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  1. School. School annoys me, and it's petty. also, the fact that i cant find a TV card for my 'puter
  2. Rivers Of Babylon - Boney M classy
  3. Bones - The Killers i love that album
  4. cos of how the comments are set out - my comment was atop his, and now, this one is atop my last one, so im sitting on myself...*shrugs*

  5. Mike is my little brother and I can indeed confirm he is a noob. By the way why are you sitting on him ?

  6. nownow, lets all behave

    your case for the man i'm sitting on being a noob?

  7. That TwisteH is a total Noob

  8. right folksies - got Halo 3 now as well Tag: KatyaKit Games: Pro Evo 2008, Oblivion, HALO3
  9. Gamertag - KatyaKit atm, only got the Arcade demo disc, Oblivion and PES2008 goin into town later though, might pick up a bargain
  10. My Friend Plays Keys In Toploader - they're playing the tolbooth today, and i need to film them XD :D
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