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  1. Also: it may seem hypocritical of me to say that considering the A9 duelling will also remove valuable countryside and peoples roadside homes and farms - the difference is the road already exists, it should have been duelled years ago, it’s currently one of the most dangerous roads in the UK and it will greatly benefit the north of Scotland.
  2. Have to say I’m quite surprised that you seem to support HS2! To me it’s nothing but an incredibly destructive vanity project with a main aim of getting people down to London much faster. The destruction of irreplaceable ancient woodland and beautiful countryside all to get people from Leeds to London, what, 30 minutes quicker? £87 billion its going to cost, and will no doubt rise given the current climate. In comparison the A9 duelling is budgeted at £3 billion. I’m not sure how much Scotland are contributing to HS2 but I’m willing to bet that there’s hundreds of other ways the money could be spent to benefit our economy without having to destroy the countryside and people’s livelihoods - all to get people down to that shithole of a Tory infested city.
  3. That Rovers kit [emoji23] Joma man, bunch of jobbers- always have been always will be
  4. Just saw that Olympus are selling off their camera business because they’ve apparently struggled in recent years. It got me thinking: what does everyone on here shoot with and would you ever consider switching brands? I shoot Nikon, currently with a D3200 that I got 6 years ago. The cropped sensor is great for shooting wildlife but I would quite like to get a full frame for landscape stuff. Anyway, I’m not thinking of switching brand at all but I’m interested to see if anyone on here shoots with brands like Olympus, Pentax, Leica or any others that aren’t Canon and Nikon. I have a mate who shoots on a Sony camera, he seems to really like that. A wildlife photographer I follow on Facebook sold all his Nikon gear last year and replaced it with Olympus stuff, he also seems to really enjoy them.
  5. Polloks ground looks class, I like that big stand. Wouldn’t look out of place in League 2.
  6. Pipes are the way forward. I just watched a video of a guy preparing his pipe. There’s more to it than smoking a ciggie, there’s a process involved that for some must be quite therapeutic. It’s like enjoying a fine dram or wine. If the taste of tobacco didn’t make me feel vile then I’d be heading out right now to buy my first pipe.
  7. If I was a smoker I’d use a pipe. Nowt wrong with pipe. I could pretend to be an old wizard. See with big fat cigars, are you meant to smoke the whole lot of is it acceptable to stub it out and come back to it later?
  8. That’s twice I’ve seen Saints fans come up with concept kits and they’ve been red. Get that idea in the fucking sea - and I say that as a lifelong Aberdeen fan.
  9. Home and yellow - awesome. Would be pleased with them. Red - absolutely dreadful. Like something we’d walk out onto the pitch to if the club was owned by Vincent Tan.
  10. I’ve got a big fat cigar in my drawer that a mate bought for me on my birthday for the #bants. Don’t know if I’ll ever get round to smoking it, keep telling myself I’ll have it on a special occasion. Don’t see any of them coming up anytime soon in the current climate...
  11. Lovely shot, Mantis. As for seeing cuckoos, heathlands are your best bet IMO. Head out to the hills where there’s some trees growing like rowan and birch. I’ve seen them in the Sma’ Glen near Crieff and Glen Clova before. I’d recommend simply going for a drive and pulling over for a listen every so often. I’ve heard lots of cuckoos this year, all of them in the upland habitats.
  12. Male cuckoo from last weekend
  13. Been a while since I checked on this thread, delighted to hear that the NCL could be in place for next season (should it go ahead.) Really exciting times.
  14. I’m pleased with that appointment. He wasn’t my first choice, I like many, many other St. Johnstone fans would have been happy to see Neil Warnock come in - it’s a shame those plans didn’t come to fruition but nevertheless I’ll be backing Davidson 100%.
  15. Stopped eating Scottish salmon about two years ago. Vile stuff. If you want to keep eating salmon just stick to the pacific stuff. Most shops have it. I miss smoked salmon but I suppose I could smoke my own if I really wanted to. The coop were selling smoked trout at one point, not sure if that’s still a thing.
  16. This is weird, I was talking about this very subject with my gf last night. Told her I was going to start drinking Alpro soy “protein” milk in my porridge instead of dairy - to which she then say jokingly said you’ll have no sperm left. That kinda put me off tbh. I looked into it and the evidence suggesting that it might lower testosterone levels was enough for me. No thanks. I’m going to give oat milk a go once I’ve run out of the dairy milk I’ve got. My only issue with oat milk is that there is less protein in it than dairy milk, not much less but still not ideal for making #gainz
  17. Exactly. I saw a guy on Facebook there claim that there will be more hares in a “poor state” as a result of this. I swiftly told him that any hares in a poor state would be picked off by predators - such is the natural order of things. Thing is, they know fine well there are no predators because they’ve killed them all. Another claim I’ve seen them peddle is that the hares will eat all the trees, this “will be a disaster for animals and trees.” An absolutely laughable statement to make considering you’d be incredibly lucky to find any trees on a grouse moor and there’s virtually no wildlife to be seen for miles and miles. This myth that they keep pushing, that grouse moors are some sort of havens for wildlife is nothing more than that - a total myth. Yesterday’s result is another step towards ending driven grouse moor practises on our hills - the keepery types all know it, they’ve been boxed into a corner by conservationists, ecologists and politicians and they are terrified. It’s absolutely glorious.
  18. Good. Sounds like a quick dispatch. I would have put them in a pot as well. All in favour of eradicating greys from this country and I’ve absolutely no time for suggestions they should be left alone because it’s cruel to kill them etc. I once met an ecologist on a job down south who tried to tell me it was wrong to get rid of them because it was cruel. Couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She’s clearly in the wrong game if thats her way of thinking.
  19. A statement from SGA [emoji23] https://news.scottishgamekeepers.co.uk/2020/06/sga-statement-full-protection-for.html?m=1 And the tears begin
  20. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53076970 Scottish football's going down the pan apparently. If that's how he feels then maybe he should encourage the SPFL and member clubs not to pursue piss poor proposals such as 14 team leagues.
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