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  1. As long as it's well enough advertised I don't think it'll be a problem. Do clubs have to charge same price for every league game once they decide ? If so admission prices for every club could be posted on websites and on here so people would know in advance whether it's one pie or two from games that day.
  2. Tidy wee player McElroy though he does seem to become disinterested during games that he's not involved in a lot. Needs to get himself more involved as he has the ability to win games as he did for Kilbirnie at Auchinleck.
  3. The SJC should be limited to junior clubs next season and last season's competition played to a finish.
  4. And we had still to play Benburb twice and Troon at home. And we'd only lost one league game in 2020, a last-minute goal away to Auchinleck. And we had an almost full-strength squad back (apart from Gary Smith). We were far from doomed. But it doesn't matter now. Never knew that. Win them games and Glens are favourites pressure is on Bens and Troon. Fitba is played on grass ( or plastic ) no paper
  5. 7 behind Benburb with 3 games in hand , 10 behind Troon with 5 in hand . Dunno about yourself bud but am no frigging giving up in that position. Not saying they would have stayed up but maybe we can go back to when the last whistle of the last game was the decider
  6. There was no guarantee Glencairn would have been relegated last season same as no guarantee Talbot would have won title. Only played about half their games with plenty on hand over Troon. They had a massive injury list and many were returning just as league closed down.
  7. English Premier League clubs were being tested during training though mate. There is no start date yet so training is really pointless. Players can fit themselves save any hassles.
  8. Couldnae give a flying feck if Darvel get sanctioned or sectioned. They are only club have seen a photo of training if other clubs are training then they should receive any punishment that Darvel get. Happy noo ?
  9. Spot on bud there are folk saying a 38 game season might just be possible but to me it's too much of a gamble in what is basically a stop gap season. Players will have not played or even trained ( Darvel excepted ) for six months to ask them to play so many games in a short period whilst also having to work would be ridiculous and standards will suffer. The fixture guy would come under intense pressure with a couple of wipeout Saturdays as well. There's talk of teams playing each other once then splitting into two 10 team championship/relegation groups but if it's 7 down that's a helluva lot to come from a 10 club relegation group. There's no easy answer but for me less is best a shortened season should mean less not more fixtures.
  10. Absolutely no chance that's true. If it were to be 27 games it would almost certainly be that you play everybody once, then the league splits into top 10 and bottom 10 and play everybody in your half once more. Would that not be 19 plus 9 ?
  11. The SFA issue wasn't with conferences tier 6 but rather the number of teams in relation to JPP disciplinary process. SFA couldn't care less how a league is structured/formatted internally if the numbers are deemed acceptable. Well the numbers the SFA deemed acceptable with Bonnyton and 3 'promoted' clubs is a massive headache especially with so little time to get a season completed.
  12. Or they could split at the start into two conferences of 10 teams and play home and away, then play the teams in the other conference once (5 at home, 5 away), which also gives 28 games. Thought conferences were not allowed at that tier ? If the WRSJFA had went with null and void instead of PPG no clubs would have been ' promoted ' and this shambles would have been avoided.
  13. 6 , 7 or 8 teams down whatever it may be just get to 16 asap. Clubs will be desperate to get off to a good start as PPG maybe required again if we are attempting a 38 match programme just as the dark hours are a coming in October.
  14. Jeez Kennedy must believe his players are really unfit if he needs to break laws to give them a session. Surprised at him signing unfit players. Everyone is doing it says John Gall ,,,,no sir sorry not true , might be better for the club if you just remain in background.
  15. Beith played at Mains Park before buying what was known as Muir Field later renamed Bellsdale after a guy named Bell,,, surprisingly enough
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