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  1. I’ll lock this thread when we are allowed crowds back in Scottish grounds with no restrictions.
  2. I see that Nikki Grahame, famous for appearing on Big Brother and other reality shows, has died in hospital at the age of 38. She had anorexia and, according to an interview with her mother last week, had suffered a relapse in her condition when the gyms were closed as she was frightened to eat when she couldn't exercise. This is an extreme case and Nikki Grahame had suffered from anorexia for many, many years. I doubt if she applied for a reality TV show today that she'd be allowed on, given the safeguards they have now. What it does show is that messages about 'burning off' things you eat can be harmful to vulnerable people. You aren't supposed to exercise away the calories of your meals. I wonder how much affect the rhetoric around food with regards to obesity has on people who have eating disorders like anorexia and bulemia?
  3. And everything else. My favourite Pep moment was when he asked @craigkillie what he knew about statistics, receiving the legendary reply "I have a PHD in statistics".
  4. The real life Peppino Impastato was a hero, a left-wing political activist and journalist who campaigned against the Mafia in Sicily. He was disowned by his family and then brutally murdered, his body being blown up in a bid to make it look like he'd been preparing a bomb attack. At the time it was dismissed as either a terror attack gone wrong or a suicide but years later one of the many Mafia pentitos came forward and named infamous boss Gaetano Badalementi as responsible for the killing. Badalamenti was setnenced to life for the murder nearly 25 years after Impastato was killed. He died in prison in the US, serving a 50 year term for heroin trafficking, effectively a life sentence for the elderly Badalamenti.
  5. Long thread on variants by James Ward, a mathematician who tweets a lot about COVID modelling etc.
  6. Is it not the case that the recognitions of former Soviet and Yugoslav republics depended on the internal mechanisms of those states? The Yugoslav consitution gave each of the republics the right to secede. Obviously there were significant other issues with the process, to say the least. For the Soviet Union, they basically just chucked it in 1991. "f**k this", I think the direct quote was.
  7. Our GP sent my wife's vaccine letter to our old address and due to the letter not getting back in time she missed her original appointment, we found this out today, She's got one on Monday though.
  8. https://twitter.com/jburnmurdoch/status/1380512731456016385?s=21
  9. One thing about the pandemic that I’ve seen written is that it might improve anxiety because something terrible has happened and most of us got through it. On the other hand perhaps it’s encouraged catastrophising, as demonstrated in teeets like this
  10. Jeanne Freeman has said in an interview that moving Covid positive patients into care homes without proper precautions was a mistake. https://www.scotsman.com/health/coronavirus/jeane-freeman-admits-moving-patients-to-care-homes-without-right-precautions-was-a-mistake-3194110 What will be interesting is during the review of what went wrong is if the rationale behind doing this is properly explained. As far as I can see this was done to free up beds in hospital, part of “protect the NHS”. Why were the dangers to care home residents not prioritised?
  11. Hang on, people suggested resuming something approaching normal work and some on the call started crying? Where do you work, fucking hell.
  12. Switch the game to the Maracana or that big stadium in North Korea, 25% there means 50,000 fans.
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