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  1. Rewilding thread for this pish [emoji57] But yeah, what do people expect when a large animal with no predators pretty much gets free reign to roam about relatively unchecked?
  2. Will be interesting to see if Piers Morgan goes to town on Cummings on the next episode of GMB. He’s been getting a lot of praise recently from people who normally despise the man for calling out the Tories in recent weeks. Hoping he stays consistent here and lays into Dominic Cummings.
  3. She has a track record of “reporting” things in a specific way that paints the current regime in a good light, or more forgiving one. She’s a vile Tory c**t.
  4. Good shout, I forgot I had an account actually. Just logged in my sightings there.
  5. Plenty of Whitethroats out singing the other day. Cracking wee birds. Was surprised to see a pair of stock doves as well. Does anyone know how common/uncommon they are? I've only seen them once before. Wrens out singing as well.
  6. An alarming amount of people thinking Sturgeon should have explained the entire contents of the lockdown phase document on national tv. All 48 pages of it.
  7. “Every time you click your fingers, a Scottish club dies. That’s what they’ve got to look forward to over the coming weeks.” [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  8. https://spfl.co.uk/news/ladbrokes-premiership-and-spfl-season-201920-cur Hahahaha! Cheerio Budgie!
  9. Fingers crossed this thread is going to be banterrific when the SPFL declare Hearts down and no 14 team league 🤞
  10. When are we due the next update on lockdown restrictions in Scotland?
  11. Really? Can’t say I’m seeing the same reception from people. I can’t say I was overly impressed at what was simply a run of the YouTube video and folk struggling to get it actually working.
  12. I can’t stand the BBC, I really can’t
  13. Totally with you on this one, watched this on a raging hangover once and nearly burst into tears. I’ve never cried at a movie but I’ve had lumps in my throat, not at sad scenes but more like the above - scenes of triumph with powerful music and with that, sheer euphoria. An example would be Toy Story where near the end of the film, having been through the whole journey with the characters, woody and buzz are flying towards the truck (“Buzz, you’re flying! This isn’t flying it’s gliding in style etc whatever it is.) The music and scene puts a lump in the throat for me. Oh and another example is the climax of ‘Elf’ when everyone’s singing “Santa Claus is coming to town” and then the sled starts working again, Elf and Santa taking off above New York. Oh boy I had to hold my shit together in front of the family last Christmas at that bit!
  14. f**k the Old Firm f**k Sky f**k Hearts f**k the 14 team league
  15. Been enjoying The Fergie Years tonight, absolutely glorious.
  16. Not really no, this will be my first attempt at doing such. The area in question is actually already decently wooded, it’s a wee local hill. I’ve got bird boxes up there that I put up over 10 yrs ago which have both held great and blue tits over the years - the area is quite sentimental to me. The upper reaches of the hill are less wooded, becoming more grassland/heather. I thought it would be nice to plant out a few different species, watch them grow out and hopefully one day see some more sprout up that have managed to escape the hungry mouths of the resident roe deer.
  17. I’ve got birdcherry, ash and hawthorn tree potted and have been growing them over the lockdown with the intention of planting them in the wild at some point. I planted hazelnuts in pots back in March and had no joy, today I dug them up again to find that some had actually germinated. I think I maybe planted them too deep first time round. I’ve replanted them at a more shallow depth with some compost so hoping they can kick off from here. My next plan is to gather Wych elm seeds from some local trees and plant them in a tray. I’ll have a look on Sunday and see if the seeds are ready, I’m reading late May is the time to do it when the seeds are starting to brown.
  18. Not far off the truth actually, you should see the state of my jeans - arse has torn right out of them, holes in the pockets, holes in the groin - a total disgrace. New pair will have to wait until lockdown is lifted. Funnily enough I’m in Dundee as well so I’m fitting right in.
  19. If you’re not letting your hair go then you’re doing lockdown wrong IMO
  20. Saw my first whitethroat of the year today, will need to head back and try and get photos another time if it’s still kicking about. Other summer visitors seen so far include willow warbler, chiffchaff and blackcap.
  21. I’m not going to lie, I’ve completely lost track as to what has happened over the past couple days. I don’t understand why Rangers are so raging. I don’t get what Caley did to make themselves look daft. Totally lost.
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