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  1. Girkin posted a typically doomery update where he compares the battle of Bakhmut to Stalingrad but casting the Ukrainians as the Soviets, who have held on in a seemingly hopeless situation while building reserves for a decisive counter attack.
  2. Thread by Rob Lee on Bakhmut. He visited the city a few weeks ago with a number of other analysts, Michael Kofman has also spoken about their trip on several podcasts.
  3. Article About the attack on Ukrainian utility infrastructure and how the Russian attempt to blackout the country over winter failed - so far. https://www.wsj.com/articles/how-ukraine-survived-russias-mission-to-turn-off-the-lights-winter-is-over-and-were-still-here-8668c5f5
  4. A local woman shouted "It's not true, it's all for show" from a window as Putin did a scripted meet the locals in occupied Mariupol.
  5. Watching this now, the first episode is interesting. The story the conman told about being exploited in Russia is world level “Did ye aye?”.
  6. There’s about five Hibs posters who I just respond to collectively.
  7. How much of a tax increase would it take to persuade people to leave Scotland for England? I am actually one of those people who pay more tax now and I also work in a team that’s based in England and Scotland so if I really wanted to I could relocate pretty easily. I can’t be arsed though. Seems like a bother. If I was going to relocate like that I’d move to the US or Canada where people doing jobs like mine tend to earn far larger salaries. Comparatively poor pay for professional jobs is a strange feature of the British economy that people don’t seem to cotton on to.
  8. Putin has visited occupied Mariupol. Of the 14,000 children named in the ICC indictment 1,000 were from Mariupol. He was shown several rebuilt buildings with suitably grateful locals on hand.
  9. Humza is the continuity candidate but all the people who’s work he’s wanting to continue have resigned. Kate Forbes can’t decide if she’s a reformer or a zoomer. Ash Regan want to win power so she can insitiute an inquiry into the impact of 5G on indyref2 and will appoint David Icke and Naomi Wolff as conveners of the inquisition. All in all great news for the SNP.
  10. I first went to Ochilview 27 years ago - you can see me jumping onto the pitch after the goal in this video.
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