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  1. Should Weed Be Legal?

  2. Stories from the Courts

    Back in the days before political correctness, you used to get executed for stealing something worth more than 12p. Bring back the Bloody Code!
  3. Michael Jackson - Massive Nonce

    His Number Ones album has re-entered the top 30.
  4. Best school fight you saw

    It is quite amazing how violent school was back when I was there. There were fights regularly and nothing was ever really done about it. On my first week in teh school my friend and I were taking a shortcut home and a notorious hard case in our year walked up to my friend and headbutted him for no reason and walked off. I think he was told to do it by a group of kids in the year above as some sort of half-arsed gang initiation, although it didn't seem half arsed to my friend who was pretty shaken up by it. The headbutter is now dead, murdered about ten years ago in Inverness. There were several fights outside of school that saw police called to break them up, mainly because of the groups of dozens of other kids watching them. I remember one occasion where one of the local hard nuts (you'll see his name in the court pages of the Inverness Courier every few months ) punched a much older kid and he ran into the school and straight to the headmasters office to keep from getting a beating. I also remember at one school disco (we still had them) a kid who had fallen out with the hard kids sitting crying in the cloakroom because he'd been told he was getting a kicking, I had to go and hang my coat up and he was just sitting there crying. I don't think I said anything to him, it was an odd feeling seeing someone like that - the humiliation that you'd feel as a teenager being overridden by the fear of violence. Eventually that kid joined the Royal Marines so maybe it toughened him up. There were also kids who took knives to school. I remember when a group went on a trip to France several kids came back with butterfly and flick knives that they flashed about the school. I don't remember anything ever being done about it. Despite all this my school was a pretty good school, who knows what it was like in rough places. My wife is a teacher now and nothing like this would be put up with at her school, they have much stricter standards on stuff like this. IN my day, it was kind of accepted that boys would fight and that was it, now it's not.
  5. Scotland First Country To Introduce LGBT Lessons

    There have now been complaints made about these lessons at a number of primary schools in Manchester. https://www.theguardian.com/education/2019/mar/19/fresh-complaints-about-lgbt-lessons-at-greater-manchester-primary-schools
  6. Strange dreams

    My wife had a dream last night that we were on holiday and Pamela Anderson was in the hotel, together with her pet polar bear. She went swimming with it and my wife said to me “that’s an accident waiting to happen” but I said she was being clever and tiring the polar bear out by swimming so it would be too tired to eat her,
  7. Christchurch Mosque Shootings

    Why are people watching children being murdered? If Peter Tobin had live streamed his murders would there be people saying they watched it for insight?
  8. The get fit, stay fit thread

    Had a shit training session today - doing deadlifts but the skin on my hands was giving out on most reps when I got up to the weight I was going for. Going to buy some chalk and see how that goes. The weight isn't a problem, I can lift it but the skin on my hands is getting pretty bad. Will see how it goes with the chalk.
  9. Invernesian Fakes Death

  10. Christchurch Mosque Shootings

    That really would be a sickener. You can’t even trust lunatic internet idiots peddling bizarre conspiracy theories about horrific terrorist acts these days. What’s the world coming to.
  11. 24 Hours in Police Custody

    I caught up with this last night. What a little b*****d the 15 year old was. You have to hope someone like that gets a long sentence - he reminded me of Angus Sinclair, who carried out very similar attacks at the same age. Watching the taxi driver interview, you can see why lawyers tell their clients to 'no comment' interviews, he made a total mess of it and just made himself look guilty as sin. Yeah, that was a great show, one thing I always think is instructive is how closely they investigate these things. It's inevitable that people trying things like that get caught. That copper was a wrong 'un as well. I think it was called 'Mersey Blues' and had some hilarious moments in it, I'm sure a couple of cops got locked in a building they were trying to search and they pulled over a suspects car and found a massive dildo in the boot but no drugs. The detective got nicked for corruption not murder - he had sold gangsters linked to Curtis Warren (richest British criminal ever caught) details of the police officers investigating them. The details included names, addresses, details of the officers children and what nursery and school they went to. Warren paid him £10,000 for it.
  12. A former poster on this website once went on a date with a young lady and immediately told her that he'd been mugged earlier that day and had his wallet taken so she'd have to pay.
  13. A guy in my old work volunteered to organise the Christmas meal and booked a place in George Street. It turned out later that he got a free meal for two for making a booking for twenty people and used this to take his wife out for Valentines Day.
  14. Christchurch Mosque Shootings

    Apparently someone did have a gun at the Linwood mosque and they shot back at the attacker. One of the people initially detained was also carrying a firearm with the intention to assist police, they have now been released. ETA - It could be that the attacker at Linwood was disarmed and shot at with his own gun.
  15. NFL General Discussion

    Tyreek Hill under investigation for battery.