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  1. Drones was up there with BHaR, the two either side of that were horrendous though.
    Music peaked in my book around 2005-07 and the last decade has been a solid march into the abyss. Indie in particular is now fatally irrelevant as a genre and won't be back.

    DMA’s are doing their best to keep indie music alive IMO.

  2. Just been reading on Wikipedia about Derrick Bird. The description of events unfolding is terrifying. Boys completely lost it.

    Sounds like a combination of numerous things that made him snap. Resigned from his job at the nuclear plant after allegations of theft, got beat up by fare dodgers 3 yrs previously and wasn’t the same after, was being investigated by HMRC over tax evasion, lost money after he sent a grand to his Thai “girlfriend” and she dumped him afterwards and a family feud over his fathers will.

  3. How long are people spending in shops that a mask is a major irritant for them? I'm 20 minutes in the supermarket on a Saturday and that's the only time I'm wearing a mask. 
    Different for people working in the shops I suppose but I can't understand why it would be some sort of hellish experience for your average consumer (waddling wife in tow optional).

    I wore a standard surgical mask for a 2 hr 30 min train journey last weekend. Didn’t bother me at all. I’ve just bought a tartan mask so I can both comply by the rules and look fashionable at the same time. It will be interesting to see if the wool irritates my face.

    People who are complaining about wearing masks are cretins. I would encourage people to get themselves a trendy mask, hit the town and own that mask.

  4. How it was planned to look with a development which I think was planned in 90's

    That’s amazing. To me it looks like an Italian ground for some reason. Why didn’t Partick finish the job? Did they just realise it would be too large?

    It’s a shame that clubs haven’t got larger supports in this country as there are many grounds that would look great if completed. I’ve always imagined New Douglas Park would look incredible if it had the same type stands filling those empty ends. Inverness is another that would look great with a wee enclosure running along the pitch.

  5. Gerry Cinnamon still has to prove his worth, he’s yet to make an appearance on the Jools Holland show and I personally set this as the benchmark for any band/singer to improve their status. As far as I’m aware, he is yet to appear on TV doing a live performance other than on “STV 2.” I am happy to be proved wrong.

    The lack of live acoustic sets by him is shocking, a quick search on YouTube reveals he hasn’t done any sets for Radio shows, such as the Radio 1 live lounge or Radio X etc. Given that his songs are now regularly played on those stations and others, and that he’s quite popular down south, I refuse to believe nobody in the music world is asking him “hey, Gerry - fancy doing a live recorded acoustic set for us?”

    Questions have to be asked.

  6. There is an argument for now. The measures have driven the levels in Scotland low however to drive them lower requires further steps. It gets harder to continue the downward trend the lower it gets. It's a bit like losing weight. You diet and exercise and that gets you to a level but to get down below that needs calories cut further and exercise upper. The stated aim is elimination or unrealistically eradication. That requires more than we had been doing but at the same time loosening the lockdown. It's a measure they have kept up their sleeve so to speak for the final push.

    I don't think face masks right from the start would have done any harm but I do see more value in them now. 
    Restrictions are being relaxed. We aren't as socially distant now as we were. 
    We've gone from one period of outdoor exercise a day and stick to interaction with only those from the same household to non essential shops now open, beer gardens opening and, all being well, from next weekend being actually being able to meet up with people from other households indoors, albeit with restrictions. 
    We are now living in much closer proximity to other people hence the increased need for face masks. 
    I also wonder if we had been wearing face masks from the start we may collectively now be fed up doing so with compliance dropping at a time when the need for them would be at the greatest. 

    These do well to sum up what I think about the masks. Can’t believe the amount of folk wetting their knickers over now having to wear masks instead of a couple of months ago. Back then we didn’t necessarily need masks because we should have all been observing the social distancing rules. Now the rules are being relaxed and places are opening up then yes, we should now wear masks because the ability to appropriately socially distance ourselves may be affected.

  7. I have to agree with beefybake on this one. Although I get the benefits of PCP i.e it’s perhaps less hassle and covered under warranty, I hate the idea of not actually owning my car. I couldn’t believe it when I was once told that you don’t actually get to keep the car - you never pay it off. To me that is madness. At least with a phone contract you get to keep it at the end of the contract.

    PCP just seems like another way for a company to keep getting money out of folk forever more. Personally I’d much rather buy a car outright. That way it’s actually mine, I don’t need to worry about minor damage to it and I’m not paying for it every single month. Even my shitheap of a car, which has had to go through hundreds of pounds of repairs between October - February hasn’t cost me anywhere near as much as 150 quid a month. It’s money down the drain IMO.

  8. 10 hours ago, Distant Doonhamer said:

    I’ll give you Wigan but Portsmouth were surely yet another side spending money they didn’t have.

    It doesn't matter though. It was their first FA cup since 1939. Regardless whether they were spending more than they had is irrelevant, it's exciting to see a team win something after so long. When Man City won it after they were taken over that was good to see. However the novelty quickly wears off when a team keeps winning it.

  9. My Vauxhall Astra is ancient. Mileage is about 120k. I’ve had a poor recent run with it repairs wise, I’ve had to spend hundred on it. Now the engine light has come on, this time it’s not going off. Who knows what that will be.

    I quite fancy getting a 4x4 next - anyone’s got any tips/recommendations/good websites for buying them second hand?

  10. This is my first time tuning into one of these closed doors matches. Why have folk been raving about the fake crowd noises as if it’s been great? It’s absolutely pish. No cheer when United scored there, you’d think it would be easy enough to have a guy with a soundboard in front of him to press for “away fans cheer”, “oooo close chance”, “booo” etc. You’d think they’d actually be able to put something half decent together, import some recordings of chants and songs by both teams fans - instead it’s just boring generic noise.


  11. 5 hours ago, Snafu said:

    Just had a cracker of a thunderstorm pass over Inverness just now.

    Continuous thunder and lightning almost like a tropical storm, thing won't shut up.

    Dingwall will be getting it just now.



    5 hours ago, Sherrif John Bunnell said:

    That is the biggest thunderstorm we've had here for years. The wind really got going  for a minute or two as well.

    It was tremendous wasn't it? The thunder was just rippling through the sky.

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