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  1. Sturgeon has played a blinder in this election, it's as simple as that!
  2. Heard Stirling SNP majoritarian is about 3, 500. And that's from a Stirling Councillor
  3. Incredible exit poll but hard to believe right now. I dearly hope it's true! Total constitutional crisis now regardless. Swinson gone would be utter, utter humiliation for the Lib-dems Lets see this pans out but could be a glorious night!
  4. Boris and Swinson losing their seats? That would be something !
  5. In a few of these marginal seats with the Tories it could come down to getting the vote out for the SNP. Can't see Labour getting anything more than 2 or 3 seats. Lib-dems total collapse! I can honestly see Swinson losing her seat.
  6. Depends on how far Labour vote has went down. Havney still seems like a popular candidate. I think he'll take the seat
  7. The Tory vote seems to be holding up - if it does, then we're looking at low 40's in seats for the SNP. Tories could keep most and they seem confident of taking Lanark & Hamilton East. Labour look like a wipe out apart from Ian Murray in Edinburgh. SNP need to take all these seats. Libs not doing great either and they'll lose seats too. Swinson on a very shoogley peg. Think she will scrape it but she's up against a hard working SNP candidate who may well pull off a shock.
  8. Total hatchet job by BBC Scotland on Hanvey. They'e not even attempting to hide it. "We manged to track down Hanvey" Seriously? Where was that at a public hustings perhaps?
  9. Wasn't a great debate as it became a bit of a rabble. I can understand why STV went for that format as they don't want to interrupt and just let them get on with it, but you have to keep some sort of control. Rennie was awful and without doubt came last. Carlaw made me wince when he brought up the child deaths in the NHS. Trying to score political points out of that is just shameful Leonard wasn't a disaster I thought he would be until Nicola hit him with the CND and renewal of Trident question. Nicola was a calm seasoned performer. The 3 guys shouting at her was not a good look for them either.
  10. Apparently Swinson seat is on a shoogley peg. Good chance of an SNP gain
  11. Yes holding at 50%. No wonder the yoons don't want indyref2 If the SNP can push the Westminster vote to at least 46% it could have the same domino effect of seats as they managed in the 2015 election
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