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  1. Yes. It should be to our eternal shame that Hearts, a club just out of Admin, were able to bring it in while we do everything we can to get away with paying our staff poverty wages.
  2. They don't. They pay part-time staff less than the living wage and also withdrew a bonus from the full time staff upon the introduction of this higher rate. They charge £6.50 for a hot dog and Coca Cola. Our club is run by the absolute worst kind of capitalists, I don't know why you're being an apologist for them.
  3. Hope he can declare for Ireland.
  4. Every year since 2011, we've qualified and/or been cheated during the qualifiers. Malmo are *definitely* cheating, we just have to figure out how.
  5. Recently realised I have touched a thing That has touched a thing That has touched a thing That has touched a thing That's been inside Taylor Swift edit: And have now realised that as this is to do with Calvin Harris, this could form the basis of a game of degrees of seperation from Taytay's snatch.
  6. Again, . I haven't said Celtic were the better team, I haven't said Celtic should be in the final, I haven't said ICT shouldn't be in the final. I've said Meekings shouldn't be in the final because it's blindingly obvious it's a deliberate handball, explaining why I think that. All I've got back in response is a couple of paragraphs worth of "YOOR RAGIN"
  7. What a bizarre post. The other day you said Meekings deserved a ban.
  8. Yup, his arm moves into an unnatural position to block the ball, it's as deliberate a handball as you're likely to see. The only thing that gif doesn't show is Meekings flinging his head back to con the officials. If ICT have any respect for their fans, their players, the Scottish Cup as a competition, or Scottish football as a whole, they will refuse to play him in the final. It's probably Meekings older team-mates I feel the most sorry for, knowing that this might be the most prestigious competition they win and it's completely and utterly tainted. edit: excessive quotery.
  9. This is properly mental. Can someone explain to me why a player caught blatantly cheating shouldn't be punished?
  10. Any chance we can quickly make this a multiple choice with how quickly immigration will come up?
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