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  1. Too many variables that could affect these numbers, given the small number of games involved (I mean fewer than a hundred). With that caveat, and looking at the win percentages only, Rangers are down from their overall average of 59%, and Celtic are down from their 77%. That's a 3% reduction and an 8% reduction, respectively, based on those respective overall averages. I would be very cautious about asserting that Beaton has more than twice the negative effect on Celtic's win percentage as he does on Rangers's: the data simply isn't robust enough; and even with enough "good" data, there's the possibility that he's considered a more senior referee and is allocated games that these teams are less likely to win. (That's all just to illustrate that basing conclusions on any such data is not justified.)
  2. I am The Boss - And some things make me cross; But even I'm delighted, To eat United! I sing many of these jingles in the car. Those b*****ds.
  3. They might at least have used a daisy wheel.
  4. Some primary research from our family WhatsApp group. Evie is one of their cats. I like the idea that the event backs up the population trend data.
  5. Big fan of a combined 11 containing 12 players tbh. It has the advantage of allowing an even split after a draw - for example, last weekend's game at Easter Road: 6 Hibs, 6 Rangers. Is that one online anywhere?
  6. From the SFA disciplinary notice: From the BBC: I'm not sure what grounds there are for contesting the charge. It seems to be pretty much the exemplar of what the rule attempts to address. Perhaps the hope is that the rule won't be applied; and perhaps that's a reasonable hope. I'm not sure how well the SFA and its proxies (such as independent panels) stick to their rules. Certainly, if an Alloa manager ever came out with something like that, I would be astonished if he were to escape sanction for such a clear breach. To paraphrase SG, it will be interesting to see if that also applies to the Rangers manager.
  7. Should be OK there, it's unpossible for her to fail.
  8. True coincidental story - my highest ever break was in JP's at Jock's Lodge one night after training. 4 reds, each followed by a black. I was never on a 147, though. I also had a brilliant free night there when my pal was given two extra tenners from the ATM outside before we went in. That was enough to pay for all our drinks and snooker all night long.
  9. I don't have a horse in this race, having pretty similar views on both Celtic and Rangers. However, two things would please me more than they reasonably should: Things that are presented as facts FACT actually being facts. Not, for example, that anyone from either Lille or Rangers has stated that a bid for £16m has been made for Morelos; or, in a similar vein, that Rangers paid £6.48m/£6.5m/£7m/£7.2m/"£5m plus add-ons" for Ryan Kent. Sometimes the correct answer is simply "we don't know". Threads like this going into the OF sub-forum.
  10. It's subjective, of course, but this one defines "good" for me, in all senses.
  11. It's not in the least bit pedantic - it's absolutely fundamental and you're right to raise it. To a first and second approximation, if you show me a list of schools ordered by deprivation (SIMD deciles are plenty), I will prepare for your delectation a list of those same schools ordered by attainment, requiring no further information in order to do so. Tom Hunter was on TV a few years ago, marvelling at the great academic achievements of (I think) Dunblane HS, which he was visiting on one of his regular outings. It was presented as "what can other schools learn from how this school is exceeding all expectations?!" The simple answer, that no one mentioned, was "get less deprived pupils". This is recognized in the actual Scottish Government aims, such as trying to reduce the gap between higher and lower deprivation students. Another aim, mentioned earlier in this thread, is increasing "positive destinations" (not just university places). But the tables published by newspapers undermine such enlightened thinking, and parents revert to type and look after their (children's) own interests, rather than taking the longer view. It's perfectly natural, but I think misguided because the tables are so very misleading.
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