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  1. Definitely the result mate because I am rolling in 25 glorious pounds and you are wallowing in sadness.
  2. Actually no. I checked the score at 90+2 mins and saw it was 0-0, thought ah f**k sakes, put my phone away and then checked hours later to discover there had been a glorious winner from the mighty Cove. I win a cheeky 24 quid and your shite team suffers the first defeat of many in the seaside league. GIFUY
  3. Yeah I’m just not buying this comfortable Biden win talk and I think everyone on here is going to be left extremely disappointed.
  4. Am I the only one here who thinks Trump is going to win again? When it happened the first time round I wasn’t surprised at all, I see no difference here. America seems to have been crippled by misinformation on social media much like the UK has when it comes to the Tories. I hope I’m wrong but I’m fully prepared for a Trump win. I also think the US is on the verge of civil war. A country full of scared and angry gun nuts who have been fed all sorts of ridiculous lies about the democrats. A channel 4 piece recently was in America and the gun shop owner was showing off his empty shelves explaining that people are “stocking up.” If Biden wins I think it could all kick off.
  5. Brilliant parody of the Dragons Den by Revive showing how ludicrous it would be if someone presented driven grouse shooting as their pitch.
  6. Bar-tailed godwits on Nairn beach today.
  7. First attempt at panning today. Keen to keep practising and see what I can come up with.
  8. I remember working a 9-5 job indoors all day with no windows a couple of years ago. It was shite driving to work in the dark, entering the building just as it was getting light and then emerging back out at 5 and it was dark. Eternal darkness Monday to Friday. Absolutely shite. All because the Brexit voting farmers need to milk their cows and that. Get it in the bin.
  9. Voted. If the power of PnB can send Alexandra Burke to Peterhead then we can make this happen too.
  10. There’s folk here making wild suggestions that you are Falkirk09Bairn. Any truth in this?
  11. Can someone give me a summary as to why many on P&B are raging about the covid guidelines/lockdowns and why they hate the likes of Leitch? I don’t get it - but that’s because I’ve lost completely lost interest and haven’t really been following what’s been going on.
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