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  1. Tams been unusually quiet - anyone know if he’s managed to secure a brief?
  2. Sounding like there’s a chance this hits 8k. Price of a ticket has definitely had a part to play IMHO.
  3. I think the Man City pitch invasion today was completely unnecessary. When they won the league in 2012, fair doos. They are no longer strangers to winning the league anymore and they were fully expected to seal the title today. Todays invasion just screamed of “this is a trend just now so let’s do it.” The worst bit about it seems to be the amount of fucking arseholes who are more interested in assaulting/getting in the faces of opposition teams players. The times I’ve pitch invaded, doing stuff like that never crossed my mind - I was just in state of euphoria and enjoying the novelty of running around the pitch. If Saints were to win the play off tomorrow I wouldn’t be surprised if some younger fans will decide to do it off the back off this trend, which would be an absolute minter for us.
  4. Delighted Leeds survived and Burnley are down. Burnley are a shitey little club and Leeds are a massive, traditional club of Northern England. Get the f**k down, Burnley.
  5. Stevie G's Villa scoring the equaliser to hand Liverpool the title would be a wonderful story and peak #barclays. Make it so!
  6. Neilson looks like he’s just finished a days work at the office.
  7. What’s the crack with tickets for this game? The East Stand nearly sold out and looks like Saints haven’t opened the Ormond. I hope they do.
  8. Monday night will be interesting. Massive pressure on us now and if things don’t go our way the atmosphere could quickly turn poisonous.
  9. It was a great goal from The Caley tbf. Foot like a traction engine. We might be punished for blowing so many chances to extend our lead.
  10. Absolutely sick of young teams or ultras nicking songs the Old Firm use. Make up your own chants ffs.
  11. Attacking intensity from us has been great. Now let’s see if CD tells the team to start playing horrific, conservative hoofball in the second half. Wouldn’t surprise me now that we have a lead to protect.
  12. This is the best I’ve seen Saints play all season. Are we actually playing well or are ICT a complete gubbins side?
  13. Never understood those end bits of the main stand. Do Inverness fans just sit there in the pissing rain for 90 minutes getting soaked or do ICT hand out ponchos?
  14. This game is going to be dreadful, hope everyone enjoys wasting their evening watching this pish like I am
  15. Looking like a really healthy crowd tbf, should look good on the TV hopefully. What’s the story with the Inverness’s maggot of a stand ie the west stand? Surprised to see tickets have been sold there, thought this stand wasn’t in use? I also thought it was a terrace as well rather than a seated stand.
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