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  1. The season's over Briggsy. There won't be games played until at least September. There won't be remaining league games played or even play off's as you will be playing with a completely different squad of players that got you through the season. League placings will stand as they are right now. You're down to the seaside leagues.
  2. Hearts relegated Dun Utd promoted Partick Thistle relegated Raith Rovers promoted That's how it will pan out...
  3. The financial impact will be huge for most if not all Championship clubs. Morton may only have 4 home league games left but that's still a lot of money for us to lose. If the season resumes in June/July then clubs will have to extend players contracts and pay them with no revenue from games between now and then. I would also hope on a transfer freeze until these games have been played - whenever that will be?
  4. We were awful today there is no getting away from that. No pass marks from anyone as we well under par for almost the entire game. Not making Muirhead a scapegoat but he put in the type of performance were you genuinely have to ask, does he seriously want to play professional football? Arbroath looked well organised and seemed to want the win more, which is poor considering how decent we have been since the turn of the year. Thankfully we got the draw in the end up, but probably deserved nothing from the game if we're being honest
  5. Cadden seems to be the man in this game.
  6. I've never regretted anything more than contributing to his last fundraiser. Prattling on and on about the gender stuff is not what I was paying him for. Never again will I make That mistake!
  7. Fair play to Alloa they deserved a draw out of that. Well organised, scored a couple of crackers and played some nice football into the bargain. You just shouldn't go into the 2nd half at home winning 4-2 and come out with a draw. Awful result! And Miller is done at this level. We were getting a bit over-run in midfield and Miller comes on and we disintegrated completely. Draw in the end up was a fair result, but we should have been out of sight
  8. Two defensive blunders gifted Queens their goals today . No idea what Rodgers was trying to do with that first goal. Almost looked as if he wasn't watching the game when a weak shot against a strong wind sneaked past him. Queens 2nd goal came from a slip from Colville at LB. Why was he playing at LB is the big question? Bob could have gave us all 3 points had he scored with that 2nd penalty. Queens keeper guessed correctly so fair play to him. Not overly disappointed with a draw but felt 3 points could have been ours ...
  9. What a goal to lose. More of a pass back from about 20 yards. I could have literally ran from the Cowshed and saved it . Keeper went down in slow motion
  10. I thought he looked decent until the Thistle game. Then he quite simply had a nightmare and never recovered. Hope the lad gets his confidence back as he has lots of potential. Could be a great signing
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