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  1. Plenty of decent Safety's left in Free Agency anyway. Clayton Geathers pick of the bunch for me.
  2. I've still got my Elephone S8. Battery going strong after about 8 months of very heavy usage and, like you said, the screen is great and I don't think I can go back to a small screen phone. Only concern is my GPS is temperamental when using Maps which isn't ideal because I only use Maps when I don't have a clue what I'm doing. Overall unbelievable value for the £160ish I paid for it.
  3. One thing that worries me about Kyler Murray is his personality. Seems like a child and not someone ready to lead a franchise. He's also only played 1 year which gives me pause. I think the Cardinals would be silly to pick him and trade Rosen. Dwayne Haskins is the QB I would be targeting. RB class is horrific this year but WR's are deep. DK Metcalf probably go top 10 now and is a massive boom/bust prospect. I really like Hakeem Butler who also tested well, and Metcalf's more productive college teammate AJ Brown will be a good pro as well. TE Noah Fant tested historically great and will be a 1st rounder too. TJ Hockensen did relatively well based on expectations. Patriots are definitely going to draft one of these guys.
  4. Just got into this show after randomly stumbling across some videos on YouTube. Absolutely amazing stuff. Something satisfying about watching grown men wielding these weapons, especially Doug "will keel" Marcaida who fucking loves it.
  5. Wait until we see the playoffs. Regular season doesn't matter anymore for LeBron. Giannis has a good team around him that fits his game a lot more than last year so they need to get to the Conference Finals at least.
  6. Giannis had to pick his teammate Khris Middleton. Starters drafted in Round 1 then the bench guys in Round 2 otherwise AD would have at least been picked before Kemba. Giannis had Ben Simmons but traded him for Russ too. Need to have Embiid and Westbrook as captains next year. The shit talking would be great viewing.
  7. Kyrie making it perfectly clear that he'll do whatever the f**k he wants.
  8. KD is a strange guy (like Kyrie). Maybe he wants to wins title with an unfancied team? If be does, he will forever be a legend in NYC. Steph is the legend in Golden State. I agree though, we've taken a massive gamble.
  9. Can't watch this until Monday night after work so need to avoid the score all day. f**k the Pats!
  10. It's an absolute shambles that Porzingis has been traded for near enough f**k all. Dennis Smith Jr (who's pish) and a gamble that we'll get KD and Kyrie in the summer. We would have more chance of getting KD with Porzingis on the roster. We would only have a 14% chance at Zion. Who the f**k wants to come to NY to play with Kevin Knox and Allonzo Trier? Porzingis is the best thing that has happened to this franchise in the last 20 years and of course we totally f**k it up. Crazy that they are trying to drag his name through the mud on his way out too. They held a meeting, he implied that he was unhappy and they had a complex trade already set up 2 hours later. Aye shite.
  11. Going back to NY for 2 days in April as an add on to a cruise. Enough time to catch a show, do some shopping and experience the city. Go to Woodbury if you want to. It is definitely cheaper and an enjoyable day out. Can get all your shopping done in one day.
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