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  1. Not even a tackle from Kader. Holding maybe. Easton just ends up with his weight on his left knee as he ends up side ways trying to control the ball. At the time I thought he was acting it but a bad way to end a brief time at Clyde. Just from the highlights in this you could see why we had a good start to the season with Easton and a fit Linton doing well.
  2. I'll stop this shot no bother. Better get my hands out the way just in case. Right arm, what the hell? See what left is doing? Do the same. Oh, never mind. Just pretend it didn't happen.
  3. Brilliant! Need to keep it going with two enormous efforts required versus the miserly Queens. Commiserations to Elgin.
  4. I think I'll reserve comment until next Tuesday night! All over bar the shouting tonight though.
  5. Going by stats their keeper let in every shot on target! That's a wee run of 12 goals in three games. Leaky defences are usually fairly safe when we turn up but nice to see us push some of them over for a change. Well done to those that saw the Gormley show today. Was Halkett marking Gormley?
  6. Just a blip. It's lasted about 8 years all the same.
  7. Another birthday boy here that enjoyed the day Today was a clear step forward and signs of better to come as the manager finds a system that gets more out of the players and the players learn to work as a team. The early goals obviously influenced the rest of the game and made it very open. No idea if that was typical of Annan this season but they'll have to be careful if it is. Bound to be entertaining anyway. I don't suppose I care how we win but some more wins like today might see us turn a significant corner. 7 goals in two home games is a clear change in form for a start. So one win followed by two defeats then followed by three wins. Inconsistency is the biggest problem in this division but that's a decent start.
  8. Looks a difficult start with the first few away games. Some likely contenders in there. We weed to get a good start to the season so that the squad that takes over in January gets a good shot at promotion. Anyone else read this from the Friday Herald? Clyde going home etc but alternatives still on the table. Also "There are a few problems involved with [shettleston] and one well-placed source told me yesterday that it was "never going to happen" although having spoke[sic] to a few people connected with the club, this remains a possibility a year from now,..."
  9. No idea myself but from the youth news on the OS homepage. "Following the postponement of the 'Player Registration Session' scheduled for last night for the under 15, 17 and 20 sides, the club can confirm that a revised date is currently being sought and all players and parents will be advised of the new date on the website and via the coaching staff. This is planned to take place within the next 14 days."
  10. From our own website. "The partnership with Clyde has been created thanks to a very generous donation by overall club kit sponsor, Kenny Campbell of The Legal Partnership and The Legal Partnership logo will appear on the club's second and third choice kits."
  11. Now that you mention family. I don't like the recent trend of clubs talking about being part of the <insert club name here> family. Patronising business speak.
  12. Chances? Luxury! All we had was 47 throw ins and only kept possession twice.
  13. http://spfl.co.uk/news/article/roberts-keen-to-keep-playing/
  14. Good stats site here - Fitbastats I think we peaked at 3rd during the season I was born. All downhill from there. Streaks : Currently 131 games without a 0-0. We're not as bad as 1899 when we lost 15 in a row or going 17 games without a win in 1985. I see Airdrieonians are listed in older tables with the year they formed and then became defunct. For a statistical record that's good but they seem to have missed a more recent insolvency.
  15. Maybe that explains Speirs' presence at the Clyde v Elgin game last month. Clyde or Elgin, Clyde or Elgin he thinks. Clyde beat Elgin so there was only one job on the line for the next wee while. If he holds on though...
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