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  1. I liked Tait very much, and he seemed to carry the weight of being captain far better than a number of recent players have. That said, he went through a really unfortunate period of injury, and didn't seem quite the same level of dependable consistency since he returned. Mind he made Boyata shite himself? Magic.
  2. After some thought, if there's a League Cup next season, it's for the best that we draw Dundee Football Club. This would complete an unbeaten run against the hapless Dees, as we'd then have beaten them in all of the Scottish competitions; Premiership, Scottish Cup (twice actually), League Cup and Challenge Cup, with a current aggregate score of 20-7, with all 20 goals coming from Craig Tanner, since we last last to them in April 2017.
  3. Gordon's save in the Betfred remains the best save I've seen live, probably. Obscene, and ultimately game changing.
  4. Played in central midfield at Tannadice as well. Anyway, seen as we're on that:
  5. The absolute carry on we had that day, and the lack of Rona remains astonishing. Declan was on What the Falk btw, which is a very decent listen;
  6. Attacking wise, I'd be delighted with Watt staying, chuck in White as a goal pylon and if Long fancied kicking around that'd be perfect, really. Seedorf is not for me, Hylton will be great, next season imo. Ilic... who knows. Midfield we're probably even over-served in, so no concerns Defence... Carroll, Gallagher, Grimshaw and AN Other is probably fine. I think Mugabi might actually be okay. He showed bits and pieces of being capable in among other shit shows, but was in and out, so maybe a bit of consistency alongside Gallagher might help him. Lamie seems likely and is...fine, I guess? Seems a useful body around, which probably means Tait will be on his way.
  7. As your lawyer I'd advise against you taking my word. Nonetheless, until someone says otherwise, lets just assume that's how it'll go.
  8. Assuming this was the case: I think we'd be in. Scotland currently sitting at 14th in the club co-efficient, so if it went straight to group stage then surely we'd be in?!
  9. Brilliant effort that. I'd shifted to running as the sun was out over the last few weeks but jumped on the stage 4 tour for all on Sunday while the Bundesliga was on, easily the biggest climb I'd done on it and was amazed how... comfortable I felt doing it. Even more motivated to get to level 12 and onto Alpe Du Zwift now. Having a wee sit down afterwards was definitely required though.
  10. I hope when season 20/21 comes around we can get a good beef with Aberdeen again, that was a good laugh.
  11. The McCall 'quote' at the end is the best, IMO. A grand finale.
  12. We did turn Uche down before he went to Hearts TBF. If recent history has taught us anything, we shouldn't sign anyone from hearts ever.
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