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  1. Wtf is up with the sound? It’s a few seconds ahead of the pictures.
  2. When I was in primary school we would often head into the post office on the way home. Irn-Bru and Wham bars were a favourite, but when it came to the penny chew selection I would always without fail buy loads of these guys
  3. Leicester City stadium expansion approved. Will take the King Power Stadium up to 40k capacity. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-62908016
  4. If the mods don’t have the ability then it will be Div that’s been tampering with the account. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me, Marshmallo used to give him red dots regularly. Another middle-aged man left riled by coloured circles!
  5. Just noticed that Buckie Thistle drew Linfield in the Challenge Cup. I know it’s considered a diddy cup at these early stages but that’s a bit of a glamour tie for Buckie. Would be hilarious if they beat Linfield but I suspect Linfield would progress with relative ease.
  6. Because if holds nearly 5000 fans - therefore when Motherwell play the OF that’s 4800 odd fans roaring their team on from a huge stand that looms over the rest of the stadium. I would have thought this enables the OF to make their presence felt when they come to visit you. If it doesn’t bother you though that’s fine, I’m just curious.
  7. Following St. Mirren’s excellent win against Celtic yesterday, many of the Paisley faithful are hailing the change in atmosphere at the match after the St Mirren board had decided to slash the Old Firms away fan allocation from two stands to one. Some fans are suggesting that the decision to do this may even have had a positive impact on the outcome of the game, on the mentality of the home side, as there were more home fans cheering their team on and less of a presence was felt from the Celtic fans. I’ve always been an advocate for teams cutting the Old Firms away allocation. There is nothing worse than sitting at the home of your own club with half of the stadium or more dominated by thousands of Old Firm fans singing their bigoted songs and making their presence very much felt. St. Johnstone are one of the worst offenders for OF allocations. In the not so distant past, 3 stands have been allocated to the OF. More often than not this basically turns it into a home game for the opposition and Saints are rolled over, hammered by several goals. The thousands of OF fans lord it over and revel in the toxic atmosphere they create, breaking into their bigoted songs. So vile is the situation that I never consider going to these games. I don’t believe I am the only person who refuses to go these games for this reason. Quite often the argument of money is brought up. Clubs seemingly rely on a blue or green pound to get by. I simply don’t accept this. The St. Mirren board must be commended for their decision. They knew they would potentially lose out on a significant amount of money but they listened to their own fans and have decided to try and reap the rewards of the long game - ie by attracting more people to support their local team and not putting them off. This time it may have worked, with St Mirren fans saying there was only a difference of 256 odd fans compared to the same fixture last season when Celtic had 2 stands (if I’ve got that right, correct me if I’m wrong). It’s got me thinking, what clubs in the top flight should be cutting the OF’s allocation? I know Hearts, Hibs and Kilmarnock have all reduced OF allocations to either 1 stand or half a stand but I don’t know if they have persisted with this? I’d like to see St Johnstone give the OF one stand behind the goal only. Livingston give away pretty much their entire stadium away to the OF (and Edinburgh clubs as well). Motherwell give them that massive stand behind the goal which towers over the stadium and holds 4000 odd fans. Does this bother Well fans? How would you feel if you were given the option to claim that stand as your own and give the away fans the stand behind the opposite goal instead? Dundee United often give the OF fans ‘the shed’ - are they happy with the current allocation setup? As I said on another thread earlier, I think it’s time clubs grew a backbone and started slashing the OF allocation for good. Celtic and Rangers already have a massive advantage financially to the rest of us and it doesn’t make sense that we should be giving them an even bigger advantage by turning our stadiums into Old Firm away day party dens.
  8. I think the North Stand is the max any away club should get. Even it’s a poor support like Livi, get them in the North Stand instead of in the corner of the Main. That’s where away fans should live.
  9. Difficult to fill your own stands when we have to compete with two giant clubs that have far more money than the rest of us, so are therefore are able to play more attractive football, win everything, and as a result of that are able to easily entice the would be OF gloryhunting simps of society who shun their local teams. That and of course being brought up by their stupid OF parents to support them, despite living miles and miles away from Ibrox or Celtic Park and basically have no real connection to these places whatsoever.
  10. Just discussed this on the match thread but seeing as it’s being mentioned here, my tuppence worth:
  11. More Scottish clubs need to grow a backbone and start reducing the OF’s allocation. It’s always infuriated me when we’ve given the OF 3 stands, it truly is the utter pits. The happy clapping gimps will say “we need the money!1!1!” but the sensible ones will realise that by doing so you create a totally vile atmosphere that basically becomes a home game for the OF side, who are usually cheered on to a comfortable victory by their thousands fans. So yeah, well done St Mirren for doing that. Even better you kicked them out and managed to beat them as well. Can only be a good thing for the fanbase. That’s how you win over people and get them supporting your local team, not by turning your stadium into an OF party zone.
  12. On another note, this Serie A season is shaping up to be an interesting one. Great to see the top 4 made up of the unlikelier teams, bar Napoli. I’d love to see them win it.
  13. I like Tammy. Guys a giant, good player, comes across well and has actually gone to the effort of learning Italian. A much better English role model than the majority of gimps that play in the #barclays
  14. Excellent result for Hearts considering they were away on European duty midweek.
  15. Tremendous result for Carnoustie, hopefully they get a favourable tie in the next round.
  16. Reading these comments by furious Rangers fans is hilarious. Loads of them calling for fines, stadium bans, SFA to get involved. Saw one lassie saying “SCREENSHOT THEIR FACES!!!” Funny thing, the offending chant will still successfully wind them up after the funeral - so I fully expect it to be brought out by opposition fans from time to time in future.
  17. The chant is distasteful but that won’t stop me laughing like f**k at how much that (and the United statement) has managed to wind up Rangers supporters. Truly wonderful stuff. The same supporters who sing bigoted, sectarian songs every single week and now they demand respect. Bunch of jokers.
  18. I will politely decline to take a step back and think about things, however I appreciate your kind words and have therefore rewarded you with 1 green dot.
  19. Is any explanation required? It’s tit for tat playground nonsense and I think it’s fair to say both parties are normally fully aware of what’s going on. I’ve received red dots before (unbelievable, I know) and I’ve responded by either giving some back or doing nothing at all. Never once have I asked for an explanation “can you tell me why you’ve given me a red dot?” Would you not agree that asking such a thing would be an absolute minter?
  20. I would never slag anyone who is struggling with depression. I just find it utterly remarkable that something so childish is seemingly enough to send grown adults into depression. I would be more understanding if someone was regularly receiving nasty PM’s or horrible comments were being made about them. Red dots on the other hand, they are completely meaningless. It’s a coloured dot on an Internet forum. If someone is depressed simply because of red dots then I would really hope they do the right thing and log out of P&B and seek the help they need.
  21. Grown adults saying red dots on a football forum are making them depressed
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