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  1. Any footballer signing such a deal would be an absolute mug.
  2. Weighed down by his medal collection, he was unable to get off the ground to make the saves.
  3. Just to say, full agreement that those curry awards are a fucking sham and presumably paying a fee gets you nominated if Taza is on it. Long live the balaka.
  4. As far as players go, is there a player as well thought of by as many clubs as Tommy Coyne?
  5. See tbf, I feel like we haven't managed that all season, so fair play, even if it was a crap watch.
  6. Mentioned it a few times, but broadly checked out of Motherwell this season. The vague threat of us going down had a bit of something about it but thankfully, I guess, it's now done. Very little love for the very public nonsense that's flown around this year, and absolutely no time for watching football on telly any more, a miserable way to experience a season sitting in your living room on a Saturday. Quite looking forward to the excitement that new players brings, and the vague possibility of getting to a League Cup game.
  7. It feels like the sort of thing that died off in the late 90s, early 2000s or something. I don't dislike it massively, but it just feels like a FOOTBALL MAN thing to do. How have we gone from having about 15 forwards to having 2? When did that happen? Like when we had no right backs then suddenly had about 8.
  8. Me and Mr. Brightside, taking bodies for the cause in the centre of the park and climbing into the stands at full-time to sing Bella Ciao with the lads.
  9. I'm deeply interested in this. I've got a ridiculous sweet tooth and I must know.
  10. I think you're over-estimating the modest aims for my jobber ability, but seen as no-one asked, here's my ideal career for my fantasy modest jobber career: Scottish Premiership -> Couple of years learning to be snide as f**k in Serie B -> 3 years at Osaka Gamba -> 1 year at Beleneses in Portugal -> 1 year at Montevideo Wanderers -> 1 year at NEC Nijmegen -> 2 years at Seattle Sounders -> Seeing out my days at Western Sydney Wanderers.
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