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  1. Saw Rangers first goal. The keeper should be saving that. His dive was absolutely pathetic.
  2. My folks house in Perth was an actual inch away from being flooded. Water was right up at the doorstep. The houses across the road and a couple doors down - not so lucky. They are fucked.
  3. I think Celtic should set a precedent here and sack him.
  4. Gutted that we’re going to miss out on potentially two excellent away days to Peterhead and Kelty. What a pisser.
  5. Car park was busy in just outside Kinlochewe for climbing Slioch today but we managed to squeeze ourselves in. What a day we’ve had.
  6. Oh that is glorious. I think I’ll go out for a pint to celebrate.
  7. Have folk had their free pint yet? I’ve just realised I missed my week - it ended yesterday [emoji24] trying to decide whether to venture out into the rain and attempt to claim my free pint. Or is this folly?
  8. This is brilliant news as I am away to Lewis for work next week on the ferry and I was rather miffed when I discovered on my recent trip to Arran that I wouldn't be able to get a Calmac breakfast! Looking forward to those corncrake pics! I've only ever seen one once. Was thinking the other day that I should maybe take a trip to Islay next spring on a corncrake photography mission.
  9. I think there should “fat police” patrolling our streets looking for fat people. Any fatties spotted are beaten and clubbed with batons before being ordered to go to the gym. Stay slim Club the fatties Save lives
  10. Fulham have to be one of the most boring football clubs in existence. Brentford only have themselves to blame. West Brom are pish as well.
  11. Are you planning on just staying in Barra? If so I would consider leaving the car in Oban. It’s such a small island you don’t really need a car, the bus that takes you to the other side of the island I.e the airport costs a couple of quid and taxis are about 20 quid. You could also probably hire bikes somewhere (or take them over) and cycle about the place.
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