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  1. Hamish Buick was a friend of my dad's, and a top swearer to admire whenever he visited. As a young lad, you need people like that to inspire you. Effortless cursing compared to the playground try-hards.
  2. Yes, I've no doubt you'll make that guarantee. But I can't spend all of my time explaining that your guarantees don't get past the most rudimentary of fact-checking.
  3. That's a bold guarantee. Not even anywhere close to a majority of people I know have even been in a hotel in any of those places, let alone one that has been built under exactly the same conditions as the WC football stadia, or have been on a cruise. So the "huge proportion" is immediately swimming upstream against the data. There must be a self-selecting mechanism at play: stayed in one of those hotels or been on a cruise? Then there's a probability of close to unity that you'll get on your high horse. Unless of course that guarantee has no basis in reality.
  4. Yes, that was exactly the point that I was trying to make. I didn't expect it to be controversial: St Mirren were pegged back from a win to a draw, they didn't spend the 90 minutes on Rangers' coat-tails, trying to scrape the draw.
  5. Woof! The whole school went up!
  6. Appreciate your efforts to tilt facts against fantasy. It's a Sisyphean task.
  7. I would agree they're probably strangers to their hole.
  8. Enjoyed the The Office references this engendered. Expected to see "... don't get me wrong, Anton's a lovely bloke!" - ah, there it is.
  9. Evil tormentor of Adrian Monk, Dale the Whale.
  10. ^^^ Doing it right. (Also, it's terrifying that people still think that enforced group behaviour isn't a bad thing, if they somehow happen to approve of the behaviour that's being enforced.)
  11. Ah right, I think I missed that post. That explanation sounds a lot more like the way that routers are usually designed.
  12. I think you've understood me fine. If you can do what you say, effectively taking down all peer users at will, there's something very bad going on. You could be working away, and anyone else who has the password for using the same WiFi as you're using for Internet access could just lock you out - because user = admin. I've only ever seen configurations where there are separate user and admin roles. (But I'm feeling well-disposed towards routers tonight anyway. I've just migrated a sports club website from a noisy desktop to a quiet laptop, before we have friends coming to stay in "the desktop room". GIRFUY, as we never say in Computer Club. Which we never talk about.)
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