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  1. Attempts to shove royalty down our throats will only help to continue dividing us from the Union so I’m all for it.
  2. All this talk of licensing - how difficult is it for a club to get a license?
  3. Nah nah nah. Not having that. I didn’t go to watch the football. I went after a St. Johnstone home European game and was told to cover my top up. In a Perth pub on a Thursday evening. Ridiculous. The second incident I wasn’t watching the football and didn’t plan to. However I noticed the Europa League final was on and it was going to penalties. I knew the game was on ITV 4 or something so I asked the bar staff to stick it on and they declined to do so because they are a music pub. That’s even though there was no bands on and the tv was set to More 4 or some shite like that. Instead of putting the game on they decided to come across as if they are better than that and be total snobs. I’ve more or less boycotted ever since, however I might go back in if what Tam says is the new situation in there.
  4. I think it’s partly down to a mentality thing. Aberdeen had their big chance a few seasons ago and they blew it. Celtic were not at the races that season. Aberdeen recently as well only finished 9 points (3 wins) behind Celtic under Rodgers. I believe if a professional was brought in to deal with the mentality of the players, like they did at FK Bodø/Glimt in Norway, it might change the fortunes of a team if they can catch Celtic and Rangers on an off season. Leicester City were excellent in their title winning season but they took advantage of the other traditional top teams being quite poor. The key thing is consistency and routinely beating lesser sides. Then you have to take points off the OF. Aberdeen were getting good at until the shat it.
  5. Twa Tams is still open. Don’t go there, they are anti football. Told me to cover up my Saints top after European game once. Another time they refused to play the penalty shootout in a Europa League final, claiming they are “a music pub and we don’t show football.” They decided to leave the tv on More 4. Bunch of wanks. The Cherrybank is not in the city centre, you would have to get a bus. Not worth it tbh - I’m not a fan of them either. This is a wind-up - do not go here as this pub is for jakies. You should go to the Bee Bar. In all seriousness though, “the triangle” as mentioned by Paulo is your best bet. King James is a traditional style boozer and is an all round good pub. I’d go as far as saying it’s the best pub in Perth but Tbh the competition isn’t great just now. It has a jukey and pool table. Other option is Sandeman which is more like a Wetherspoons, more cavernous with lots of tv’s and a projector screen. I watched Scotland 2 England 2 in here and there were #scenes, lots of space to run around like a mad man. Foundry is pish. HTH.
  6. It would appear that they are. Said it before and I’ll say it again - if Scottish Labour declared they were open to independence their support would, as it by magic, skyrocket. They’re already realising that the SNP/INDYREF2BAD strategy isn’t working, they surely must know this would help them claim back lost supporters. Thing is though they probably don’t have the guts to do it. Starmer wouldn’t like it either.
  7. Yep, part of it does come down to genetics. Some people struggle to put on muscle, others easily put on weight or easily lose it. It’s about finding what works for you. The facts are however that there are loads of ways to lose weight: move more, eat less, eat better - people just need to find the combination I that works. I struggle to believe that folk who are obese and saying they can’t shift the weight are doing everything they can.
  8. Can’t believe you and your mates put up with that shite. You should have torn up his passport and left him in Germany tbh.
  9. Welsh election: Plaid promises independence vote in five years https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-56654580 Hope they do well in the May election.
  10. Anyone here know that Scotland has its very own rainforests? It’s on my to do list to visit and photograph them out on the west coast.
  11. Depends on the play-off situation. If it were to be changed to a straight relegation tomorrow I reckon League 2 would look very different in a few years time. I think this can only be a good thing for increasing attendances. Away crowds will increase because football fans enjoy visiting new places. New entrants to league 2 will see their attendances rise as a reflection of their success. It may grab the attention of local armchair old firm gloryhunters or epl fans. That might be asking a lot though.
  12. Delighted with that dra’. The cup double dream is alive.
  13. Wtf. They were beaten by a poor Saints side and failed to take their chances, including a penalty. Should they f**k to be in the hat - they are deservedly OOT.
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