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  1. Good to know, tbh. Also, I see United fans have en masse turned on Tony Watt, and may I simply say; lol.
  2. I had it in my head that Wallace had been playing at CB for QPR, but that was about 4 games 3 years ago. Anyway, get Derek Watson in for his signing video. We should really have taken the leap for the boy Harry Milne before he went to Thistle, IMO. Also congrats @dezz!
  3. It's weird, I know basically nothing about Hammell other than he indulges in voodoo and has a great first touch. Lasley you feel like you know way more, and maybe that's why you'd worry more if he'd got it.
  4. Cool so discounting the three in the league right now who have all won trophies and or reached cup finals in the last two seasons I guess you're right.
  5. Aside from Gio getting to a europa league final, Callum Davidson winning two cups or Robbie Neilson collecting the best of the rest trophy? Hardly any, I guess.
  6. I'm with Desp, tbqhwy. Easy to pitch it as a risk, or lazy, but with the context of the nick of the place at the moment, whats required and what's expected, Hammell is a good choice for me. Is his lack of managerial experience a risk? Yes. Do I think there was some kind of top tier candidate applying? No. Is Simo a similarly huge risk? Yes. Is some c**t that you've never heard of really able to come in, recruit and sort it before the window closes, which in reality is what is required right now? Probably not. I'm into it, particularly the bit in the statement about a club wide plan for playing folk, that's class.
  7. We're a decade later still waiting on Mark McGhee's much vaunted german contacts tbf. I'd be unsurprised to see a couple of signings almost immediately when a manager is appointed.
  8. I said a while ago, I could totally get behind it, I reckon. In terms of positive/negative, yes he's inexperienced, but also, he absolutely knows the state we're in, and a good idea of what was wrong before and presumably has an idea of how to fix it. Alternatively, you get a rando who comes in and does a Baraclough to ask why we can't win the league before ultimately getting bodied off Morton.
  9. The obvious is obvious, but the red white and blue hanging baskets in the garden are a really nice touch.
  10. FWIW, totally agree with this. I get the Simo 'feeling', but if I was to bet, I'd bet on the mystery box.
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