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  1. My Lockdown Achievement for today: being no worse at spelling than Dele.
  2. Brought a few things together yesterday after some false starts. We punted our old piano a couple of weeks ago, replacing it with a Kawai KDP 110. Delighted with the new kit, can't actually believe that I can afford a piano that feels and sounds as good as this. (I am still very rubbish at playing it, though; but that's one for future Lockdown Achievements sugna to worry about.) I also have some old computer kit to find a use for or dispose of. Really quite out-dated stuff, laptops from about 8 years ago. They are part of a clear-out from a younger family member, and I've been trying to distribute to good homes, where all people need is a browser and the things that come with it such as Drive. Yesterday I managed to hook-up one of the laptops that's running Ubuntu to the new pianay, using MIDI over USB. Captured 8 bars of my (frankly, lamentable) playing, then played it back through the digital piano. Punted it into the cloud as a MIDI file, then accessed it and played it back on my phone. All that connectivity stuff is now working great for me, and I am stoked about the possibilities. The only slightly tricky part was getting the "DAW" application, Rosegarden, to do its stuff. But I'm hoping that's solid now it's done. tl;dr I've found another reason not to practise piano.
  3. Done. Disappointing lack of hauf-witted questions, relative to previous P&B survey requests.
  4. Still veering towards thinking that it is probably less unlike a cormorant than it is unlike anything else. If I didn't have my new piano arriving today, I might have taken a drive out to try and find it.
  5. Where did you see it (location and habitat - coastal, freshwater, etc), and do you have any other information about its behaviour? Also, the bill is hard to distinguish from that photo, and particularly the angle: can you describe it? I'm too am stumped, defaulting to an unsatisfactory cormorant*. * Rather than an unsatisfactory shag ...
  6. Well, they managed it. Oh sorry, I thought you said Caley.
  7. My favourite Dostoevsky is The Raw Youth. It's basically where he goes on to explain how science can't really find answers for the deeper human need.
  8. In 1987 I changed jobs. 1. Job I moved from, smoking was fairly common at your desk, and just generally throughout the building. Like racism and homophobia, it was the olden days, before it was bad. Drawing office clerk was generally puffing away throughout the day. While he was on holiday, an enormous fat slob of a draughtsman was working for us on contract, and he took over the clerk duties for a week. Part of his slobbiness was a particularly slurpy, sloughing smoking: both noisy and stinking. Our master drawings were transparencies, suspended from pegs in a cabinet. It was a rite of passage for new graduate engineers to dump all of the masters on the floor due to not being familiar with the cabinet's operation, giving the (usual) clerk an opportunity for explaining the contrast between himself and the unfortunate youngster: "You've got the education, but nae brains!" He would then make a show of explaining how the masters had to be reinstalled, then making the engineer do that, then standing over the engineer, instructing him in minute detail as he extracted the actual master he had originally wanted. When slobby guy was in charge of the cabinet, about 2 inches of vertically-hanging masters suddenly sustained a brown burn right through them. Probably upwards of 100 drawings. Obviously a single lancing with a hand-held fag. He was completely unrepentant and wouldn't admit it was him: "Could have been anyone! Could have happened at any time, before I started here!" But we knew it had happened that week, and the only remaining smoker in the area smoked a pipe (while working at a drawing board - which also seems incredible now). 2. Job I moved to had smoking permitted in most places; but despite that, smokers would take regimented smoke breaks, either at their desks or anywhere that they felt like it, and no one seemed to think that there was anything wrong with that. It was the entitlement that baffled me at the time, as it still does in retrospect.
  9. I was about to demonstrate by a quick probabilistic argument that it was unlikely ever to have happened before. But now I won't bother.
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