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  1. Compare the English Premier League with the Scottish Premiership from 10 years ago. How many teams were in the league in 2013 but aren't in them now? Scotland: 2 England: 8 The fact is that the Scottish top-flight has barely changed face over the past 10 years whilst in England there's a significant difference, thanks to the greater number of relegation spots which provide a better chance of fresh faces entering the league. There's only 5 teams from the past decade that have played in the Scottish top flight who aren't there just now! Hopefully Queens Park will buck the trend this season but even still, we are crying out for a more exciting league system than this.
  2. As a side note, the Old Firm derby is one of the most tin pot derbies in world football. They play each other a minimum 4 times a season, this can rise to as much as 6 if they meet in the cups (like they will this season). The finest derbies in world football such as El Classico, Manchester Liverpool, Ajax Feyenoord, Bayern Dortmund, Merseyside Derby, North London etc are only contested twice a season and this hasn't diminished the status of those games. Add in the fact that the Old Firm aren't even letting away fans in, it's petty shite from two clubs that hold themselves in such high esteem. Both complete losers.
  3. Narrow-minded pish. Would much rather we played less games a season than more games against the same opposition. Quality over quantity. I 100% support a 16 team league like the Swedish Allsvenskan and Norwegian Eliteserien. Play each other once home and away, 30 games a season, bob's your uncle. No more ridiculous split and no more playing a team 4 times in the league. Games would be more enticing to go to home and away. 2 automatic relegation spots and relegation play-off would ensure that the relegation battle would be an exciting one every season and we would likely see new teams in the Premiership that haven't been there for many years, new teams to play and grounds to visit. 12 team league sucks arse and has become stale.
  4. Can I shock you? I enjoyed the Soccerette feature. It was funny then and, watching that clip Throbber posted, it's still funny now. No amount of mewling from members of the #WOKERATI will make me change my mind. It's just a bit of silly banter *insert Richard Keys meme*. Incredibly, watching Soccer AM as a teen hasn't turned me into a misogynist pig in my adult years and I think anyone who claims they were influenced by the show in that way was already a wrong'un anyway.
  5. Simpson scandal update: Homer sleeps nude in an oxygen tent which he believes gives him SEXUAL powers!
  6. This season I am supporting 3 teams - Napoli, The Arsenal and Queens Park - in their quests to win their respective leagues.
  7. If the Muirton is "fucking atrocious" and I've had other people tell me similar then it sounds like I don't need to go to see what it's like myself, as I suspected. I don't think that makes me a gobshite though, if I'd tried to hide the fact I've never been then yeah. As for the catering situation, who knows if the Pars ran out. I suspect they didn't because I heard of no complaints. Maybe Saints fans are just greedy b*****ds, would explain why you often see them complaining that there aren't any XXL shirts left for sale.
  8. Changing the subject here but I wish to have another St Johnstone related moan. A couple of weeks ago I went to the Dunfermline vs Falkirk game and made some observations of the matchday experience which I naturally started comparing to Saints. 1. Legends Bar Legends Bar at East End Park is brilliant. It feels like an actual boozer, a great place to be before and after a match. If McDiarmid had something like this it would be class, I'd definitely make a point of going to the stadium well before kick-off to enjoy a few pints. Indeed the place was packed. Admittedly I've never set foot into the Muirton Suite but I am reliably informed that it is nowhere near as good as Legends bar, a quick google image search also backs this up. It looks bloody dreadful I must say. 2. Club Shop Dunfermline have an actual club shop and not some pishy wee box room that you can't swing a cat in. Puts us to shame. 3. Catering I was sat in the Main stand and navigating my way through the crowds along the incredibly narrow, dated walkway to the other end of the stand was a pain in the arse. The time it was taking me I was fearful I would miss out on hot food. However upon arriving at the kiosk I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was no queue and plenty of bridies to go around - even though the attendance was 9500+. Slick service. This was about 5 - 10 mins before kick-off. I can't confirm if there was hot food left at halftime. All I know is that on my last trip to McDiarmid against United the service was unbelievably slow and they had no hot food by halftime for a run-of the mill league game. I think it's poor that a League 1 club can offer a better matchday experience than us, an established top flight club. Looking forward to Tam telling me "to go and support Dunfermline then you Par c**t." All I'm saying is we need to do better. We've stagnated.
  9. You mean to tell me fans are choosing to stay away when the OF are in town? That they don't fancy paying to watch their team get pumped in front of thousands of gloating OF fans? Astonishing if true. I have a great idea for Motherwell. Instead of providing any sort of incentive to their supporters for attending these particular games they should just give three of their stands away to the OF.
  10. Baffled by the excitement surrounding this shirt and even more baffled that people are prepared to spend £90 on it. Shirt looks shite IMO.
  11. There was this kid that used to hang out with us - he was a wee geek and annoying. One day he annoyed me so much that I stuffed holly leaves down the back of his t-shirt. He ran away home screaming and crying. Later that day his mum went round to my house and was rightfully raging, saying that her sons back was covered in cuts and scratches. Needless to say I got a bollocking from my folks for being such a shit. I remember seeing him in the passing a few times years later when we had grown up and I would would always feel bad.
  12. True dat. I should have said nothing to do with the other game except for the money. OF get enough money as it is, so you can give them some extra.
  13. Shameful stuff if true. Absolutely sick of football clubs taking their fans for granted just so they can make a bit more coin off the back of the Old Firm. Just like when St. Johnstone charged £30 and gave Rangers 3 stands for our Scottish cup tie back in January. This stuff needs to stop. Having to agree a ticket price for both semis between all the clubs is a total nonsense as well. The clubs involved in each semi should be able to agree a price between the two of them and split the proceedings between all 4 clubs afterwards. The OF game should have absolutely nothing to do with the ICT Falkirk game. A ridiculous state of affairs.
  14. If you needed yet more evidence that the people who run our game are clueless idiots then here it is. A 1215 kick-off meaning Inverness fans will have to leave at the crack of dawn to have any chance of enjoying themselves pre-match. THIRTY EIGHT POUNDS for a ticket ensures that fair weather fans who were considering going will watch on TV instead. I cannot fathom why the SFA have allowed this to happen and why they think it is acceptable. Furthermore, if the Old Firm game has had an influence on the ticket price - why? What has this semi final got to do with their game? I don’t get it. This game was always going to be played in a half empty Hampden, what should have happened here is an appropriate kick-off time was put in place and tickets for £20 to maximise the attendance. Now fans of both clubs face the mouthwatering prospect of watching the game through weary eyes in front of 10k fans with a hole burnt through their wallets. f**k the SFA.
  15. If there's any justice in the world, Napoli will win this years Chumpions League.
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