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  1. The only solution is to invade Germany.
  2. Are there any large politics accounts that aren't complete garbage? Even ones that are good end up being spectacularly awful.
  3. AZ say the reports of 8% efficacy among over 65s are completely incorrect.
  4. It's not that nobody reported Baby P's injuries, the authorities took the decision not to permanently remove him from the home where he was being beaten and abused.
  5. There's a balance of risks going on with this. The risk of the protection waning from the first dose by pushing the booster out has been judged to be less than the protection given by giving the protection of the first dose to as many people as possible. Given that we know for certain the protection given by the first dose and that vaccine specialists have broad understandings of the mechanism of the booster dose then it seems like an understanable decision. The iniital results from Israel, who are using the Pfizer vaccine in their rollout, show solid levels of protection from the first jab. Obviously though this is rapidly evolving and dependant on further data. Also, I'm fairly certain that the JCVI didn't decide that the guy called William Shakespeare got one of the first doses.
  6. Numbers dropped in England and Wales as well didn't they?
  7. The current programme of vaccinations is approved by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation. Here's the report detailing why they have taken this approach. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/prioritising-the-first-covid-19-vaccine-dose-jcvi-statement/optimising-the-covid-19-vaccination-programme-for-maximum-short-term-impact
  8. https://twitter.com/steven_swinford/status/1353623137016033283?s=21
  9. Regarding the discussion about the class or income breakdown of the pandemic, the ONS released figures today on the number of deaths among working age people in England and Wales. Those in the care sector, in the healthcare sector and in elementary occupations had highest death rates, those in managerial and professional sectors had the lowest. Men accounted for two thirds of deaths.
  10. Will stop my post splurge but far from being pleased about the UK being so far ahead in terms of vaccinations than our closest neighbours it’s actually starting to worry me a bit. If we manage to get 50% and more done we might need restrictions if the EU are much further behind. Same with the USA, even Bidens new targets are pretty modest. Another concern is that I’m not sure the UK Government will do the necessary if we are in a situation where stopping flights and arrivals from these places.
  11. Incidentally there is massive volumes of copium being consumed on this thread and everywhere regarding the pandemic and specifically the vaccine rollout. People bawling about not turning it into a race because their favoured government don’t seem to be doing as well. People desperately speculating that the evil other side are doing evil stuff and that explains it all.
  12. Guardian article about the COVID FAQ site I linked to earlier in this thread. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/25/the-information-warriors-fighting-robot-zombie-army-of-coronavirus-sceptics
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