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  1. They should elect this guy leader. Frank Spencer leads the revolution. https://twitter.com/JodyyDC/status/1205342709436878850?s=20
  2. I hate Christmas jumpers. They are a made up 'tradition'. I will never wear one. Christmas Jumper Day sums up our idiotic, self absorbed culture.
  3. John Curtice saying that the SNP 55 seats is the part of the exit poll they are least confident about.
  4. Can’t believe these working class people betrayed themselves. Bring back property qualifications
  5. Some line up in Sunderland, massive fatty in a football shirt, a Tory so looks like the shadiest fucker on earth and a Labour MP who is literally a vampire. Anyway, let’s get on with the complete recalibration of British politics and probably the break up of the Union.
  6. Remember if you post continually on social media about the improtance of voting then your vote counts double.
  7. I had that one and I've had super targetted Tory adverts, with photos of Ruth Davidson canvassing in my estate.
  8. There’s bound to be a few election meltdowns. Keep em peeled.
  9. Lottie’s business idea is pish. The bakery idea is pish, you can’t aggressively upscale a small cafe and bakery business. I don’t understand the travel business tbh. The beauty inventor and the recruiter are maybe the best.
  10. SNP 1/6 on Bet365. [emoji848] How did the MRP predict Scotland last time, did it foresee the seats the SNP lost? The seat spread for the SNP on the YouGov site was a low of 24 to a high of 55, which seems fairly wide ranging to say the least. Low of “sack the leader” high of “declare UDI”.
  11. What will be the big election night shocks - Raab loses his seat, not sure if that's a shock though. - Brexit Party get within a couple of hundred votes in at least one seat, maybe Barnsley. - IDS and Redwood lose, that would be very funny
  12. Is Quorn vegan? I'm sure I heard somewhere that it isn't.
  13. My mother in law will contradict her daughter about anything, lost literally. She is just deliberately doing the opposite of what Mrs Chris says for no reason. It’s infuriating.
  14. Labour candidate for West Dunbartonshire has apologised after sharing anti-Semitic material on WhatsApp. No stand down tho. ETA - She forwarded a message on WhatsApp not Facebook. https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/political-parties/labour-party/news/108448/labour-urged-suspend-candidate-who-shared-message
  15. “Hi, this is the exotic venereal disease clinic, I need to speak to Welshbairn about his contagious monkey borne penis parasites”
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