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  1. Glasgow: possibly the highest crime rate in the UK yet they think they're the most civilised bunch in Scotland and better than (what VT refers to as) the 'Savages', many of which only need a key to turn their car engine on. The reality: Glasgow is well down the Civilisation League Table. Laughable for them to preach to the rest of us really. I love the fact that Glasgow's detractors often get off on using crime/mortality statistics to denigrate the place.For most folk on here who are essentially from a middle class backgound, you're unlikely to ever experience the Glasgow these statistics depict. The city is the most disparate place I know, both in a positive way (different nationalities, cultures etc) and a negative sense (massive disparates in income, health, life chances within a tiny area). For those of us lucky enough to live on the right side of the tracks, our standard of living shits on most other places from a great height. The "other" Glasgow of bigotry, violence and cardiac arrest might as well be another planet. This lack of social cohesion is nowt to be proud of, but that's the way things are and will be for the forseeable.
  2. Reckon you just had a bad batch. The local has that on draught fairly often and I've always found it a decent if unpectacular pint. Whisper it but Wetherspoons pubs in and around Glasgow tend to serve a good pint of the various Kelburn beers too.
  3. If the SFL allow "Rangers" in to div 1, then I'm finished with Scottish fitba. End of. I'd prefer to be in the 2nd rather than the 1st next season, so losing out on promotion by default as a result is irrelevant.
  4. Looking at the tenements on the right, I'm convinced this is somewhere in Ayrshire. Troon, perhaps?
  5. Greens 44% SNP 10% Libdem 9% Labour -4% Tories -28% Not too surprised at those, though Green ranked a wee bit higher than I expected. I've always been slightly sympathetic to the Libdems in spite of normally voting SNP in Holyrood elections, but will never vote Libdem again after last May's fiasco. There definitely seems to be a big movement towards the SNP at the moment, but the same seemed to be the case in 2007 before Labour mounted a hell of a comeback. My gut instinct is that the SNP will be the largest party again, but not by anthing like the margin suggested in recent polls.
  6. Cracking link that. Looks like Glasgow is going to get shat upon in the next hour or so, by which point I'll be on my way into town for some Christmas shopping. Grand. Not a bad estimate, that. We now have leaden skies and light snow on Glasgow's southside. Ach well, the c'nting shopping has to be done at some point.
  7. Christ almighty. I was astounded to see the Clyde all but frozen over in Glasgow this morning, but that looks like something Shackleton sailed through on his way to Antartica.
  8. The Central is indeed fucked. There's hardly any snow lying in town, and only 3-4 inches on the southside. It's a bloody embarrasment that our biggest city can be brought to a standstill by a few inches of snow. I eventually joined the scrum to board a bus, and fucked off it a mile from home as it wasn't going anywhere. Dearie me.
  9. Thay must be a fair age now. They were played to death on the Evening Session when Lamacq and Whiley co-hosted in the mid-90s. Eh? De Rosa and Aerogramme sound a bit similar in parts, but both of these are defunct anyways. I can't think of any other bands who are in the same vein. Edited to add: I too shall be at the Rabbit gig. I've seen them previously in The Arches, The Tramway, a pub and bizzarely, Xscape. It'll be good to see them in a proper venue.
  10. Some people would consider the brothers grim of X Factor fame to be box office material too. The content has f'ck all to do with it on here. His face doesn't fit with some vindictive tossers who are looking for an easy target, and that's all. There are a good number of folk on the GN forum who poast continually about getting pished and/or hangovers, without receiving any hassle. Also, I daresay I'd be pissed off if I had to put up with the tram related Embra transport carnage each working day. If you're going to dig up folk for posting about the same issues all the time, then Capy is far from the worst offender on here.
  11. Maybe you should refer to this post the next time you decide to post on P&B at 4am, describing how you feel like vomiting after drinking 20 shots of spirits in some shitty Stirling club? F'cking hypocrite.
  12. Thank f'ck the passengers threw beer at him and not vodka or absinthe...
  13. It's fucking great, actually. Tis like having an unpaid chaffeur who gives cuddles. What more could a bloke ask for?
  14. I thought the Farmfoods bag was the jakey bag of choice back in Airdrie? I'm a bit of a social climber. Oh, and GIRUY Livingston.
  15. I walked through the car park at around 5.40, and couldn't see any telly or radio crews. Still, if you see anyone in the background of any pieces to camera carrying two Asda bags, that'll be me...
