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  1. More the latter for me, on this. He's good fun, but I'm not sure his wrecking ball style is going to fly from minute 1. Seedorf is a bust. Campbell is amazing. Tom James was some laugh in the first half an hour, disappointed we didn't take 3 points, but having the ball roll across the line for Hibs probably means a draw is fair.
  2. Dykes is an interesting one for sure, Livi and ourselves seem to get more out of players than anyone else, whether that's down to systems or scouting, impressive nonetheless. So is Long out tomorrow or what?
  3. Allan Campbell v Stephane Omeonga, hopefully, with the winner taking three points, is my guess. Used to love watching McGinn and Campbell go toe-to-toe so this will do as a substitute. 1-1, I reckon. Doidge to continue his incredible run of being in the right place at the right time to score crap goals, Gallagher for us.
  4. I'm more interested in whether we could keep our European qualification as a token that we could use at a later date, as I won't be available in June/July to go away, so cash it in when I am.
  5. Beginning to believe if we wore it every game, and only played at night, we'd win the league.
  6. What a fucking result. Long live Motherwell and long live Mark McGhee.
  7. Would take a point, and would latterly take not a doing. Bad vibes aff this.
  8. Buzzing for going to Paisley like. @AndyRoss, Hylton was illness, rather than injury, so hopefully some cold and flu and he'll be right. Last night was fine, Dundee were terrible and we aren't, but it was stark how much worse we were when Seedorf went off, and how much better we were when Donnelly came on. Fortunately, that's an easy fix, play Hylton and Donnelly, don't play Seedorf and O'Hara, thanks for listening.
  9. As predicted, a bye for Motherwell. Good to see.
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