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  1. Blood of protesters literally running through the streets in Uzbekistan
  2. https://www.ft.com/content/06700594-5b27-4a5a-ab77-46e0fd1a8a55 Not a single area in Scotland matched the 2011 completion totals. Wesyern Isles had the highest with 93.9%, well done teuchter brethren. Glasgow was lowest with 83.2%.
  3. I’m sure loads of people don’t know the difference between rugby league and union. The fact that she didn’t take five minutes to go over what she was going to say or even have one of her “people” give it a once over is more damning.
  4. Shiogu reporting to Putin that the ‘Luhansk People’s Republic’ has been ‘liberated’.
  5. Big explosions in Belgorod, rumours that a fuel or ammo depot was hit by a Ukrainian missile. Lots of photos and videos of mushroom clouds, secondary blasts. Looks like some of the missiles were shot down over the city by air defences but likely at least one got through. Reports of civilian casualties although that could be from the shoot down or the hit. Also overnight, a Russian base, possibly and airport, was hit at range in Melitopol. That’s likely to be HIMARs. Edited to add, there also seems to have been a strike in Kursk. Not heard of them being targeted before.
  6. I realise this isn’t about Scotrail, but given there has been chatter about inheritances etc on this thread I’d thought I’d share this hilarious idea here Inherit your parents debt!
  7. I remember seeing notes about this story at the time - here's the story of how a fitness YouTuber went insane.
  8. The Russian Air Force are apparently bombing Snake Island now, presumbly to destroy any equipment left over.
  9. I think part of it is how cities are designed and planned in the US. Because there's so much land to build into most cities have huge suburban sprawl and this means the distances are just too far to walk anywhere.
  10. Remember to practice walking before going on holiday 'Merica.
  11. Reports overnight that 17 civilians killed in Odesa after missile strikes on an apartment building and a recreation centre. Russian forces are also advancing on Lysychansk, the twin city of Severodonetsk. There are reports that the city is effectively cut off from the rest of Ukrainian held territory now.
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