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  1. Where are you seeing this? Isn’t in the banner at the top of the page
  2. It was my first big Saints game as a young lad. It really was a tremendous night, the atmosphere was incredible - blew me away at the time.
  3. I forgot about that! That’s peak banter right there. Has Scottish football seen the likes since?
  4. There seems to be an element of SNP supporters who want Sturgeon to resign and they think Cherry would be a great replacement for her. Seems absolutely bonkers.
  5. Nothing much to be honest. Sadly this is the state of affairs we have to put up with in Scotland, where two teams dominate and have all the resources. That said, you’ve missed my point slightly - the scenario you’ve put to me there is miles better than finishing in the bottom six and not doing as well in the cups, which is what could happen to Aberdeen should they decide to punt McInnes. There isn’t anyone standing out to me that can better what he’s achieved. Aberdeen’s recent (past two decades) record in Europe is notably better than Hibs, McInnes has led them to the third qualifier multiple times. He only has the League Cup to his name but in fairness Aberdeen would have won more cups had they not been up against a phenomenal Celtic side. My main gripe with McInnes and Aberdeen is their failure to challenge Celtic for the league title. Aberdeen were top one January and then shat the bed. Celtic were there for the taking. I’m sure if you asked any Aberdeen fan if they would accept a poor league placing in exchange for the Scottish Cup they’d bite your hand off.
  6. If we are being realistic, who could Aberdeen currently appoint that could do as decent a job as Derek has done the past 7-8 years? In April 2013 when he took over they finished 8th. Since then they have finished no lower than 4th. Surely Aberdeen fans would not want to settle for anything less than what they are getting now? For the next manager to be a success he would not only have to replicate what McInnes has done but he would have to go a step further, which can only mean one or all of the following: 1. win the Scottish Cup 2. Finish second or win the league 3. Enter the Europa League Group stages. Be careful what you wish for. Getting rid of McInnes because people feel Aberdeen are "stagnating" is, IMO, a bad idea. There would have to be a high profile manager lined up for the job to justify it and even then it would be a gamble because you would risk losing the consistent top 4 finishes and return to the days of having bottom six finishes - pish by Aberdeen standards.
  7. Well that would be a stupid reason wouldn’t it?
  8. Hate the classic attitude of “it won’t work here” or “nobody will use it, waste of money.” Trams will always be a success because they are better than buses. Buses are shite. The success of the borders railway is not a surprise to me. People in this country will use railways if they are readily available to them - which is why I think more stations must be opened on existing lines and old lines must be reinstated. It’s quite baffling how an SNP government, given how intent they are on cutting carbon emissions and improving transport, haven’t made more moves on this front.
  9. Always nice to beat the Buddie Mc Bud Buds. Kano getting in on the goals is great to see.
  10. 4-1. Stunning result for County, Aberdeen throw yourselves off the Kessock on the drive home will you.
  11. I went for Greens in the poll but I'm unsure. The SNP losing the first election post-indy would almost certainly be spun as "see - the people didn't want this! We must rejoin the Union!" No chance in hell Labour would ever get a vote from me unless they embraced independence.
  12. Cheers for the responses. Yeah I drive it around in 2WD and only switch to 4WD if I have to negotiate tricky terrain, switching back to 2WD after. Sounds like I should be okay.
  13. I’m under the impression that if you have to change a tyre on a 4x4 then you have to change all of them or it will f**k the 4x4 system? I have an X-Trail which is a 2WD but with the option to change into 4x4. So it’s not an AWD or permanent 4x4. My question is: I need to change the two front tyres - should I get the two back ones changed as well?
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