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  1. Love reading all the P&B comments about us tonight. Great performance that gives us hope, it’s the hope that kills you but we have a team that can do things now.
  2. Fucking STV going to adverts! Bunch of utter c***s why do they keep doing this?
  3. Farcical decision. Wales has fans in Baku tonight. Hungary had a full house the other night. Why do we not get to go to games in a months time? Fucking raging.
  4. Can only hope countries move to the Green list in time for the game.
  5. Did anyone else hear Tyldsley say “Ngolo Kante, a nice guy that does come first!” Absolutely bizarre thing to say [emoji38]
  6. You’re absolutely raging that CR7 has had yet another fantastic game for his country. It’s fantastic to see!
  7. If anyone wants to create a topic “men of the Euros” then they are free to do so, shouldn’t bother anyone if they do - nor should it bother anyone that this thread was made.
  8. Dingwall away on a glorious summer July’s day sounds splendid to me
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