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  1. Unknown caller by U2 it's starting to really grow on me and the album as a whole.
  2. Yes he is and it would be pretty fucked up if he ends up signing for Forfar next season as he's better than that. (no offence)
  3. I'm selling my brothers rarely used Xbox 360 HDMI model boxed with 250gb hard drive and 8 games and one wireless controller. Viva Pinata Forza 2 Pro Evo 6 Pure Lego Batman Project Gotham 3 Project Gotham 4 Halo 3 Comes fully boxed with all cables and power supply and if required I can supply with a HDMI cable. I'm looking for £80 but will consider (sensible) offers.
  4. I've been told it will have Maggies centre on the front of the shirt which explains why it's pink.
  5. Tade has signed for Inverness on a one year contract.but what did surprise me is that his contract at Raith dosen't run out till the end of June.
  6. Crowds all over Scotland are going to be at their lowest for years due to people voting with their feet as you can't constantly lower the quality while increasing the price and expect to get away with it. £40 for two adults and two kids to attend a first division game a joke!!! Oh and this is a dig at clubs in Scotland in general not just Raith. If Tesco started to raise prices while constantly lowering the quality of their products would you continue to shop with them?
  7. No we didn't and in the end instead of money got Paul Hartley as Millwall were skint.
  8. Hopefully in the Championship within the next 6 years.
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