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  1. From the excellent Cabin Pressure: CAROLYN: So, the deal is that I pay you £362 now ... HERC: Yes. CAROLYN: ... plus you don’t pay any rent next time you land on any of my greens, my yellows – excluding Leicester Square – or Park Lane ... unless I’ve built a hotel on it, unless you mortgage something, unless it’s a station. HERC: Unless it’s King’s Cross. CAROLYN: Yes. Well, that seems straightforward enough. Deal. DOUGLAS: I must say, Herc, Monopoly’s a very different game with you than it is with Arthur. ARTHUR (indignantly): Hey! DOUGLAS: Arthur’s strategy tends to be pretty ruthlessly focussed on getting Marylebone and Covent Garden because those are the ones he’s been to. CAROLYN: He also once did a deal whereby he gave Martin Mayfair so long as he was also allowed to give him the Electric Company. ARTHUR: Well, I kept having to times things by four. That’s not fun, that’s maths! I'm with Arthur on those.
  2. Stopping after a finite period of time ("lasted") is the very definition of relenting.
  3. Hmm. Two-headed cyclop [sic] seems like it would have two eyes, so... probably not eligible for membership of the Cyclops tribe. Hence, presumably, the off-brand naming.
  4. +1 on the long-tailed tits. Here's an unusual pose from the Borders.
  5. I remember Lionel trying to make in the US with a version of GUAC. Negotiations got as far as flying him over, to see how he would go down on the pilot.
  6. I should have made it more obvious that I was referring to GDPR. Retaining data for longer than necessary is proscribed.
  7. I hope that's just misleading, and they mean "temporarily held" rather than "retained". Once the checks for which they are required are complete, there should be no requirement to continue to store such documents.
  8. Your results are back, Mr Botham. There's bad news and good news. Your body is bloated; with the exception of your cock, which is totally shredded.
  9. The first scissor cut into a piece of fresh construction paper.
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