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  1. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Why exactly would that be?
  2. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Just seen the Ronaldo sending off. No way that’s a straight red. He’s touched his head. Both players should have been yellow carded and move on.
  3. Tree of the Year 2018

    Have to say that I am disappointed with this years contestants for TOTY. None of them leave me feeling very inspired. I’m struggling to pick one.
  4. Plum

    Well as of this morning one plucky PnB’er signed up (well half signed up but one would presume they want to investigate further before fully committing which is fair enough). Good on that person, I do hope they return and give it a bash. I feel like many people are frightened to do this. This is the future my friends, we might as well embrace it.
  5. Plum

    The only negative thing I’ve heard about Plum is that it can be annoying by messaging you all the time - however that’s easy solved by turning the notifications off. There’s no goading as well - you made that up.
  6. Plum

    I cheekily threw the link in at the end to see if anybody would fancy it. Hey, I’m not trying to sell anything - if folk want to sign up they can. All the info is google and on the link I posted. I signed up from one of my Facebook friends links and helped them make a quick buck so I’m entitled to do the same - as are you or anyone else. It’s a free for all Gman. If you get your mates on board and earn some beer money you can thank me later. Hell, I’d even chuck in an original can of Irn Bru just for you for joining. I’m a good man, Gman. Everyone’s a winner here.
  7. Plum

    No they don’t take a cut of your money. If they did I would just use a saving account with a bank - problem is I’m terrible at saving and apparently this app is good at doing it for you. I googled it and I’m happy that it’s legit and not some George Agdgdgwngo job.
  8. Plum

    Well spotted. [emoji57] I (and anyone else who decides to join) can make a few quid by getting others - be them friends, family or fellow PnB members - to sign up. I would class this as a savings account.
  9. Plum

    Does anyone use this? I’ve not long signed up after I heard some good reviews about it. Basically it’s an app that lives in your facebook messenger and puts money aside for you based on what you spend. A few people I’ve talked to say they’ve put a decent wedge of cash away and barely notice it coming out of their account. I’m wanting to save up for some stuff so I’m giving it a bash but keen to hear how others get on with it. https://friends.withplum.com/r/pMWNbH
  10. The City of Dundee Appreciation Thread

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-45432993 Stunning. Dundee’s pure quality min.
  11. Uefa plans third European club competition from 2021

    The idea stinks. Another money maker for UEFA. Only way I’d like it is if it was bringing back the ECWC.
  12. Meal Deals

    I’ve just purchased a meal deal. From Boots. It cost me £3.39. This is probably worse than if it cost £3.50 because if you were to pay by cash you would likely be left with an irritating amount of change. I have opted for a Southern Fried Chicken wrap, a bag of Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli and a bottle of San Pellegrino sparkling water. I would have got juice instead, however I’m trying to improve my daily intake of water. I’ve chosen sparkling for a bit of exciting fizz.
  13. If I wasn’t hillwalking I’d go to this. New look Saints to tear Aberdeen apart and send shockwaves through the Premiership. 6-0 to Perth St Johnstone
  14. Off The Ball - Is it good?

    I think it’s underrated. It’s a good show and I think even for non football fans it can be a bit of a giggle as well.
  15. What Do You Imagine Other P&B Users Look Like