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  1. Just read that, his advice to Boris J is just to ignore democracy. It really is quite astonishing It's quite a mindset they have about Scotland and Scottish democracy
  2. Quite an astonishing article! We don't care what you want Scotland or care for your democracy. You are required to keep us relevant in the world, so get back in your box and shut up! https://www.standard.co.uk/comment/nationalism-union-brexit-b900299.html?utm_content=bufferd93ce&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  3. Nothing about this saga has resonated with the public, not even the trial itself. Most of us are bored rigid with it along with the Sturgeon haters on social media with their outlandish conspiracy theories.
  4. Just to confirm, Sarwar is a right wing hardline British nationalist
  5. Have to say McGinty has been excellent this season. Didn't have the greatest of seasons last season and I was a bit surprised when he signed on again. In fact the 3 CB's have been great, but fair play to the big man for turning it around
  6. Better in what way? They take over from the Tories in 2nd place? They avoid single digit polling? Going all Tony Blair new Labour is not going to save them..
  7. People like Sarwar, Baillie and Murray believe if Labour revert back to new Labour then everyone will flock back to voting for them again. They want to get away from the Corbyn image just like Starmer is trying to do in England and be more like Tony Blair Labour. Labour in Scotland will do the same except they will throw a couple of new, irrelevant powers to the Scottish parliament and claim it's devo max super plus.
  8. Tory Minister David Duguid on Good Morning Scotland about Fisheries. How long will it take to fix the problems caused by Brexit on fishing? His answer - “How long is a piece of string.” 😮
  9. Cherry is an intelligent able politician. That said I still think she's a bit naive and inexperienced to become leader. She appeals to may in the SNP who believe we should be moving faster that what we are at the moment. She's loved by the fundamentalists within the party. She may be leader one day, but not right now
  10. I'm a Salmond fan. If it wasn't for him we wouldn't anywhere near where we are today. He nearly did it in 2014 too, but sadly he just couldn't get us over the line. It was time for him to go and make way for Sturgeon who as you say has a bigger reach with soft no voters. The same soft no voters who couldn't take to Salmond
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