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  1. Stuff like Brave is always a bit of a mad one. Undoubtedly well intentioned but good luck when you have to factor in stuff like Brexit within it, which iirc came long after it, which completely changed the rules and practicalities of scouting across the country.
  2. Robbie Leitch was a great heads gone for those that have been here a while, folk lost their mind at that for a bit.
  3. I kind of refuse to believe that he couldn't offer something as well btw. Unless he's just an absolute gobshite to have around, seems mad.
  4. Don't actually have a problem with this either tbh. The (knee) was a lot of shite anyway, and while the theory behind it is fine, as soon as you're not playing well or you're not having a great time it's another stick to beat folk with so why bother?
  5. Tbf to him, I wouldn't take the Mutual-ing either. I'd assume he's been given a decent weekly wedge, and any kind of agreement would involve a question of giving some of that up. I wouldn't, like. If you're 18-21, maybe, if you're 30+, absolutely not.
  6. Best of luck with this mate. Fwiw; I know the SPFL trust have a full, I can't think of a better word for it, but sensory kit, if that makes sense? It allows a regular hospitality box to be turned into a sensory room, is my understanding. Might be worth reaching out to them around it; https://spfltrust.org.uk/contact-us/ Signed in any case, but wondered if that might be of use.
  7. 100% keep McGinn, imo. He's been the 6 or 7/10 every week that we were promised, and in the midst of the nonsense our season has been; absolutely fine. Having the flexibility to drop into midfield, right back, right of a back three, and even just a fucking centre-half and be broadly fine in every one of those should not be under-estimated.
  8. I'd just like to pass on my wholehearted support to the Cooper stand and their continued booing of Douglas Ross while checking the nets ahead of kick-off. Simply fantastic behaviour.
  9. It was fucking atrocious from Kelly. Set up the space for him to put it into thedn didn't move his feet to get there. Fair play if he leathers it in the postage stamp, hold your hands up and sigh at Slattery doing it in the first place, but it wasn't. All in all; annoying. Annoying 90 minutes. Annoying goals to lose. Annoying mistakes. That said; Dan Casey popping up, on his own, in the 18 yard box, having run the length of the pitch, is one of the funniest things I've seen all season. Who knew he had it in him!
  10. I suspect that was true as soon as Angus Gunn texted back, and rightly so.
  11. The Rangers fans around me in the 3-3 Peter Hartley game were furious.
  12. What I've learned is that it's clear that Craig is one of the liberal metropolitan elite.
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