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  1. I see Jack Ruddy has not featured lately for RC, has he played at all?
  2. Shame, going to be a lot more goals. Away and feck yersel McCall
  3. Young was interviewed, could even have been after the "6" had theirs
  4. Bookies about to open "Next permanent Dundee United manager" market. Arabs, you need rid of Imposter Neilson
  5. Diddy, bet you turn up at tannadice by mistake
  6. 2nd highest rate of adult unemployment in British cities, all starting to make sense.
  7. I won't be travelling through to Dundee this sat as the gate price for myself would be £24. Aparently their neighbours are charging the same price this season. Has the time came to boycott both these teams ?
  8. Shocking price and I won't travel to pay that
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