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  1. Brilliant summary from Another Angry Voice, worth a read.
  2. Night a like last night are only going to strengthen the cause. It’s coming. That snowball is still rolling down that hill, getting bigger and bigger.
  3. Imagine the minter of voting in a party that’s just lost their leader [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Lib Dem’s man. Absolutely pointless.
  4. Hahahahahaa get it right up you, you seething c**t! I wish nothing but utter misery upon you and your pathetic life you fucking scumbag!
  5. I’m going to bed. Not going to be 50 seats sadly but there’s no denying this is a stonker of a night for the Only Show In Town. Goodnight!
  6. Who is the presenter on BBC Scotland? Seems pro SNP which is totally refreshing
  7. Inverness smashes. Over 1000 people voting Brexit party there [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  8. I get why folk vote Tory (because they are unionist/hate SNP) but the lib fucking Dems? What’s the fucking point? Useless maggot of a party
  9. Hahahahaha jardine on the verge of tears because Swinson got emptied
  10. f**k the Lib Dem’s [emoji23] what an utterly pointless party
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