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  1. Shit Bands With One Good Song

    5ive - Keep On Movin’ Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine Toploader - Dancing In The Moonlight
  2. Shit Bands With One Good Song

    These are truly dreadful suggestions.
  3. Shit Bands With One Good Song

    You are wrong.
  4. Starting XI v Albania

    Step up Richard Foster
  5. Poverty Proofing

    Kids at school these days must be even more cretinous than they were 10 years ago. Imagine bullying someone because they can’t afford a jacket that costs nearly a grand. When I was at school you got bullied for wearing jackets from places like Asda or Tesco - but the jackets the bullies had on weren’t exactly breaking the bank, it would be a Nike or Adidas number from JJB or the like. I remember receiving a smart jacket once from my stepdad. He said his mate, who worked in a Gortex factory, gave it to him but it didn’t fit. Apparently the jacket was due to branded a Hugo Boss but hadn’t been labelled yet - although Gortex had already stuck their label on it. I wore it to school and of course when I explained the story I got jeered and the jacket was forever known as the “fake Hugo Boss.” I still have the jacket and I still wear it for either going to work or for special occasions like a nice dinner. It’s smart as f**k. Still gets called the fake Hugo Boss though.
  6. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Good to see folk who don’t normally post are making their voices heard on this issue. I hope someone from the club reads these comments.
  7. Next Month face Albiana and Isarel

    The Old Firm player merry-go-round will continue as long as the SFA keep appointing stupid auld c***s like McLeish. Sickening.
  8. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Let’s all get kegs from Inveralmond and have a kegger. Cheeky kegger with all the lads.
  9. Bee Bar is another fine pub that’s very popular in Perth.
  10. St Johnstone FC Thread

    I’m definitely in favour of a fan zone outside McDiarmid. Sell Tennents on draft, get some TVs on the go with highlights of Saints goals from all eras, have stalls selling merchandise, have competitions you can enter for prizes, get a jukebox on the go and get the tunes on, do meet and greets with players. I’d be sold.
  11. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Watching football and drinking lager go hand in hand, chief - you ask most football fans what they like to do on a match day and almost all of them will say “go to the pub.”
  12. St Johnstone FC Thread

    DundeeSaint - voice of reason. Great post m9.
  13. St Johnstone FC Thread

    There’s nothing to do around McDiarmid and the area doesn’t inspire. It’s at least a 40 minute walk from the city centre and there’s no pubs to drop into along the way. Bit of pilgrimage really.