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  1. Understand the incentives for them but I’m trying hard to think of any of the glut of young players in the last 7/8 years that were pinched prior to playing first team football for us that have so far went on to do anything of note? Ironically you could probably argue a case for McKinstry being the one who has made the most headway unless there’s an obvious one I’ve missed
  2. Aye, I’m sure he was thinking something else in his head from what came out but it did make me chuckle.
  3. Who was todays guest? Didn’t catch his name but believe he is a sportswriter. Someone texted in at the end of the show to clamp all the cliche wistful nostalgia by highlighting that statistically Adams and Dykes international goal return per game is actually more favourable than Jordan/McCoist etc and his counter that “they didn’t play as many games in those days” unintentionally had me in stitches.
  4. I’m guessing the club have maybe taken the approach that there’s more chance of him blinking first and willing to agree to some sort of severance if he realises he’s got absolutely f**k all chance of playing?
  5. Interested to see if this turns out to be Tam’s “Richard Keys” moment with the BBC. Always felt once the BBC emptied him he’d go all-in at somewhere like PLZ Soccer (still to work out who the f**k watches that) where he’s got more of a licence to explore the full limits of his out of touch Da patter without having to begrudgingly toe the line as he does at Pacific Quay.
  6. Could be a tough call to be made on this one in January if he isn’t showing anything by then. Burrows would be as well just deleting his Twitter if we decide to hand him back.
  7. That’s pretty much it for me. I think the initial bounce we got under Hammy wearing off + injuries + a stinking run of fixtures have led us into a spell now that I think most sensible heads were accepting would happen back in August. I very much like the general ideas behind what Hammy is looking to do but realistically it’s going to take him 2/3 windows to get the players required for it and rid of the others, therefore what’s the best approach in short-term given that first and foremost we absolutely need to stay in the division? Keep doing what we’re doing or tweak things slightly (or significantly)? On the KVV conundrum, he’s had a good season up until the last few games (as @thisGRAEME pointed out earlier probably no coincidence that he’s dropped off since Moults injury) but he’s always been erratic. The biggest issue is our current over-reliance on him which obviously isn’t his fault. Feels like there’s more questions than answers just now, WC and then the transfer window can’t come quick enough tbh.
  8. I never thought I’d say this even just a month or so ago but we’ve really missed Joe Efford the last couple of games. We struggle to progress with the ball when we have it or stretch teams when there’s very little pace in the team. I know injury prognosis’ are a lot more top-secret these days, but has there been any word on Efford, Moult and/or Aarons likely lay-off times? Season-defining is probably an exaggeration but the remaining games prior to the WC are certainly massive now and the fact the squad is crumbling is a concern.
  9. Did we not have George Newell (Mikes son) round about the same time as Connor Ripley? Edit - Alex Bruce at Killie as well
  10. There was a car-crash 30 seconds or so yesterday where they managed to cram in mistaking Marvin Bartley/Marvin Andrews when discussing the Livi game to quickly moving on to the “Nations league” draw and the threat Christian Eriksen could pose alongside Haaland for Norway. More fool me because I do still seek it out most weeks but now more frequently treading a fine line of whether i can stick it out for longer than half an hour or so. The quality or otherwise of the guest tends to swing it.
  11. Must’ve been the only time last season that he hit the deck and never earned a free-kick for it.
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