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    I thought it was 10 too. But read on Twitter it was 9 for some reason?

    Latest YouGov poll that includes IG has Labour down to 26%
  3. What is the point of Labour

    YouGov poll with TIG as an option has LAB down to 26% CON 38 LAB 26 TIG 14 LD 7

    May has a working majority of 9 now I believe

    Seems strange that all these well established MP's have put their political careers on the line. They surely must have some kind of plan other than publicly resigning from their parties?

    Pushes the chances of a Westminster GE closer. May's majority in parliament getting smaller. More Tories jump ship and they could hold a VoNC
  7. Yip, of course all rumours at the moment.
  8. Ceilidh v. Ton 23/2/19

    Replace Telfer with O'Connell Replace Dykes with Tidser.
  9. Just to clarify my post as I may have misled. There was an offer in January, rather than a specific Falkirk offer. I assumed it was Falkirk with reading the thread. The offer could have come from Falkirk or another team
  10. What is the point of Labour

    The next Westminster election will be determined on how good or bad the Tories do. I don't think there will be a massive surge to Labour and Corbyn. He's failed to make any real inroads in the polls against one of the most abysmal Tory governments in history. If there is a "bad" Brexit, either a no deal or May's deal and it impacts greatly on jobs and living standards then people may switch to Labour in England. England appears to be getting more right wing. With the Blairites out of Labour they could be looked upon as too far to the left by the electorate in England. It's really difficult to predict how this will all pan out as we enter the Brexit twilight zone. Ideal scenario is Corbyn needs the SNP to get the keys to No 10.
  11. To be honest it won't matter who is in the dug out. He's been offered lots more money and length of contract
  12. It's starting to confirm what I heard on Saturday.. Tidser wanted by Falkirk in January Tidser wanted to go Morton and JJ said no Tidser threw a tantrum JJ and Tidser had words and Tidser was dropped Tidser will go there for the money and length of contract in the Summer
  13. When will indyref2 happen?

    A chaotic Brexit, A calamitous UK Tory government, a split Labour party, and to be honest you can't rule out the Tories doing the same. The stars aligning for indyref2?
  14. What is the point of Labour

    Tories next for a split?
  15. What is the point of Labour

    Is there a chance Ian Murray could get deselected at the next election?