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  1. Majority of initial players were there for Mick because Mick believed in the project and they believe in Mick. Don't see what the problem is with that. Darvel would have been well aware these players are coming for the manager Swift attracted really good players to Kilbirnie the majority past teammates and friends. There's no doubt guys like playing under Mick if you can attract players with quality of Darren Miller to an amateur club like Colville then you have something about you. Would players leave if Mick left ? Probably depends if he takes another job
  2. Hurlford used Hyster works/amateur team when they returned after a season's abeyance.
  3. Chris Strain and Craig McEwan will be in some mood now ffs
  4. Entirely the decision of the player if he wanted to play this season. Kilbirnie have players that went in loan , players that left completely , players that are not playing at all. Their call. The club said we are not competing this season ....if you wish to play go to another club and they can be responsible for your welfare. The loan deals are basically we would like you to return next season but really it's up to you. Clubs just like players took the decisions whether to play or not.. entirely their perogative...there is no right or wrong...they were allowed to play if they wished but aye agree clubs not competing this season really should have no influence over what happens this season
  5. Jeez Chris Strain and Craig McEwan will be in a right huff if the season is suspended
  6. These all weather pitches are great at allowing you to play in all weather's
  7. In fairness to Bankies plastic might just aboot be a tad better than the grass pitch yous had...a wee bit safer and softer.
  8. Sal , Bambam , McIlroy and Jim Clarke goals in abundance.
  9. Sad sad news. Won Scottish Cup with Kilbirnie in 1977 and later a coach. Was also a fantastic player for Beith , Winton , Saltcoats etc. Was still playing over 50s until not long ago funny man will be sadly missed
  10. Nah don't believe any of the clubs in abeyance are hoping for the pyramid to fail. My own club were no happy about the no fans aspect along with asking/expecting players to play for fun having already agreed contracts never mind the health of players and committee , one has been suffering long term effects from the virus.
  11. Still accept a postponed game before a plastic pitch.
  12. Nope but he was at an old firm legends game played at the Vale.
  13. Aye that Troon. Who have they beaten ?... honestly don't have a clue Last season they couldnae beat themselves
  14. Aye fair enough but if you added clubs like Talbot , Glenafton etc you really would not be able to afford to lose to teams like Troon them games would have been massive.... especially if it was 7 down as originally planned.
  15. Aye strange times took Glencairn many seasons and few near misses to get promotion...now they are there can't get bloody rid of them no matter how poor they are Glens v Troon might have been a conference match had last season not ended abruptly though Glens were playing some good stuff and getting results prior to lockdown. Personally thought they would have escaped relegation with guys like McKay returning from injury. Dunno what the reason for poor results this season as they look to have a decent squad.
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