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  1. Saw my first Nuthatch around Edinburgh in early 2019, same for the Borders. Now I see them regularly. Went for a walk with my son yesterday, and he pointed out half a dozen regular nuthatch sighting spots on Corstorphine Hill. About half of those featured nuthatches on the day, and there were a few other places where we could hear them. An absolute transformation. I thought that our experience reflected the 5000%+ rise reported in the latest SOC survey when I read those results; but then I clocked that the survey was actually from several years earlier. So their prevalence has shot up, then (maybe about) a decade later, they are becoming more visible to us normal punters. Here's one from yesterday.
  2. Never seen one, a record shot would be plenty! Are you able to say where that was? I remember there were some sightings around Lochore Meadows a couple of years ago.
  3. To paraphrase the great JC, it's certainly uncontaminated by glass.
  4. This is very similar to my own experience. In my first proper job, we had a small drawing office complete with clerk and cabinet of masters (all the master drawings were transparencies, for my first year there). A contract draughtsman and the DO clerk were both cigarette smokers, and an incident occurred where a hole was burned through several master drawings that were hanging in the suspension cabinet, clearly in a position that indicated the drawings were pushed by a hand brandishing a cigarette. Could have been either of them, but the DO clerk was livid because of his generally livid personality the allocation of half the "Schrödinger blame" to him. This was exacerbated (to the ill-disguised glee of us youngsters - and I suspect the better disguised glee of the grown-ups) by the slobbish contract draughstman pointing out to anyone who would listen that it was "impossible to tell which one of us did it!" - as though that made him definitely blameless in some way. The chief draughtsman in that place was quite a dapper fellow, an image enhanced by the way he puffed on and gestured with his pipe the whole day long. Different times, indeed.
  5. I dismantled my Corby trouser press.
  6. 😄 I deleted something like "Mods, you can move this to NSFW" before posting the dipper photos! Even the less explicit birds were gearing up for the mating season, though. Some great plumage and great singing.
  7. The mallards were at it on the Almond, too. The drakes are not generous lovers. We saw an interesting encounter between the 4 goldeneyes (2 pairs) and the drake merganser: it almost looked as thought the merganser was going to abandon his mate to join up with the goldeneyes, as the mergansers swam upstream past them. I like to think they were fooled by the drake goldeneyes' colour scheme.
  8. River Almond yesterday, and Spring was very much in the air. All sorts of pairings-up going on, including: goldcrests, song thrushes, robins, mallards, goosanders, red-breasted mergansers, goldeneyes, dabchicks, grey wagtails.... ... oh, and dippers. Which led to me taking my favourite dipper photo so far.
  9. It had been seen around the Lothians a day or two before, but I hadn't picked up on that - or even what one looked like. Then we strolled down to Inverleith Pond and I gave my masterclass in dabbling duck misidentification.
  10. It was the younger niece and nephew, so their natural respect for me got me through it.
  11. You're not wrong, though.
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