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  1. Muirhead was silly but didn'y really affect the outcome. We struggled up front until the last 15 mins. Our defence looks solid enough, midfield is fine just need to work on our final pass up front. We missed McPake, and you would imagine him and Nesbitt will give most defences a torrid time
  2. There isn't an excuse in the Universe that will justify this complete shambles
  3. Website crashed. Can they not stream it through Youtube channel?
  4. It's already happening. Unionist journo Kenny Farquarson saying if indy hits 60% in the polls then he would have to rethink his position on the Constitution. Now saying he's always been an ambivalent Unionist - could have fooled me on that one Kenny
  5. From 2014 to 2020 pro indy side has risen approximately 10% with no meaningful campaign. 10% in six years. Where will we be in 5 years? 2021 - Holyrood election will be the independence election. If the SNP or the Holyrood parliament get an overall majority then they will request a S30 to hold another independence referendum. 2022 - Constitutional turmoil as the UK Gov continues to say No. Scottish Gov consider all options including Obsructionism at Westminster, Legal fight, International help and mass protest - people power. 2023 - UK Gov stance not tenable as it becomes a matter of democracy itself. Reluctant agreement on S30. Indyref2 held immediately with Yes side winning 62% of the vote 2024 - Negotiations between Scottish and rUK Governments on Scotland leaving the UK and becoming an Independent Country. 2025 - Scotland becomes an Independent Country and is accepted into the EU almost immediately.
  6. Beginning to wonder if he will make it past Xmas given his torrid start..... I have a feeling his leadership can and will be fun to watch 😂
  7. Seriously Ramsbottom? He shouldn't be playing professional football. Nice lad but he's just not ready for any level of professional football.
  8. I always thought 60% was unachievable. But now I believe it's a very realistic target
  9. That's one way to view it I suppose.. 😂
  10. It's not a good look is it?
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