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  1. You should have a whip roond for your mob then ya hauf wit.
  2. Or even just do something as basic as put them on when it’s dark and walk around the pitch with a lux meter.
  3. Just reading back a few posts. I think the idea of turning the garage at the club into a café is a belter of an idea. Think how many school bairns walk past there everyday. There’s a buck to be made. There’s also a gym across the road, a van hire yard next door and a few other units as well as the cowp which folk are always running in and out of. Doing breakfasts and breakfast rolls would be a good earner and a decent coffee is always good too.
  4. The expectations were too high for him. He couldn’t handle it.
  5. Do keep up half wit. The rebels caused McGlynn to be punted as he was more useless than useless. The good man fell on his sword and rightfully so. After some of his comments on here which were not befitting of a Rose committee man, he had to walk. So your statement of committee men not knowing what a computer is is inaccurate. Braddo should never have been constructively dismissed in the first place.
  6. Sounds about right. Only in junior fitbaw can you be exceptionally incompetent and be rewarded with promotion.
  7. Yet again somebody is wasting ten pences.
  8. Who put ten pence in the dickhead?[emoji23][emoji23]
  9. I'm just wondering how many people with the poor opinions on the 3/4G have actually played on them. If you look it up, there are quite a few of the top teams who are playing on what are now becoming close to hybrid pitches with artificial fibres being injected into the ground.
  10. 8 Mile. Does your family know that you're posting photos of them on P&B? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  11. Bonnyrigg have always been a squad of hatchet men.
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