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  1. Do we have any idea if non-season ticket holders will be able to use the bus/buses to get to Ochilview?
  2. Which would also explain why, as I think you've pointed out before, there are no signs up on-site indicating the name of the firm carrying out the work. Which you find on every other building site.
  3. And that's assuming the trains are actually running.
  4. If the club don't put buses on there's a strong case for fans refusing to go to games in protest. But it would only carry any weight if enough people got behind it.
  5. Was thinking the same thing. Had been planning on starting to take my daughter to a few games next season seeing as we live about a ten-minute walk away from Hampden. Can forget about that now.
  6. The club has to put on free buses for supporters to get to Ochilview. That's non-negotiable. We had it for going to Airdrie while we were playing there, and that was as an amateur club.
  7. The tone of that statement and the line about intending to move back to Lesser Hampden "as soon as possible" would suggest there's very little chance of us playing any games there next season. If so, with Thistle, Hamilton and Morton in the league, we'll be playing six of our league games closer to home than where we're playing our 'home' games.
  8. A black player says he's suffered racist abuse and you've got folk in this thread accusing him of being a thief and a drug dealer. What year is this again? Anyway, yesterday was f*cking sublime. The players would have deserved a lot of credit for the intensity and commitment they've shown over the past four games, regardless of how it turned out, but to manage to get over the line shows the character in this side. Folk have rightly pointed out how sensational Fox was (can't remember the last time I saw such a dominant performance from a centre half), but I thought Tommy Robson had a great game yesterday as well, quietly turning into one of our better players. He's got a decent bit of pace about him, but he also reads the game really well and is rarely caught out of position. Connor Smith also merits a mention for turning it around. Thought he was very disappointing against Dunfermline, but Thursday night was his best performance in a Queen's jersey, only for him to go and top it yesterday. Would have thought Hearts would be happy for him to get a season of Championship football with us next season.
  9. With every passing week it's looking more and more likely we're going to make the playoffs. Saturday will give us an indication of whether or not we have a realistic shot at winning them. Airdrie are on cracking form (unbeaten in their last 12 league games), and it was only a month ago they put four past a Montrose team that we would go on to lose to a couple of weeks later. Hammered Falkirk 4-1 last week as well, but for all our failings as a team, shipping goals isn't one of them - the last time we conceded more than a goal in a game was when Peterhead beat us 2-1 back in November - so I'd be amazed if it was anything like that on Saturday. The game is inevitably going to be tight, but hopefully we can show a bit more steel and turn one of these draws into three points.
  10. Did Coyle not used to stay locally as well? Seem to remember my mum saying she used to see him dropping his kids off at Holy Cross primary.
  11. Just looking at the Jamshedpur squad and I see they've got Greg Stewart, who Coyle signed on a one-year deal back in September. Wonder if he could be tempted by a move back to Scotland...
  12. Hard to get too excited about Owen Coyle as an appointment, but he does have a good amount of experience managing at the top level. In any case, it's taken us long enough, so you can only hope that more thought has gone into this appointment than either of the past two.
  13. I know them all personally, and not one of them has ever been a manager, or had a job. They earn enough to get to games at the weekend by collecting coins they find in the street and using that money to buy scratchcards.
  14. You accused him of sitting down and walking off the field when it suited him, which is unfair. If your point was that it was a mistake to fill a squad with injury-prone players, then I can't disagree with you.
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