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  1. Marcus Rashford - future politician after football? Young black man, ex-footballer, man of the people...becomes PM. He couldn’t do any worse than the current regime that’s for sure!
  2. Also, if you're ever out for a walk and you happen to find some chaga mushroom on a birch tree - take some home with you, you can brew that into a healthy tea.
  3. I love drinking tea. I'm quite happy drinking breakfast tea by the likes of Clipper or Twinnings most of the time. Big fan of earl grey as well. I haven't got into loose leaf tea yet simply because I don't have a strainer. I want to buy one of those wee pots with the strainer that goes in it. I've got loads of loose leaf tea as xmas presents from over the years that has never been drunk. Does tea go out of date? I just had a cup of redbush tea that I found in the cupboard. I think someone who lived in the share house left it before. It went out of date in 2017 😄 still tasted fine!
  4. Good shouts, thanks. I think I prefer eating venison anyway, it's delicious. I wish more wild venison was sold in shops - do my bit for rewilding and all that. Funnily enough, I was thinking of oat milk as I posted my earlier response. Your recommendation has just sealed the deal, I will buy some and report back.
  5. I’m not a vegan. I don’t mind vegans either, on the most part* I agree with the principles they are fighting for. If I was to take it up my reasons would be environmental. The meat industry is helping to fuel global warming big time. The problem is I love eating different food and veganism is boring. There just isn’t enough variety and many vegan substitutes I’ve tried are just not up to it. In general I try to eat as little red meat as possible. I’ll usually substitute beef for venison - although I’m not sure how much of a difference that makes. I drink skimmed milk (again unsure what difference this makes from the others) - haven’t made the jump to a non-dairy one yet as I find things like almond or soya milk disgusting and not fit for a good brew. *I don’t agree with things like “we don’t eat honey because it’s made by bees.” An absolutely ridiculous stance to take. If anything, the beekeepers that have the bees are offering them a safer refuge than they might have had in the wild. I believe in having a flexitarian diet - which is just simply having a balanced diet of meat and vegetables. I don’t think veganism is necessary to save the planet, it would certainly help, but I think we would be better encouraging people more to have less meat and just have it as part of a more balanced diet.
  6. https://greens.scot/ProtectMountainHares Vote now to help secure protected species status for the mountain hare in Scotland and save them from being slaughtered in their thousands on grouse moors across the country. You can also email your local MSP urging them to vote for the amendment to the bill.
  7. The dead runner chat has been debunked as complete rubbish because it has been explained on here by several people, time and time again, that the risk of dead rubber fixtures can be mitigated effectively through implementing play-offs and other such initiatives into the league season. It’s also been pointed out that other nations operate with bigger leagues and manage to get by just fine - so yes I agree, the dead rubber chat should be thrown in the bin where it belongs. And if the people who continue to moan about “meaningless games” aren’t happy about that then I invite them to also get into said bin.
  8. I’m with giffgaff. Great bunch of lads. I’m currently financing my iPhone 7 from them. 50 odd quid a month for 6 months and then will drop down to a tenner (or slightly more depending on what “goody bag” I get) which just rolls every month. During lockdown I realised I wouldn’t need any credit when I was stuck at home, so I cancelled my goodybag for 2 months. It’s good to have the option of not being tied to a contract - you’re free to leave them whenever you want. That said, I’ve been impressed with them and won’t be going to anyone else anytime soon. Also, one thing to be aware of is texting certain places (In my case a radio station) - if they charge you’ll have to get top up credit on top of your goodybag. I went to call customer services to find out what was going on and discovered they don’t have a call centre, they have a community - a forum. I was a bit sceptical but I asked a question and got answers from a few folk fairly quickly. I recommend them highly!
  9. Oh that is beautiful. ‘St Johnstone FC’ needs to be bulked up by an extra row of two of seats though, one end needs to have the big white block letters ‘SJFC’ and the other end dedicated to a sponsor in white letters. And bobs your uncle.
  10. I like that Killie strip. Sponsor reminds me of really shit version of the Newcastle Brown Ale sponsor.
  11. Get a fackin’ Kelpie mate, they look cool
  12. I don’t believe for a second a 5yr old drew that [emoji23] Morton and Motherwell kits are superb.
  13. Never did make it to Jasper. I think the hotel I worked at in Banff offered trips there with an overnight stay, I should have gone tbh. I loved the canoe trips you could go on and the hiking was class, climbing Mt. Cascade was just unreal. Would love to go to Canada again.
  14. Just one shambles after another. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/06/03/exclusive-tens-thousands-covid-19-tests-voided-decision-send/
  15. Trumps presidency has been an utter disaster. It’s so obvious to see that. He’ll still get a second term though, which is completely insane.
  16. On another note related to litter, why is our recycling system so utterly utterly shit and complicated in this country? I just discovered recently that “Not Yet Recycled” on the label actually means “there’s a chance it could be recycled but you will have to check locally.” Wtf is that about? The amount of plastic wrapping I go through and the back of the packet says “not yet recycled” is absolutely absurd. Why is it not just recycled everywhere? Does anyone expect a “soft” recycler to be like “ahh okay, let me just check the council website for this baby tomato packet.” Of course they won’t, it’s getting launched into general waste. Shambles.
  17. I like the suggestion that school kids, perhaps from Primary 6 to 7, should be taught to bin litter. It should be mandatory across Scotland, once a week they are taken out to litter pick either the school yard or nearby green spaces. If you can’t take them out because it’s pissing down, you teach them about the consequences of littering i.e plastic in the ocean, animals trapped in tin cans, cigarette butts and disposable bbq’s causing wildfires, the reduced aesthetics of a green space as a result. Drum it into their little heads. Failing that, use the cone.
  18. I don’t agree with the principle of this. It buys into the whole “aw some c**t from the council will get it” culture. In Falkirk it’s easier to send people round to litter pick but that changes when the litter is in less accessible Scottish countryside, up munros and in woodlands. Also by the time these litter pickers have arrived on the scene some of the litter could have been wind blown elsewhere - so now it’s in the wider environment.
  19. Are you trying to excuse folk for being too lazy so we should instead employ someone to do their dirty work for them? Maybe if the dregs of society used bins/took their rubbish home/cleaned up after their dog we wouldn’t need to employ anybody.
  20. It’s not nice is it? You go to a cracking scenic area in the Scottish countryside only to discover some utter c**t and their mates have left all their rubbish behind, including things such as a disposable bbq (which has scorched the ground), beer cans, plastic bags and fold out chairs. What was meant to be pristine countryside has now become the ‘T in the Park campsite on a Monday morning’ tribute act. I absolutely despise it. And this summer, despite the lockdown, people are still doing it. Why do people litter? What is their excuse? Surely they must know that it’s completely unacceptable. Are they lazy, do they just think someone else is getting it for them? Whatever it is - it’s the absolute pits. Another thing I hate is full dog shite bags which have been discarded on the ground or, worse still, on a fucking tree branch. Not only have they failed to bin their dogs shite, they’ve littered plastic as well. Well done, you total w**k. Are you a litterbug? Have you seen anyone litter and told them off for it? How do we tackle the scourge of the litterbug in this country? Education? Fines? Cane offenders like they do in Singapore? Seems to work for them. Cleanest city streets I’ve ever seen. Discuss.
  21. It would be class if this goes ahead. Dundee already the up and coming city of Scotland, this really would be the cherry on the Dundee cake
  22. A more positive development since the caterpillar incident - two of the germinated hazel seeds have taken off, the one in the foreground in particular is growing rapidly in this sunny weather, so much so that I can actually see a difference from this morning.
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