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  1. Feel like we could genuinely end the game on about 8 players.
  2. At least 4 in front of me at the Hartley 3-3 game. Didn't really enjoy their day, I don't think.
  3. I'm sure when he left he'd given it the 'leaving for bigger things, and a side that can split the old firm' but it was fucking ages ago so maybe I've got him and Brian Kerr mixed up.
  4. Thought it was very silly of Hibernian to use up his 'one decent cross a season' about 12 minutes into the game.
  5. Mark Gillespie: Good guy. Graeme Smith: w**k. This is a good game.
  6. Wasn't a fan of him signing. Wasn't a fan of him being here. Not a fan now he's gone. Had a good first season, won't miss him.
  7. Excited to find out whether Kev gets sent off in 8 minutes or scores a double at ibrox. Doesn't really feel like there's a middle ground.
  8. Aberdeen felt so passive in the game for big chunks of it. The midfield felt like it was desperately needing someone to drive through it, but the passing just kept coming. That and slinging long diagonals at Bevis all day long presumably has some kind of great tactical value but was beyond me, because he's really fucking tall.
  9. Our culturally Scandinavian Centre half pairing would've headed it away.
  10. Really pleased for Toby today. Thought he looked good. Aberdeen deciding to target Bevis through the air is one of the most entertaining bit of tactical decision making I've seen in a while.
  11. McInnes would go all Mon-Stars on us and thump us out a game, as he did throughout his time as Aberdeen manager. Glass won't, and they'll get battered again.
  12. Class. Would assume McInnes would counter this next time we play Aberdeen but we could do this to Glass' dons another 3 times this season nae bather.
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