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  1. Ken what, see when they start to sleep, even a wee bit, more regularly, it feels like you're coming up for air. Fraser went into his proper big boy cot from his snuzpod for the first time on Friday, after what had been an absolute shitshow of a few weeks that left us properly in bits and he's taken to it like an absolute champion. Still nowhere near through the night, but good 3-4 hour stretches rather than waking on the hour, every hour. After a mental birth, colic, an undiagnosed and ignored tongue tie, feeding nonsense, difficulties with winding, lactose nonsense, a fucking pandemic, isolation, broadly garbage care from healthcare, it feels like we're making a progress. Took the week off in expectation of it being an absolute shambles again with the change, but instead the three of us are just hanging out and giggling away and it's absolutely magic. HWFG.
  2. 5th potentially gets a European conference spot, aye, which... Realistically, might be a good laugh for teams of our size? Sure we might still get papped out by a part-time mob, but it gives the impression we might get some actually winnable European ties.
  3. Before or after they cracked the glenmorangie Honestly I don't know, but either answer works for me.
  4. This is going to be a massive factor in the remainder of the season, I reckon. Everyone and their maw running themselves into the ground to sit next to Andrew Considine and I'm ready for it.
  5. I kind of take your point here but I'm not sure what Liam Polworth playing a defence splitting ball past our own defenders has to do with our overall approach. Game was done at that point.
  6. Has he ever made a save? He collected one that went straight at him. Otherwise no.
  7. Particularly Luke Watt, from memory. Had a really good Solero that day.
  8. Agreed. I always felt you got a shift out of him. Never gives the impression he's going to tackle anyone, but the pressing is certainly there. It's not like he's Iain Vigurs, essentially.
  9. I'd agree. He looks very competent at collecting crosses, saves... I dunno. His positioning has looked weird at times and that we're down to our (at least) 3rd and 4th choice goalkeepers makes me a little nervous. On O'Hara, I think it's made Gallagher's job either, because O'Hara is a better footballer than Mugabi or Gallagher, so his big cross-fields pinging about has let Gallagher get on with being a unit. O'Hara is more than capable enough physically, so he's our best option right now.
  10. Love to see it. Just having a great old time being a footballer.
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