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  1. Seen this being said a couple of times and it's a truly ridiculous take. The lack of awareness shown by folk like you of what's actually going on in this country is simply staggering.
  2. He’s always going to say that though. He wants a Labour majority so he’s hardly going to say that he’ll do deals with other parties. Would Starmer turn down the opportunity to finally oust the Conservatives by refusing a coalition deal with the SNP? He would be a fool to do so. It would be game over for him.
  3. Best we can hope for is a GE with a Labour/SNP coalition Gov set-up under the agreement that the law is changed and the Scottish Government is given the right to hold referendums as it sees fit instead of continuing with this ridiculous state of affairs where we have to request permission from WM.
  4. This is a victory for evil if the Saudi’s win this. Sort yourselves out Argentina FFS
  5. I don’t care what the rules are, if that’s what’s being given for offside these days then the game is gone. Fair enough if it was his foot, but it’s his arm ffs. Maybe his shoulder. Both his feet are onside. Truly ridiculous.
  6. If Morton were to go up would they do any work on Cappielow? Put a roof and seats on the WDE maybe?
  7. It’s scandalous that Qatar, for all the money they have, can’t even provide adequate accommodation at a reasonable price for their international guests. These Middle Eastern countries love showing the world how lavish they are, giving off this vibe that they are incredibly accommodating and want you to have a 5 star stay. Qatar is showing the reality - that they are only interesting in catering for the super rich. If we didn’t know already. It’s embarrassing and it sickens me that world sport is pandering to these jokers.
  8. Wow I don't feel sorry for anyone who splashed out on this. What were they thinking?
  9. I’ll be mildly annoyed if they manage to score just one goal. I hope they score zero goals and concede bucketloads.
  10. Just realised that this will be the first WC with VAR. I think that will also contribute to the competition being a crock of shit.
  11. Good work. Some startling decreases in there for some clubs, particularly the west coasters St Mirren, Morton, Partick, Airdrie and Dumbarton. Wonder why that is? Edinburgh clubs have significant increases but OF attendances have ballooned. Aberdeen static. Interesting that. Sickening to see such huge increases in OF attendances tbh. Honestly, what a footballing nation we would have if gloryhunting OF armchair fans just stuck by their locals teams. Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs pulling in regular crowds of 20k. Grounds across the country half full instead of half empty. What a sight it would be.
  12. My 30th is round the corner and I’m being asked what I’d like. I’m thinking I would quite like a classy watch as an alternative to wear on a night out instead of my Apple Watch which I’m getting sick of having to constantly charge. My preference is a silver watch, not a big fat one - something medium sized or smaller. I prefer simplistic designs and don’t want something elaborate with loads of dials/cogs showing. Something similar to the Chinese watch Biggie posted earlier would be decent. Unsure what the watch buffs of this thread think about quartz vs mechanical and whether it matters. I think because I wouldn’t be wearing the watch daily I’d be better sticking with quartz as I’m under the impression mechanical watches benefit from regular wear. Budget wise I’m not sure. Let’s say absolute max £400 but maybe something closer to 300 would be preferable as long as it’s not considered cheap and nasty. Any advice much appreciated.
  13. You think I found dead geese and a buzzard in the streets? Lol I picked up the woodpigeon for a closer look, it was completely whole and could have possibly died the day before. However as I picked it up I joined up the dots and realised what was going on. A scavenged goose carcass. Then a dead, decomposing buzzard, followed by a recently dead pigeon. Seemed a bit more sinister than a coincidence and I was right.
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