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  1. Ahahaha so your credibility is zero. Enjoy chasing glory. Come in have a beer with the mutants if you ever visit Valefield we welcome traitors with dignity.
  2. Oh ffs please another one creeping out of a pie pretending they have always been a Darvel fan.
  3. Darvel were excellent. Played at a high intensity for a pre season match and looked well fitter and more up for it than Ladeside. Meggat and Perry and the right back were good. Thought pens were soft but no complaints best team won. Having said good things about Miller on here have to say was disappointed with his attitude towards Ladeside fans , sent off at Beith he could have been sent off for gestures tonight. Darvel on that showing will romp their league.
  4. Aye but you get away with a lot more in Ammies with no linesmen and low grade refs. Discipline could be a problem , the ammie players being brought in are used to winning every week used to things going their way. Quality wise Darvel will not be left wanting but players are no use standing on the sidelines.
  5. Aye Buffs fans were happy with the glory , the McLuckie it's all about me scenario but they have paid for it over the years. The council should not be able to sell the land for housing though , they denied Palmer that right and practically forced him into selling to them.
  6. No lack of security at Abbey the ground was bought from Palmer by the council for the club. Kilwinning had a fantastic team in late '90s plenty cash spent on it but none on the ground. Abbey was seriously suffering from facilities being virtually untouched until recently by the guy who posts on here can't remember his name but was doing a grand job. The sports complex is lottery funded and some people quite rightly are not happy with Buffs moving there however the complex has been suffering financial difficulties and if Buffs moving can make it more sustainable then it's a winner for both. Many junior clubs have moved ground in recent years and it's sad to see history end but any Buffs fan just wants to see their club survive first of all then prosper. My own club had their ground ruined by the army during the war had Glengarnock Vale returned following hostilities Ladeside would not have been able to take up residence. You have to do what you can to survive.
  7. It doesn't matter why the money man pumps in cash... love of club , community spirit or just cause he wants to. What matters is that money is not just spent on players but also facilitates and that it's a long term project whereby the club is self sustainable when/if he decides to invest in a different project. Facilities defo seem to being upgraded , money is coming in from advertising boards etc and although obviously budget will rise from previous seasons the manager in charge has proven himself to be a winner without massive cash resources. It's an interesting project happening doon the brae lol
  8. Looking good apart from it being plastic that said the grass pitch was was in an awfy state last time rutted and hard. Even Bankie players were complaining about not being able to control the ball. Not keen on plastic but prefer Cumnock , Largs and this to places like Benburb , Renfrew etc it still feels like a fitba ground. All the best.
  9. Begin the season with the league Saturday , Wednesday , Saturday , Wednesday 4 games done in jig time then they could move January round of Scottish forward and avoid playing it in the dark months. The sectional cup has had its day beyond comprehension that it was retained. The Ayrshire and Central Cups were binned probably because there is no Ayrshire or Central region nowadays. 30 league games , Scottish , West is enough.
  10. Could have had 2 rounds in October same as September and done away with dark month round in January. Friday night final live 7.05 BBC Scotland should be Sjfa objective...it's a fitba slot on the channel.
  11. ...or Milliken...or even Kev MacDonald
  12. So you think it's acceptable for a player to feign injuries on a Saturday, yet be fit for his other team next day ???great ability but who's to say he doesn't pull the stunt again. Nope but out of respect for his performances whilst fully committed to the team am willing to forgive. Willing to back the current manager on his call. We live in an age where players set up their next move whilst still playing for your team. The committee sanctioned the signing that's good enough for me if they are willing to forgive and move on I look forward to him adding to his 35 goals in 96 games.
  13. Good player but after what he did to club last time wouldn't have him in a ladeside shirt again. There's a few players last few seasons that have fleeced off the club a lot more than Craig did. Not one moment he was on the pitch could Craig be criticised.
  14. Are any of the Glens U21s stepping up to the juniors. There must be some decent players in that team ffs.
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