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  1. Lets get this going, fellow bear. Over.
  2. I really, really enjoyed the visitors in front of us at the 3-3, Peter Hartley game in the O'Donnell earlier in the season. I don't think that feeling was reciprocated.
  3. A View From The Terrace.

    All are welcome!
  4. A View From The Terrace.

    Lads, this is some laugh, eh?
  5. See TBF, I'd watch Sam Cosgrove and Curtis Main and really enjoy it. I'm a fucking luddite though.
  6. I've never seen him and I don't know who he is but I'm in. ENZIO BOLDYIN?! Sign him up.
  7. Someone chuck me a Eurotrance track, and I'll try and get that done later tonight.
  8. My pal going off on his own to play strip rock paper scissor in Nancy with a couple of french lassies and a few other pals, and being unaware of where we were staying, only to appear in the morning after just 'getting on a tram cause we were on one' minutes before we left for the ferry remains the most incredible pieces dumb luck I've ever seen.
  9. Aye. I'd started working in London about a month previous, and had no leave to take as their year was about to end. Ended up having to take unpaid leave and explain to my boss that I was away to Athens for 48 hours to see a game we were 3-0 down in. Athens was just generally a bit surreal. Being told we couldn't get the metro cause we'd get stabbed. Drinking in the square with Nicky Law's brothers who then ended up being a Motherwell player. The dozens of 'Well taxis out to the stadium passing beers from car to car. Almost falling out the window trying to climb onto the door. Running down the line of robocops at full-time trying to get high-fives. The Taxi driver reacting with genuine disdain for a boy who'd just been knocked off a moped in front of us and fucking his bike oot the way. The whole thing felt like I'd been there for about 15 minutes. Odense is the one I'm gutted I missed. I'd planned a route there which I shat out of, as it was like, Train, bus, flight, train, bus, train or something stupid. Ended up destroying my living room when Tom Hateley's free-kick went in, so maybe I'd have been better there.
  10. Nancy, Iceland and Athens, for me. Athens remains the most burnt I've ever been in my entire life, and a huge regret after my camera broke and ate all my photos. Upsetting.
  11. Motherwell - Livingston

    Rename Hamilton road Turnbull road imo.
  12. Love Tam, and sad to see him go. Always seemed like he was having a good laugh here, while being magic at the fitba. Fair play.
  13. Joe Chalmers was wearing Ryan Bowman's boots? A fine conspiracy.
  14. Oh aye, this wasn't aimed as a criticism of Super Joe at all. He's a lovely, lovely big lad and I'm so glad someones figured out what to do with him. He couldn't, and can't, tackle. Why someone decided he was a defender is absolutely beyond me. Stick him somewhere to use that wand of a left foot and figure the rest out.
  15. Aye, I'd been quite looking forward to Polworth then remembered he lines up next to Super Joe.