous season, and if we did do better it would be on the strength of the attacking group of O'Hara, Todorov, Wighton, Kennedy, Thomas and Dow, the bulk of which was Crawfords signings, and Todorov and Kennedy were proven in the championship.
  10. Wighton will be off to Arbroath surely if they get promoted. Todorov and maybe even O'Hara have barely played so doubt if relegated they will want to stay. Maybe not even wanna stay in championship for us if Hughes stays If relegated i can imagine, McCann, Todd, Allan, Fenton and Edwards maybe being happy to stay, beyond that i would have doubts. The rest will either not feel have had a fair crack of the whip or not want to drop below champtionship level.
  11. Clyde, in fact no club, will touch Goodwillie with a bargepole
  12. What a threat Tiffony will pose Who to mark, Martin or Ambrose? Scrap, clash, win the ball and pass Dom Thomas is back, prob a sub alas But someone else will cross into the box In it is our own mis-firing fox McCann will bundle in winner and it be a Thistle defender who is a sinner. Or failing all that poetic twaddle, Thistle will probably edge this one
  13. As i see it, the next step if the board and players wont listen or budge is to hit them where it hurts...financially. Get the celtic fans to boycott the cup tie, maybe they can make one off donations to cover their own club, and this will badly knock the income the club gets. I bet the board are counting on that money to pay Goodwillie, or maybe get rid of him. Maybe even boycott or message premier sports to stop the broadcast. That will be the only way to guarantee a reaction. And if fans worry about long term finances of the club, the cup money is a bonus that wouldn't be budgeted for. So no worries there.
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