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  1. I took the school's response on that point to imply "... and the reason they don't have a doctor's letter for then earring is the same as our reason for not allowing it: there's no evidence for the belief that it has any effect on migraines, let alone a positive one." The implication seemed fair and suitably sarcastic to me.
  2. I always complain about the lack of entitlement and hubris that Celtic display compared to Rangers: they really don't bear their share of the hilarious burden. However, I can have no complaint about this Traynoresque hissy fit. Particularly the idea that "blame" is attached when their negotiations are not (yet?) successful.
  3. https://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php?/topic/207805-taxidermy-looks-easy/
  4. Golden plover at Carrbridge. We had read in a birdwatching guide to the area that there would probably be some of these in "the penultimate field before the car park". Incredibly, they were exactly where advertised.
  5. I'm with Homer: I don't know why bear hugs enjoy such a great reputation. Have seen a couple of interesting pheasants this year. One was hunkering down, "hiding", I think; the other was slightly light (not quite "leucistic", though, and definitely not albino). Here they are - although I suppose they're possibly more suited to the birdwatching thread.
  6. I think that, with these things, you always know exactly how much truth there is in them.
  7. Here's one from Boat of Garten at the weekend. Compensation for the missing ospreys. (I'm assuming it was one of these that you saw - a great spotted woodpecker, or "GSW". )
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muphry's_law
  9. With these and the parakeet, I was about to use my razor-sharp deductive powers to ask if you'd been in Amsterdam. Then I saw: "Location: Amsterdam" - and felt considerably less sharp. We saw both of those plus a white stork and a great egret in Amsterdam last year. Took a short ferry hop to North Amsterdam, with hired bikes, and got an eyeful of lifer species.
  10. I may be misunderstanding this, but it looks as though he was excused his child maintenance responsibilities. That's... unusual.
  11. He'd be legible if you stuck an apostrophe in his surname.
  12. I like playing almost all sports, just not so keen on anything that requires physical or mental endurance (such as running any significant distance) as I'm a terrible wimp. I'm fine with playing racket sports reasonably energetically for a couple of hours, as it's not so mentally crushing when you have something to chase. Various puzzle-style things appeal to me, such as crosswords, some of the proliferation of Sudoku things, and just general "can you work it out?" sort of puzzles - like the sorts of thing that Chris Maslanka produces. Every so often I decide that I will try to learn to play piano properly. The SI definition of the second is based on how long I persist with this each time. I very much enjoy walks that involve any wildlife at all, and particularly birds; and I enjoy trying to get decent pictures as part of that. I am not good at wildlife photography, but have OK gear and got a book on the subject from my mother-in-law for my birthday. So there's no excuse for not becoming at least a bit better. My aspirations in areas that are not yet even partial hobbies are to be come more competent in gardening and in the absolute basics of geography ("which way am I pointing now?").
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