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  1. McAdams certainly not the finished article and lacked experience which showed at times. Great potential though and one for the future. Ledger was my player of the season so happy he has signed on again - hopefully at CB
  2. Lithgow isn't a habitual repeat sex pest. I think it's more to do with his mental health at the time. You don't know what was going on in his life at the time. An old school friend of mine was caught making obscene telephone calls about 15 years ago. Turns out his mother had died and his mental health suffered. He hasn't to my knowledge repeated this kind of offense and neither has Lithgow. Not saying this is acceptable behavour and it's of course distressing to the victims. But both these people have went on to lead normal lives and haven't re-offended. I'm not comfortable with it, but how long do you make their lives a misery for something that could have been caused by mental health problems?
  3. Great signing plenty of experience and a real decent defender
  4. Decent signing. I liked Nizzy and was sorry to see him go, but his time with us was up.
  5. Duffy is the insurance policy for when Hoppy makes a baws of it
  6. Millar moves on with our best wishes. He's been a good servant to the club and he had great affection for Morton too. McGuffie was borderline for me. Perhaps just didn't do enough in the end up on a regular basis. With him and Nesbitt away that's two wide attacking players gone. Orsi was never Championship level in a million years. Put himself about in games but didn't do what we needed him to do and that was score goals. That miss against Alloa was unforgivable.
  7. Maybe it's just a case of informing them individually? Colville for instance doesn't want to sign and wants to return to England. His name hasn't been mentioned
  8. It's an initial squad update. That doesn't mean the rest are going to be offered contracts.
  9. Take over not going through tomorrow due to hold up with HMRC. Hope to have it finalised in the next few days
  10. Think that's a bit harsh. He played 33 games for us this season. I thought he was immense in the final game against Airdrie too.
  11. Brian McLean had a good season. Played quite a few games for us so still think he has a bit left in the tank. His experience will be invaluable for the coming season. Ledger next please!
  12. Great news about Jacobs. Good start from the new regime and Gus
  13. Happy with the managerial appointments as it keeps a bit of continuity about the place. Gus had very little to work with up front so can't be too critical of his time so far as he got us over the line. Interesting that there is signing news this afternoon on the player front!
  14. Jeez! McGinty "I had other options on the table and turned down a very good offer to stay at Morton" 😮
  15. The 2 best defenders we had were Ledger and McLean. Hope we keep Ledger who prefers the CB role, but McLean is getting on a bit so don't know if he has another season in him
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