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  1. I can see this being used to justify a nationwide lockdown up here.
  2. A Greek Orthodox priest has been shot in an attack in Lyon, he appears to have survived but the attacker has fled.
  3. Boris is waiting on a Hibs win for his acca.
  4. Our former neighbours daughter in law had Covid and was in intensive care on a ventilator for several weeks. She had kidney failure, needed dialysis but survived. A senior manager in my work was also on a ventilator for several weeks back in the spring.
  5. Also, regarding travel to England, there was a report this week that 80% of the Covid cases in Scotland in September were of a variant that developed in Spain during the summer, a higher percentage than in England, where about 50% of cases are of that strain.
  6. If England goes into a national lockdown then there won’t be any need to close borders or anything like that because English people shouldn’t be travelling anyway. The fact that so much of the communication in this crisis has been done via briefings to political journalists or leaks is a disgrace and speaks a lot to uselessness of our political leaders. The SG have been bad for it (the leaked photos of the circuit breaker) but the U.K. Government clearly treat this like it’s an election for the 1922committee and they need to get in first to the Mails lobby correspondent. Pathetic.
  7. It’s an interesting development that when people go on racist rants one of the First things that’s trotted out is that they are having a mental health crisis. There was a rapper a few months ago who went on a tweetstorm about Jews, spouting anti Semitic conspiracy theories and there were a few talking heads in the media who took that line. There was a video posted on here of someone getting punched on the underground for shouting racist abuse and some of the comments on that were essentially the same. Maybe people go on racist rants because they are, in fact, racists and racism isn’t an illness?
  8. National lockdown for England from Wednesday, papers say tomorrow. No idea if that will change anything for Scotland.
  9. Morrisons are offering teachers 10% off their shopping this week.
  10. When did people start saying ‘melt’? Another one is calling someone ‘trash’, although that is an Americanism that I think has come from Twitter.
  11. What reason has been given for introducing a requirement for pupils to wear masks now?
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-54733688 Do they ever release the information from these studies and reports?
  13. Prolific tweeter and former poster on here, he was convicted of fraud a couple of years ago.
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