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  1. While he's at it he could ask for referees with common sense to officiate. Might save the association some cash in the long run.
  2. Doubt that at all. In the past I've seen Talbot field a second team to play teams and players out of position aswell. I think the prize money is a poor return too. That doesn't mean it's perhaps harder to win only that Talbot view West well below Scottish. Their recent record would suggest winning Scottish is easier for Talbot.
  3. Superb must be brilliant for yourself to see such numbers back doon the brae. Does make you wonder where all they were when the club was struggling financially but it happens to all clubs.
  4. Good player. No a fan of two year deals in juniors.but does show commitment to the club.
  5. The clubs bothered more with the West than the region did. First round was always played early then other rounds fitted in whenever with the final arse end of season. Kennie has been doing well promoting it and better scheduling has given the tournament a far more important place in the calendar. Prior to the amalgamation of the associations you looked forward to perhaps drawing a club from outwith your region now it doesn't have the same impact but with at last a fixture secretary that knows what he's doing the West Cup hopefully will benefit in the long term.
  6. I noticed that as it happened. I think Grant was deceived by the curl on the pass in behind Hewitt and just got his angles all wrong. Hay is not good enough for top level. How many games has he played how many goals lost so far ?
  7. Why is he playing amateur when he knows he is on a pro contract ? Take it Darvel retained his registration when he was on his sabbatical in case he just moved into another junior club ?
  8. It's not to back up Cumnock fans, it's a fact, infact add rather wind them up than back them up, but Cumnock don't have control, we played them in the section Cup, kick off 6:45pm, changed till 8pm as Cumnock couldn't get onto the pitch as it was booked, game was a farce warming up beside the pitch till exactly 8pm, till about 60 weans came off, straight onto it straight into the game, the game got replayed as the lights went out before it was finished, they can't just cancel all block bookings and say look thanks for keeping the facility going but we're booting use off it this week oh and in 2 weeks time and then again the following week, or know one would use it, as a say kello will most likely make way, but only if asked, but the other 3 Teams may not be so keen to step aside, the block bookings are the bread n butter of the sports hub, the money from them keep the facility afloat, it was mentioned a few years back that Cumnock were effectively homeless and only leasing a pitch the same as whittlets, rossvale petershill, they don't own a thing, Whit a state for a proud club like Cumnock to get into. There was nothing wrong with the ground ,great grass pitch. Why the bloody hell did they want to be part of a sports hub and not be in control of what happens at their own ground ? Been better staying at Lugar lol
  9. Basically folk wanted a fixture list so we have a fixture list. Like every fixture list things can change West ties , Scottish replays , postponements but we have what people wanted all along a first half of a fixture list up to Xmas and 2nd half until seasons end. Unlike his predecessor the man has done what was asked. Personally believe Kennie's communication has been excellent , he listens , he adapts , he gets the job done. Talbot have buggered fixture lists for years by being successful lol
  10. Kennie can't win folk complained about the last fixtures guy extending the season through incompetence. Now folk are complaining that season will end too soon lol Someday the juniors will join pyramid and play offs will be required and junior fitba will fall into line with the rest.
  11. Have heard a lot of excuses down the years for junior clubs calling games off but foxes is a beauty. Every club ( although they won't admit it ) has tried it or at least thought about doing it at some time in their history. It's obvious that BoD never expected anybody from Fauldhoose to pay them a visit lol. Can't see them being thrown out as it seems they went through procedure with referee. Have Fauldhoose put in a protest to SJFA , are they claiming the game ?
  12. Glens played some good stuff , knocked the ball about well , especially the No6. Like you said though never thought they looked like scoring. Is McKay the guy that scored a couple in first match between the teams ? Was looking out for him glad he never played.
  13. Good post. Interesting. Did great stuff at Kello maybe Medda at that difficult time in their history was not the best move. Best of luck getting another shot at management.
  14. Do I sense a hint of sarcasm here Bankiebill ?
  15. Like every manager results will be the factor. We need to get stability soon. Plenty experience in squad , no excuses on that front but motivation when playing so called lesser clubs is concerning and our downfall so far.
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