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  1. Is it not right that he's more effective offensively than his video pal, Alexis Sanchez? I did wonder if going to maximum power is essentially highlighting he's away? I love big Pete, he's a smashing guy and was loads of fun last season until his injury. This season he's just never looked fit, and I feel for him as he seems to have fully committed to being in Lanarkshire. Happy to have him if he can get fit.
  2. How young he looks? I'm only 22.
  3. Ah, ha! This'll be what you're after...
  4. Ask and you shall receive... As an aside, btw, big ups to the drummer here, absolutely on point. Told this story about a hundred times, but during the Ibrox game I was living in Dundee on my pal's sofa after some... unpleasantness as I burned my way out of my previous relationship. I was dog sitting a pair of miniature dachshunds as my pal and his partner were out for the evening, and appeared through the door as the third went in and I went fucking berserk, the dugs went fucking mental and they found all three of us running round the living room like absolute crackpots.
  5. Remains astonishing it was overturned, tbh.
  6. Tbf, we'd need to have scored about 6 to have stayed out of the playoffs, wouldn't we?
  7. And his haircut in the playoff games was absolute FIRE.
  8. What price Turnbull and Hastie running off him about forty times in the build up to a Motherwell goal? The 2-2 game at the start of last season was one of my favourites in recent memory, bit of everything:
  9. I'd make no argument against this.
  10. TBF, think his versatility v much plays against him here. If he had been playing right back throughout the past six weeks, you could probably have made a good argument for it, as the alternatives are O'Donnell () and whoever Liam Palmer is. Tierney and Robertson, not so much.
  11. It was shite. Homophobic? Probably. A minter measured in kelvins? Definitely.
  12. A View From The Terrace.

    We recorded these separately (the lack of humming or random thuds gives that away), had a picture taken and were told we'd be animated. Friday was the first I'd seen it, so it took me a while to stop giggling at being a bearded green testicle.
  13. At some point, Gboly is going to cut inside and absolutely melt it into the top corner. I reckon there'll be another 50 that hit the roof, but one of those is going to fire off his toe.
  14. What's the over/under on the phrase 'Soppy bollocks' on Well Fans II today?