  16. Did you actually read my post? I don't claim to speak for every Airdrie supporter, but I imagine most would have been happy to play in the 2nd division this season. The ongoing uncertainty has the potential to wreck our season, regardless of the division we find ourselves in at the end of this shambles. Let's say that this rumbles on until the end of September. Whilst Livingston's fate remains unresolved, we continue to play fixtures that we know may be expunged, and are unable to add to our squad. Should Livingston stay down, we find ourselves marrooned at the bottom of the 1st, unable to strengthen until January. If Livingston are restored to the 1st, we find ourselves in the nightmarish scenario of having to play perhaps 8 additional fixtures. That's exactly what we need before winter has even began. We were favourites to win the 2nd division this season, an outcome that would have us back in the 1st come August 2010. The longer this goes on, the less cance there is that we'll be in the 1st division come August 2010, for the reasons outlined above. McDougall and Rankine might be tossers, but they're also hard nosed businessmen with friends throughout football. Thay're not doing this for a laugh. Hopefully the SFL expel them for refusing to fulfil their fixtures, but I can't see that happening.
  17. I'm almost certain that Livingston's punishment will be overturned at some point, in which case I'm finished with Scottish football. Just how many fixtures will Airdrie and Cowdenbeath effectively have to replay when the inevitable happens? Both clubs potentially face one the following: 1) Regular pumpings in a league niether squad was built for, if the decision is upheld but neither club risks strengthening. 2) Signing players on the assumption they'll complete the season in their current division, only to be bumped back down with an increased wage bill to meet on lower gates. 3) Running on their current squads in SLF2/3, but being unable to challenge when Livingston are restored to SFL1 due to a chronic fixture backlog and fatigue from the additional fixtures in the "wrong" division. 4) No income for weeks if fixtures are postponed pending the resolution of this mess. Any of these is a disasterous outcome. This situation is absolutely shambolic. Why are clubs with no link to the guilty party having their season ruined by the inertia of the governing bodies and the petulance of the Livingston board? I couldn't care less about Livingston FC or their fans. I do care that my own club is effectively being punished for the wrongdoings of another. To paraphrase Paul Martin's quote from a few weeks back, this isn't sport as I know it.
  18. Airdrie and Cowdenbeath abstained, Annan and Livingston had no vote, I presume? Given how close that was, JB should have put aside his cloak of neutality and voted to uphold the decision.
  19. That would be the very same self interest that you're castigating the remainder of the SFL for, no? Why? The LMC's decision has been upheld. Livingston are a third division club. That's explicitly clear from the rules quoted, recardless of your interpretation of how they've been followed thus far. If Livingston refuse to play again, they should be booted out.
  20. In which case whay on earth does it matter whether Livingston should have played in division 1 or division 3 prior to their appeal being heard? The only club adversly effected by the impasse over the SFL and Livingston's interpretation of the relevant rules are East Stirling. Livingston were due to play away from home, so haven't lost out through their stance.
  21. Something which Mr Absurdly Angry of South Ayrshire should bear in mind before pawing at his keyboard again.
  22. I do have a great deal of sympathy for him, as he clearly had f'ck all to do with the Lockerbie bombing whatsoever. Any respect I had for our government and judicial system went out of the window when we started cutting deals with the likes of Gadaffi.
  23. Yet survival in division 1 does? Your avearge gate should only be down 200-300 if the home fans turn out. Let's say thay puts the income down by £5K per game, which is on the generous side after taking into account VAT, extra stewarding etc. That gives a total hit of 90 grand a season, the equivalent of 3-4 full time players' wages at first division level. The club could always do what Airdrie did upon relegation, and cut the squad to the bare minimum to reduce the wage bill to match income. I suppose that's not the Livi way though. I sincerely hope that your club is expelled today. That won't happen though, which is a shame.
  24. That's a little bit simplistic. If we had a good tilt at division two, I daresay that a few hundred punters would re-appear. That said, a decent mid-table run in division 1 coud see our support get back to 1500 or so, if recent experience is any indication. The chairman has to get his finger out his arse regardless of what division we find ourselves in. He's done little or nothing to entice lapsed fans and locals who haven't previously attended to come along. The club's profile in Airdrie and the surrounding area is non-existant. There are 2500 Airdrie fans out there who live within a resonable distance of the stadium. Only 800 are regularly turning up for league games. Something has to be done, urgently, to find out why. See above. Ballantyne has been apathetic towards the Airdrie support, and has blocked potential investment into the club if rumours are to be believed. I appreciate that he wants the budget to match the income, but squeezing the wage bill year on year has impacted on the squad which in turn brings the gates down. Tis a vicious circle, which only a combination of investment and engagement within the community will fix.
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