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  1. Depressing stuff as we have no creativity in the team. What's happened to Jacobs? I can't recall him actually passing it to another Morton player in the game and was rightly subbed. Allen is a man down right away. Again created nothing Reilly has been very disappointing. I know he was out for a while but he's just not at the races in games. We need to get up the table before Xmas or we're right in the relegation mire
  2. I dearly hope that's big Gozie back. He's the only threat we have up front. Gus taking a lot of stick, but results have been awful and today we were not really troubling the Accies keeper. Fans will understandably be very frustrated and calls for his head will grow. He needs results... If Gus wants to keep hold of his job he'll need to be a bit more adventurous, especially at home
  3. I know I might get panned for this but I thought Reilly was sharper than he has been since his arrival albeit he didn't score. He's getting match fitter and I think he will score on Saturday. Keep Ledger in the team and Russell on the left. Lyon looked to be getting back to his best and Jacobs protected the defence. Narrow 1-0 for Morton
  4. I actually enjoyed the game. Hamilton is class. Lyon, Jacobs were excellent too. We still don't look like scoring though - which is becoming a big concern.
  5. Woeful stuff. We never looked like scoring and always had that bomb-scare defensive blunder feel about it. We're really struggling up front and no creativity in midfield. Don't see us getting a win in the near future....
  6. We look very low on confidence. Not making many chances up front and defense is a bomb-scare. Muirhead had our best chance when he lobbed the keeper, but really should have scored. Queens not taking advantage of our defensive frailties albeit hitting the post twice.
  7. Oliver dropped for his comments or is it deserved?
  8. I see Oliver openly criticizing our style of play in the local rag. For Oliver to publicly criticize how the manager sets us up is very brave and I can only assume he knows Gus's job is on a shoogley peg or the dressing room have turned against him
  9. First quarter has been poor results wise. I don't think we're playing badly, but we have a team lacking in goals and now gifting goals at the other end. They now seem lacking in confidence. Gus was late in making signings and gambled on the loanees from England, two of the four only getting pass marks so far. Another loanee, Reilly can score goals in this division, but he's still lacking match fitness and hasn't hit the net so far. We are toothless up front and leaking goals. This is Gus's team and our position in the league sits with him. How long do you give him? Another quarter? Two or three games? He needs wins badly if he's to hold on to his job. Fans getting impatient and when you lose the support it's hard to stay in the job.
  10. Just not good enough today. Gus needs to start winning games. Strapp has been dreadful this season and a good part of last season too. We don't have goals in this team at all. We're struggling up front and today our defence gifted goals. Don't think our overall play was that bad and ICT didn't over-run us or out play us at anytime. But we need to score and start winning games
  11. Why is Strapp still getting a start? His dreadful season continues as he gifts ICT another goal
  12. We've had the bulk of the play and Gaston pulls off a terrific save to stop us going 1 up. Arbroath get a free kick and they score from it. Playing well enough but this team just doesn't have goals in it
  13. What's the score with the PPV? Does it not let you register if under 90 mins before the game?
  14. We're obviously a bit toothless up front at the moment and it's costing us games. Defensively we were fine and Hamilton had very little to do. Raith goal had taken a deflection from a well struck shot. I thought the keeper would have got to it as well. Our downfall is we didn't create much and didn't test the Raith keeper either. Lyon had his best game for a while alongside Oksanen. But up front nobody really got passmarks. Defensively McLean wasn't great and Strapp's distribution is awful and has been for a while. Reilly looks miles off being match fit. Big Robbie had our only decent effort on target, apart from that his head went down and should have been subbed. He seems to be the new target for abuse, but in reality he's not worse than any of front men we had on today. Gus under real pressure now I would say as it's a results driven business. Has sacking isn't imminent, but he needs a win from somewhere or the pressure will grow.
  15. We didn't deserve to lose that and a draw would have been a fair result. Fair play to Kille as their player never gave up on the cross whilst Strapp went to sleep. Ahh well....
  16. Pretty even so far, with Morton probably having the better chances. Been scrappy at times and a a bit of a non event. All to play for though...
  17. Blues hasn't been our worst player. He's been better than Lyon that's for sure. I think Blues gets too much criticism that's not really deserved. He deserved it for his performance at Partick but he wasn't alone in deserving criticism. I thought he had a great game against Hamilton and played a cracking ball to Gozie for the goal. Jacobs hasn't really been playing well either. So bad infact I thought he was playing with an injury. We've got bodies in now and have options. I'm sure the midfield will change a few times over the season anyway
  18. We actually have options now - jeez not said that for a while! Time to get up to the attic and dust down the Viking helmet with the horns and blonde pig tails! Every team should have a Finn in it. We now have a very decent forward line and hopefully players who can now supply them. Not forgetting our talented youngsters we now have a good squad of players at our disposal. Lets see how good they are now....
  19. That's a poor close season, which is a pity we have a very decent forward line now. The squad even for this stage in the season is far, far too small. And also, I am and will remain a member of the MCT, but I'm starting to get the fear. Let's hope it's unfounded.
  20. We have a decent core of players. If we sign a minimum of 4 players we will have a very good season. Reilly is a good start and hopefully he will give us a threat up front. Midfield looks really light, and Jacobs must surely be playing with an injury with his performance yesterday. Seen him holding his hamstring just before he was subbed. We also need more width in the team and an extra defender. Not having these players in right now has already cost us two games.
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