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  1. FS, how long until pie and bovril becomes facebook?? All we're missing is a like button!

  2. What a shit pokemon Farfetch'd was. Pigeot all the way.
  3. I just had sex. And it fellllt so good.

  4. oh my word! what a change is this?

  5. 5ive - Keep On Movin' get on up, when you're down, baby - take a good look around....
  6. a got dat boom boom pow

  7. Aye. I just read up about this. Everyone seems to be unsure... just stay away from the drivers seat. Maybe put the keys in the glove compartment? Would be harsh to get punished.
  8. What Women Want If you don't know its a film about Mel Gibson gaining the ability to hear what women are thinking, transforming him into star employee at work and sex god in bed. Thats it. 7/10 Enjoyable to watch, was quite funny but wouldn't watch it again.
  9. Going to see Deadmau5 on friday, should be beast.
  10. Same here actually. It's my birthday tomorrow, and my night out is in sheer jeopardy because of this snow. If i can't get to Glasgow, then it's going to be a miserable night in Perth.
  11. No no, im not expecting 5 star accomodation! I know it's going to be very different from home, a lot more uncomfortable, but thats fine. I just wanted to get some reviews on the place, and I now know that I should try to avoid Geddes! Most places that my mates stay share a place with maybe 5 others, so 15 is quite unexpected - perhaps that is too much...or as you say, its better as you're meeting other people. thanks for the info
  12. Amazing! I've heard from some people that it has a prisony feel to it. How many people do you share a hall with?
  13. Can anyone tell me what stirling uni's halls are like?
  14. Perhaps it is time for this person to come out and create the topic "The Making of Chigsy"
  15. Litchie, what the hell are you doing? Oh and see that guy you told to ask for the NSFW forum password? It already tells you the password, the poor guy's going to come across as a right dirty b*****d!
  16. no, i believe you. twas said in disappointment.
  17. How can a place like Brighton get a new 22,500 seater stadium, while much bigger Aberdeen gets a 21,000 seater? This worries me.
  18. It should be bigger than 21,000 I think. They should aim for 25,000
  19. It's lies, he won't have a picture. Lets not turn this into another "JohnnyDougDog", or whatever his name is, situation.
  20. Hard Fi - Suburban Knights Boston - Smokin' Jock Jams - I Like to Move It Runrig - Nightfall On Marsco Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla Slipknot - Before I Forget The Stone Roses - Love Spreads Tony Christie - Amarillo The Prodigy - Their Law DJ Tiesto - Ayla Could be better...
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