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  1. Just looking at the fixtures on the last day of the season, wouldn't it be great to have wrapped up the title and do Alloa a favour in that last game as we owe them.
  2. Morton v Ayr

    Is there any other teams fans who are looking to replace the manager as much as Tons fans?
  3. Morton v Ayr

    Was it not 20quid as well?
  4. Alloa Athletic vs Ayr United

    Hope and do think Crawford gets rested. Plenty options
  5. Quite possible for the Super to get to the semi's without leaving Ayrshire
  6. Inverness vs Ayr

    4 zip Queens
  7. on a wednesday, showing off
  8. All the towns are in a bad way, what's happening with old Woolworths site as it seems at a standstill?
  9. Love it that you have the 2 shitiest keepers in the league
  10. Moore to grab a brace and keep Shankland out the team next week
  11. Scary how bare we look with 1 striker out for what ever reason.