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  1. Good thread. Had forgotten about Highlander crisps. I have just had a nostalgic chuckle about the time I played golf at the Glen in North Berwick, and my guest was an engineer I'd worked with at Ferranti's before he took up a job offer in the US. Since he's been working over there, his handicap had come down to scratch, or maybe plus 1;and he was back in Scotland on holiday so he was keen to tackle some of the familiar tracks with his improved game. He'd always been very good company, very funny, and a good line in mock outrage and ranting. He didn't have any gear over with him, and I didn't have a full spare set, but I managed to borrow irons from an old flatmate and I had enough other bits to put together what he needed. The irons I borrowed, however, were sweetspot-free bars of pretty plain metal, attached to completely unresponsive shafts. Middle of the clubface with a 7-iron was going to ring your hands every time. I picked up Charlie (for that was his name) drove to NB, then sorted him out with his kit. Very grateful noises, up to the point he saw the irons: "Highlander? They're no' golf clubs, they're fuckin' crisps!" I thought he was genuinely furious, rather than mocking it up. Charlie then knocked a 3W into prime position at the 1st, walked up to his ball and selected an 8-iron. He's still not smiling, and I'm still feeling a bit bad. He addresses his ball, lifts his head and calmly looks me in the eye. "I'm expecting this to be a crisp shot!" ... and I relaxed.
  2. Yes, I'm also (too) concerned about giving someone who knows even less than me a bum steer. I have had several ludicrous mis-calls over the years, and none has done any lasting damage. Right now, I'm remembering saying to my wife that I thought I'd seen a jack snipe. I didn't really have much idea, a very bad view and only picking up the bill, really. When we inevitably met the auld worthies with their telescope, she passed that on as a "possible", getting them very interested; then they pointed to a clear view of some bar-tailed godwits through their scope... and it was the same thing that we'd seen. You live and learn, though. Here's a photo I took at that same site a month ago (may already have posted it here...).
  3. I was going to say that, then I thought I saw a bit of crest and I bottled it! Not a heron, though.
  4. It depends how you set up the rule to run: that's quite separate from the functionality of the rule itself. I think that I have I always running, and I certainly haven't seen any transgressions recently (I wrote it last August). It's ridiculously easy to write these things - this was about 10 minutes' effort, I think; as with all software, it was a quick StackOverflow search and a bit of tailoring for purpose. The Outlook that I have can be temperamental about when it runs rules, and whether it keeps running them (that part is almost certainly my fault, not putting enough effort into setting it up and testing it for robustness). I had intended to try with a terse bit o' regex; but in the end I was quite happy with that unrolled sort of an effort. A "properly gets software" friend of mine once implemented a rule (or possibly an extension) that ran on sending: an email body mentioning words of the form "attach%", when Send was hit would bring up a custom dialog that was a bit of a parody of the old Microsoft paperclip condescension. The dialog said something along the lines of, "It looks like you're talkin' 'bout attachments, but you haven't attached anything. Do you want to go ahead and send anyway?" That was genuinely useful, and replaced self-hating fury with rueful amusement on several occasions.
  5. So you're saying that, when I inevitably go postal, "indiscriminate" is the best approach? I like your thinking.
  6. We watch Elementary, and it appears to be an in-joke that people of all dispositions, backgrounds and ways of speaking say "reached out" with dispiriting regularity on that show. Whenever it happens, I flash the vickies at the screen for 5 seconds. Infuriating phrase, so insincere, and at the same time self-congratulatory. Here's a screenshot of a rule I wrote for Outlook. The "internally" one was based on an email I received from a company we work with, and was the version that angried-up my blood most effectively of the lot. Presumably when they reached out externally to tell me something.
  7. Stick an entire child into a woman's rectum?
  8. Shouldn't be allowed to work with animals, then.
  9. I like making leek and potato, with unfeasibly high leek-to-potato ratio. Also, making soup is nearly cheating nowadays due to the ready availability of excellent vegetable stock - particularly Marigold Bouillon. Our boys used to go to Saturday morning football training, where I helped with the coaching. I can't offhand think of anything better than cycling back from a cold session in the park, to find that homemade soup has appeared in the interim. Mouth's watering just thinking about it.
  10. You know the old saying, "Left hand drainer - don't get no insaner!"
  11. BirdNET [sic] is generally wonderful. However, it does get some calls spectacularly wrong. I usually move the window around until it agrees with what I want the bird to be. 😄 It was alternating between a willow warbler (which was what I thought I had) and a pelican, when we were up by Rafford this year. But a black redstart seems perfectly plausible. We had that so-familiar experience with yer basic redstarts* a couple of years ago, in a woods along the moor by Swaledale. A glimpse of some exciting colours, not enough to ID, then another glimpse, could be a male bullfinch, maybe a particularly bright chaffinch? Then just enough time to take a shot with the long lens, zoom in... and it's a redstart! The familiar part is that the next 30 minutes of our walk consisted of repeated encounters with small groups of much bolder redstarts flying in and out, in pretty clear sight. Dunno why birds are so keen on the initial coyness followed by absolutely flaunting themselves, but it fools me every time. * Thought I saw a black redstart in France some years ago, but not positive enough to be sure.
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