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  1. Glad of the point in the end up as we were hanging on a bit after they scored. Plenty of fight in the team we just need the bit of luck you don't get at the bottom of the league
  2. Wee Gus going for get a point as a minimum tactic. Seems to be working so far, but it's a dodgy game to play. Think he'll be happy with a point today and a point against Hearts, then win against Alloa and Arbroath...
  3. I thought performance wise we did good. The big difference was we were up against a team who had players who could finish in the final 3rd. A bizarre first goal then 3 tremendous strikes finished us off. All we can do is keep fighting for our survival in this division and as a club
  4. Ludicrous pass back to set up that bizarre decision. The we get hit with a sucker punch. We need the points, get another forward on - we need an early goal
  5. Got there in the end. Robbie pulls one out of the hat with perhaps his first goal of the season? A win is a win but some players need to have a look at themselves. Strapp probably had his worst game in a Morton shirt. Was it him that missed an open goal from a foot out? Keep our performances for the league and shitfest our way to the final? I can take that...
  6. The first 20 mins had questions from Unionists. There were no questions on Brexit or Trident. This was deliberate by the BBC. On the performances.. Sturgeon - Didn't need to do anything radical. Miles ahead in the polls she kept it simple and got through the debate. Sarwar - Anecdotal man. Every answer or question had a story. Redeemed himself with the "Grow up!" shout to Ross Rennie - Why does he always, why does he always, repeat himself when he's talking? Slater - Maybe lacked a wee bit composure, but decent first debate Ross - Over coached on this with sound bites a plenty. Didn't come across well at all. Poorest performer of the night
  7. Sarah Smith trending on Twitter BEFORE the debate has started 😂 Seriously though, she should be nowhere near it
  8. Right now I'm SNP 1/2. My List vote is a soft vote at the moment so I'll wait and see nearer the time. Decimating the Unionist vote does sound very appealing to me. Also, I wonder how the UK Gov would react to that? A parliament of SNP, Greens, Alba with a handful of Unionists made up of Tories, Labour and Lib-dems would be extremely funny
  9. I don't think I've witnessed a Morton team so lacking in composure! The final ball has been atrocious all season. We get in decent positions then waste the opportunity time and time again. I don't think Strapp found a man all game. But he wasn't the only one. We invited Raith onto us all 2nd half. Although they didn't make many chances I could see they would eventually get one and score. I've seen the script too many times this season.
  10. Gus has changed the shape of the team and the players actually looked comfortable and it seemed to suit our style of play. In saying that, he'll treat the League as a priority and rightly so. As mentioned I think we'll see a few changes. It would be crazy not to utilise the squad at this stage of the season. I'm actually not fussed about the game, but obviously always want Morton to win.
  11. Fair play to Gus, he's been with us just over a week. Seen what had to be done and did it! Huge gamble paid off with the controversial inclusion of Hynes. He comes in and gets a MotM performance - fair play to the boy also. We needed a manager when Hoppy left, what a waste of games, especially at Cappielow where we kept playing the same formation and getting the same outcomes of not testing the opposition keeper.
  12. Ahh Queens, welcome to the relegation dog fight. We've been expecting you!
  13. Why doesn't she just resign and stand again in the HR election? We're only a week away from parliament breaking up
  14. Wee Gus better get back on the phone to Jack Ross and see if there are any strikers kicking about too...
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