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  1. Silent night, holy night

    All is calm, all is bright

    Round yon Virgin Mother and Child

    Holy Infant so tender and mild

    Sleep in heavenly peace

    Sleep in heavenly peace

    Silent night, holy night!

    Shepherds quake at the sight

    Glories stream from heaven afar

    Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia!

    Christ, the Saviour is born

    Christ, the Saviou...

  2. I'm dreadfull ... sniff

  3. borys and his ahoj patter is dreadful

  4. I've seen W11 WAA before but it was an older woman so not sure if it had anything to do with Borat. I also remember AR53 NAL going for a ridiculous amount of money a few years ago.
  5. I thi nk Jojo is obsessed with you ChooseLife

  6. dont u swear at me you!!!!

  7. ur a big jobie

  8. i apologise profusely for my mistake. it will never happen again.

    hope we can make it up sometime

  9. i wont make any more errors man. soz for all the trouble i caused you.


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