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  1. Didn't think anyone could have been worse than Boris, but there you go..
  2. They've seriously lost the plot now!
  3. With the economy totally collapsing about us I'm glad BBC Scotland are still headling the months old story about the ferries
  4. Where will this end? It already looks like complete and utter madness..
  5. Looks like our defeat and especially the manner of it has ended Imrie's honeymoon period for sure! We have been drawing games and even in our games we lost so far we have had decent performances, albeit not winning. But Saturday we were tactically out thought, lost the physical battle in most areas of the park and had no imagination. Dougie reckons it was a "one off" and that remains to be seen. I know most teams are trying to bring in strikers, but we really have been crying out for forward players to the point of it costing us points in games we should have won or drawn at the very least. To compound matters two of our forward players - Kabia and Muirhead have started the season well off form. For me it's desperate stages and Dougie has so far been unable to address the situation. That's his biggest failing so far, so who knows how much these dropped points will determine where we finish at the end of the season
  6. Where did you get the boy Oakley from? Not sure about his defensive qualities as we didn't really test him, but going forward he was excellent. His overlapping in the first half was superb and stood out. Maybe why Kabia was subbed as he wasn't tracking him back?
  7. That was dreadful stuff. Worst I've seen us play for a long, long while. Dougie's failure to make signings in the forward area is bordering on being catastrophic. But today we were poor all over the park. Lithgow is the only player to get pass marks and maybe Baird too. The boy King was a bit inconstant today which you expect from young players. But I'm afraid it's been the same trio of players who have been well below par and have been all season, Blues, Muirhead and Kabia. All missing in action. And why was Carlo dropped? One of our better players this season makes no sense. The RB came on as a sub to left midfield and still played better than what we had. End of the day we didn't deserve anything from the game today
  8. I've got a feeling he will primarily be played in midfield. Great cover for RB too. Good Premiership experience, I think he will be a cracking signing.
  9. Just realised if the Queen dies over the next couple of days there will be no football on Saturday
  10. The lack of striking options is killing us it really is. We should not have lost that game, but when you throw away two golden opportunities with only the keeper to beat I suppose you get what you deserve. Ayr can put the ball in the net and that was the difference today. Dougie really needs to pull something out the hat this week!
  11. Don't deserve to be losing this game but that's what happens when you don't have a striker
  12. Can't see Ayr in the relegation dog fight this season....
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