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  1. When the anti-alcohol Scottish Government gets full control of Scotrail I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept the ban in place.
  2. Although both teams are complete garbage, Dundee don’t have goal virgins playing up front for them. Niall McGinn is a fine addition to their squad, he may be getting on but this is a man who knows where the net is. A good Dons man. He may be the difference between relegation and salvation for Dundee. As for Saints, I have zero faith in the team.
  3. Mike, would you say it’s a good time to buy the dip? I’m swithering but this chat about “the feds” is giving me the fear.
  4. Looking forward to the end of the trilogy on Wednesday evening.
  5. With 15 minutes to go in ET tonight there wasn’t a single player who looked desperate to get an equaliser. No urgency and no desire to save ourselves. The scenes at the end between players and fans were ugly. I’ve never seen anything like that in the time I’ve supported St Johnstone. People saying the scenes were disgraceful - I’d say tonight’s performance and the recent run of results is disgraceful. Our transfer business has been disgraceful. Some of the team selections have been disgraceful. Yes we’ve been blessed with our golden era and some of the young fans won’t know anything other than success. But this isn’t like we are having a poor season, maybe scraping just above the relegation zone, finishing in the bottom half and then maybe just falling away slowly to relegation another season. It isn’t that. We are plummeting down. We can’t score goals. We’ve just suffered a humiliating cup defeat - one of the worst results in our history. Fans have a right to be angry. What a mess.
  6. The St Johnstone Banter page is extremely entertaining tonight.
  7. A turgid game of football which ended in disaster for us. Kelty fully deserved their win, although I wish they had done it in normal time to win me some money. Their goal was excellent, I thought he had taken too many touches and made a bigs ear of it, but he coolly passed it into the net. Highlight of the day were the Kelty pies. I heard they were good so I sampled both the scotch and steak pies and they were both excellent, I particularly enjoyed the steak pie. If the result wasn’t a big enough minter, one saints fan decided to give one of the match photographers dogs abuse because the photographer took his photo while he was going mental at the saints team walking off [emoji38] proper pathetic stuff. This will go down in history as the league two side who knocked out the cup holders from the premiership, however Kelty are clearly in a different league to the rest of league 2. I’d have them top half of League 1 no bother.
  8. I was laughing when Kelty scored. Great break and composure to score.
  9. Enjoying a cup of the black nectar at my first game of the year.
  10. Also, this has already been pretty much confirmed as fake but it looks insanely good. This guy looks like a sith Witch King.
  11. I’m enjoying the series. Episode 4 was great, surprised nobody is discussing it tbh. Folk are raging because they just want to see Boba Fett hunting folk down, they want guns and action. Clearly the series is showing how Boba is developing as a character and trying to move away from that life. As Fennec said “you’ve gone soft.” We’re seeing a more emotional side to him now that he’s an old c**t. That’s not a bad thing IMO. Anyway, yes that chase scene was unbelievably shite and seemed to last forever. Episode 4 has set things up to get very interesting however and I think it’s going to be great.
  12. Had a couple of coffees from a moka pot recently and they were delicious. Might have to get myself one. I’m a tea drinker but I do like the occasional coffee for early starts. I use coffee bags which I think taste better than your usual Nescafé shite. One these ones just now: [quote post=14969368" timestamp="1642759996" name="amnarab" userid="66268]Beanies make some great flavours of instant coffee granules. I’ve tried this stuff and it’s foul. I think I had the chocolate orange flavoured one. Tasted like I was drinking sick.
  13. I personally wouldn’t bother with a dedicated winter walking jacket. I think you’re better off getting a decent waterproof/wind proof jacket that you can wear all year round and just layer up in winter.
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