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  1. Well done to Hibernian, a memorable victory over the double winners that will live long in the memory of Hibs fans.
  2. If Glass is given more time his next game is vs Celtic. Can’t see him keeping his job if Aberdeen suffer a heavy defeat and/or put in a gutless performance.
  3. It’s been 14 years since we last played Celtic in a cup semi final.
  4. Agreed, we are due a win over these gimps.
  5. I haven’t said that I think it’s sound - it isn’t. I’m just pointing out that Griffiths seems to be getting a harder time for his part in the incident than the FCU are, which I think is unfair. He is supposed to be a professional but this is a guy who tried to get nudes from an underage lassie and was caught singing racist songs in a boozer. He should know better but he doesn’t because he’s a certified idiot - I don’t think anybody should be surprised that he would do something like this.
  6. Agree with this, there’s a lot of Lovejoying going on over this and the “unstable explosive” remark made me chuckle. It’s hardly unexplored ordnance found on Carnoustie Beach, it’s a pishy wee smoke bomb. That’s not me saying they aren’t potentially dangerous - as the Rangers fan incident has shown - but 99% of the time these things go off without injuring folk. The one Griffiths booted had also clearly “detonated” and was doing as the person who launched it intended, so the cries of “it cud of hurt someone!” are a bit ridiculous. Too many tears being shed for those poor FCU fans who were given their wee toy back - not enough tears for the photographers and other members of Dens Park staff who were directly in the firing line. The FCU really don’t help themselves, if they keep carrying on like that they’ll just get their section at McDiarmid closed again. We already know that this is the kind of publicity that the club doesn’t want or tolerate.
  7. The other thing is, Griffiths is getting a hard time here for kicking it back. I think we aren’t giving the FCU a hard enough time for throwing a potentially dangerous firework onto the pitch - putting the ballboys, photographers, players, stewards and other supporters at risk of serious injury.
  8. Griffiths obviously shouldn’t have kicked it into the crowd but the absolute knicker wetting state folk are getting into over this is embarrassing. Tbf to Griffiths, it was his best strike all night because he managed to punt it straight back to the FCU as opposed to other Saints fans. Flares are shite anyway, not sure why the FCU are so obsessed with them.
  9. Are you not one of the folk who defends Saints giving 3 stands to the Old Firm at McDiarmid? 3 stands of SOL = bad 3 stands of bigoted sectarian bile = sound Hampden semis are pish, the only reason we’ve enjoyed them recently is because we won and we weren’t there! Would much rather face Dundee United at a sold out Tynecastle or Raith at a sold out East End Park than a half empty Hampden any day.
  10. What is actually wrong with Dundee FC? Genuinely believed tonight that they would break their quarter final hoodoo. They had 3 glorious chances, each saved by Zander who kept us in the game at that stage. I thought Dundee would surely make the breakthrough at some point. We lose Brown for the second half and I thought a Dundee goal had to be coming. Alas it did not happen for them. A big opportunity missed for the Dees IMO but the Saints go marching on. Away support was decent and noisy. Griffiths kicking pyro off the pitch was great fun to watch. Pure frustration boiling over.
  11. Noticed a lot of folk saying we are going to Hampden again - would this be the case if we drew Dundee United, Hibs or even Raith in the next round? I would like to think that we would play the game at Tynecastle instead. Hampden = shitehole
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