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  1. Fighting breaks out in former Soviet Union. No not there. https://eurasianet.org/tajikistan-kyrgyzstan-troops-engaged-in-sustained-gun-battle-along-contested-border
  2. Why do politicians always get photographed jogging but never lifting weights?
  3. Most street signs are unnecessary and getting rid of most of them would be fine.
  4. Here's Brentford coach ex-Hearts and Airdrie ace Neil McFarlane on him when he left to sign for Liverpool. As is tradition for a new signing, here is a Youtube highlight video
  5. He played for Brentford's B team for a few years - Brentford stopped their youth teams and instead put together a B squad and played regular games against lower league clubs or Premiership reserve teams. He, apparently, scored 40 goals in 80 of these games and was signed by Liverpool on teh back of it. Sadly he couldn't dislodge Mo Salah from the ANfield starting lineup so signed for Accrington Stanley and now us.
  6. Jeane Freeman will take the blame. It will be noted that the other UK governments did the same thing. We can all move on.
  7. ICTChris


    I really enjoyed it as well. I have a feeling that it might become ridiculous as the series progresses but the acting and writing were good enough that it didn't descend into being completely batshit in season 1. The split timeline was a good device, showing the impact that severe trauma has had on the people years later but also showing that the elements of their character that cause them problems have always been there (Shauna's moral malleability, Nat's hedonism, Taissa's ruthlessness and Misty's 'otherness').
  8. Finally some good news about the whole situation.
  9. There’s a good podcast out about a big Chicago mafia, called Deep Cover: Mob Land. It’s about the Bob Cooley case, Cooley was a Chicago lawyer who was a fixer for the mob and infamously fixed the murder trial of an outfit hitman in the 1970s. He eventually co/operated and took down the majority of the Chicago Outfies political connections in the late 80s and early 90s. Good stories about a era that isn’t covered as well as a lot of the organised crime books and podcasts. Full of guys who look like this
  10. The Edinburgh Crime and Breaking Incidents page is excellent for this stuff too.
  11. I generally use the gym for weight training only and have been trying to get in more steps walking each day. The generic target is 10,000 steps but I find it really hard to hit that, espeically working from home and being in a sedentary job. Last month I did an overtime shift one Sunday and my step count was less than 500 for the day, which is ridiculous. Anyone got any good tips for getting more walking time in?
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