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  1. exactly, wait till januarys out. The chairmans certainly bumped the price up this week.
  2. Firmly believe we can go all the way now, earlier in the season against Ross Co and Falkirk when we went 2 down we just thought it was acceptable for this to happen and for us to lose such games. But the mindset of this team is unreal and they came away from Dingwall disappointed at losing 2-1 then to turn the Falkirk game into a victory is a great measure of where we are. Who can stop us?
  3. Morton v Dundee United

    If you've got a left winger then your in Ton
  4. Please copy DU and don't mark Shankland, he's sh1t
  5. hahahaha remember that, so many shit clubs like Falkirk, Thistle and now both Dundees
  6. Just the game we need, a game where the other team will need to come out to try and win. Hopefully Shankland gets a bit more room than of late. 1-2
  7. I'm disappointed with Forrest as he rarely goes past a defender to open up space and his corners never get past 1st defender. What he does is hold the ball well then back passes. McDaid and Moffat should start.
  8. You never had a kick at the baw till Crawford fkd up in the penalty area, try and keep it real.
  9. Spot on, Morton were rank.
  10. Ayr v Queens

    Thought qos were there to win right up until injury time when the keeper started to hold onto ball.
  11. Wonder what the record is for losing runs at the start of a new mangers reign?