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  1. Being back alcohol sponsors. Some of their sponsors were iconic.
  2. The best way to get rid of the SNP in Scotland would be to vote Yes. Their job would be done. Sure they might hold onto power for a few years after but they wouldn’t last. I believe a lot of new parties would emerge in the aftermath giving voters more appealing options.
  3. If I was a Motherwell supporter visiting Rome, I’d be packing that top when going to a Roma game. Would raise a few eyebrows from the locals, I bet they’d enjoy that shit.
  4. I’m basing my “won’t be missed” comment on my assumption that next season won’t be as awful as last and that I think Lampard will secure a suitable replacement.
  5. 2014 was disappointing to say the least. The prospect of losing again, given everything that’s happened since then, is sickening. Sadly I think another No vote will be returned because Scotland seems to be a country full of negative, feart shitebags. In the event of another No vote I would strongly consider moving abroad. At present, the immediate future in the UK looks incredibly bleak. The cost of living crisis will only get worse it seems. The Tories have no credible opposition and have the majority of the British public on strings - they are virtually unstoppable. If we lost the next Indy ref it would be depressing beyond belief and I’d be left with little hope for my future prospects here in Scotland. I’d probably fancy moving to a nation where it’s government cares more about its citizens and I could make a better living for myself.
  6. Well it is actually, for several reasons. 1) the system, from a Scottish perspective, is flawed. We rarely get the Westminster Government that we voted for. In an independent Scotland we would always get the government we vote for. 2) same as point one really - clearly Scotland did not want to leave the EU but votes across the rest of the UK sealed our fate. Not only do we not get the governments we vote for, we are at the mercy of whatever the rest of the UK votes when it comes to the massive decisions that will affect all of us. In an independent Scotland, those big decisions affecting the lives of Scottish people would be made by the people who live in this country and them alone. 3) the main opposition to the current Tory government, Labour, is a complete joke and will unlikely win any general election. That means we are faced with the future of a never ending conservative rule. The conservatives influence over the media has all but ensured that Labour won’t win an election. The Tories are full of lying, evil scum who don’t care about the people of the UK. In an independent Scotland, we would likely never need to worry about the Conservative party ever again. In summary, Westminster is very shit and it’s a big reason why people should vote yes.
  7. Why have Joma decided to release smart looking kits now while St Johnstone were subjected to years of absolute shite? I’d be lying if I said those Raith and Norwich kits are bad. Still, f**k you Joma.
  8. Won’t be missed IMO. Incredible that Everton paid £50 million for him in the first place, so to recoup that and then some is a win. He’s a petulant player prone to a bit of diving. Never really been a fan of him.
  9. I’m going to be absolutely seething if the club has gone for some sort of cheap Macron option rather than bespoke. Anyone who hasn’t seen Motherwells new kits, especially the stunning Roma esque one, I suggest you do so now.
  10. Tremendous Motherwell kit by Macron. As someone said earlier, a St Johnstone version of that with blue and yellow would be tremendous. Sadly I get the feeling we’ll go with Macrons cheapest option…
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