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  1. I just watched the clip of Tua’s injury, that is really horrible. Clearly most of us aren’t doctors but there are surely questions about him coming back so quickly.
  2. What these local BBC interviews tell us is that Liz Truss just can’t do it on a wet Thursday morning in Stoke. She’s a luxury Prime Minister. Although she is also shite in the big occasion as well.
  3. I don’t think they’ll end up with 60 seats but the Tories could end up losing a shitload. The Lib Dems and Greens, weirdly, can chip away at the leafy Home Counties vote while Labour can pump them in cities, as you’d expect, while adding the town vote in. 1997 had the Tories on 165 seats, I could see them getting less.
  4. I don't think declaring war is going to make any difference now. Pre-mobilisation, the argument for Putin to declare war was that it would allow him to start a mobilisation and enact stop/loss policies for contract soldiers (ie professional soldiers cannot refuse to deploy). The decree around mobilisation has done this without a declaration of war.
  5. The levels of home ownership are pretty similar in England and Scotland. I would imagine there will be more people with huge mortgages in England though. I work with people in London who own houses valued at a million quid, for example.
  6. Donetsk - Around 60% in Russian control. Luhansk - Around 95% in Russian control. Zaporiziha - Aounrd 60% in Russian control. Kherson - Around 90% in Russian control. Ukraine is attacking in Kherson and Luhansk at the moment though. Population spead is different - the majority of the population in Zaporizhia are in Ukrainian controlled areas for example. Quite a lot of the areas that have seen heavy fighting during the war have seen most of the population leave.
  7. I used to shy away from white socks but now I like them. I have no idea why.
  8. Reports that Putin will sign a decree annexing Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia to the Russian Federation at 3pm in Moscow tomorrow.
  9. Reports that Lyman is now completely surrounded. Not sure how accurate that is but at the very least the only route in and out of Lyman is under complete control of Ukrainian artillery. Not sure how many Russian troops are left in Lyman, reports that there were around 2,000 there a few days ago. Could be ugly if they are encircled.
  10. Been listening to the podcast Hoaxed, about the Hampstead Hoax, a conspiracy theory alleging that Satanic Ritual abuse was taking place at a huge scale in a Hampstead primary school and church. Really horrible case - it was fabricated by several very manipulative people, lead to huge disruption for completely innocent families who had their details distributed on the internet.
  11. Apparently the package includes funding for the extra HIMARs but they won’t be immediately deployable. Timeline is years in the future.
  12. The latest US military aid package for Ukraine includes funding for 18 further HIMARS systems as well as 12 anti-drone Titan systems.
  13. I don’t follow this sort of thing closely but it’s I imagine it’s also been a prescient move by UEFA to make these fixtures more meaningful. The number of pullouts and resistance by clubs may have become a significant issue eventually.
  14. How long until Kwasi gets the bullet? Will he still be Chancellor in a week?
  15. Your legs weigh more, best lose one of them if that's your goal. Anyway, the Bank of England has taken action to stabilise markets - significant intervention in the gilt market.
  16. These guys weren't in charge of investing decisions or stuff like that. I do think that you sometimes find people whose jobs ware incongruous with their lives. I know quite a few social workers and others in the caring professions who have lives so chaotic that they would be last on the list of people I'd want to help me.
  17. https://ig.ft.com/ukraine-counteroffensive/ FT digital presentation on the Kharkiv offensive.
  18. Peleton being valued at $45bn is a good rebuttal of rational market theory. Ridiculous. Having said that, someone along the street from me had a Peleton van outside their house all day the other day so people are clearly still buying them.
  19. P&B oldsters, get lifting weights. You too can be a swole grandpa. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-63048474
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