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  1. Crackpot and shitebag decision from the SPFL if this gets voted through.
  2. Yeah I’ve tried it, it’s nice. Wouldn’t be able to tell you how it tasted though as it was a couple of months ago. Also, that video is absolute hell. Not sure what’s worse, the big f**k off iceberg or the backing track. Hate Tiktok.
  3. Been doing this as part of my workout. It is difficult. Can make it even harder by walking your hands in and out. Normally I’ll start with that to feel the burn and then move onto pike push ups with my feet on the coffee table. Once that’s becoming agony I’ll put my knees down on the table and continue like that.
  4. In addition to the pull up bar I have as of this morning started a regime, which I’m hoping to stick to, of doing a breathing exercise and having cold showers instead of hot ones. Inspired by the “Iceman” Wim Hof and doing his technique it’s supposed to be good for your mind and immune system. So giving it a go. I have to say that today on day one I feel pretty good.
  5. It was about 60 quid. Made by a company called Innovation Fitness, got it from amazon however they’ve now sold out it seems. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Powerbar-doorways-inches-construction-assembly/dp/B00140TJ0M You might be able to find more or less the same design made by other companies by searching “pull up bar no screws.”
  6. My pull up bar arrived the other day. Really pleased, solid piece of kit.
  7. Opening this thread every morning be like:
  8. I don’t think it’s a case of “loads of people on here wishing death upon him” I think it’s a case of loads of people on here don’t care if he dies.
  9. And back to photography...a shot of the Standing Stones Of Callanish taken a week before the lockdown.
  10. Sticking to the chippy theme I had this huge and superb chippy in Helmsdale back in January.
  11. Me when you attempt to punch me after the law is passed:
  12. Mate it was like a labyrinth. Confusion was in the air and, as you’ve pointed out, employees disobeyed their own arrows as well.
  13. Going to stick my neck out here and say that the one way system is pish. Did my shopping on Saturday, the first time with the one way system in place. At first I was all for following it but after walking down an aisle I realised, shit I was meant to get *insert item* but the item was now behind me. It was like missing a junction on a motorway. This meant having to follow the arrows which started leading me away from where I needed to be and I was struggling to see what path I could take to make safe passage to the aisle. I then had people heading towards me because they were ignoring the rules and going the wrong way down a one way aisle. I thought f**k this piece of nonsense and started to shop like I normally do. I’m all for keeping my distance from others and using a bit of common sense i.e if an aisle is busy return when it’s a bit quieter - but the one way system doesn’t work, it’s not practical. I prefer to shop the way I’m used to so I can get myself in and out of there pronto.
  14. Tiger King is bonkers. Red neck mentalists, the lot of them
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