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  1. bring back our free scoring forwards!? What were their names. I prefer our nihilist supporters philosophy! I don't give a f**k! "We score we lose" Mostly....
  2. Nihilist? Are you from the dark side of Noblehill?
  3. Hewitson gave Fowler a budget equal to/or maybe more than Raith and Morton and allowed him to coach the team to aim for 4th place. That is probably all you need to know. The coaching/management may not have been good enough.
  4. Right Fuckers. Have been willing to give the Fowler the benefit of the doubt. But....The uncertainty, the constantly changing of line ups and formations 4-4-2, 3-5-2 5-1-3-1......? He does not know his best team! I feel for the players rather than blame them! I stand by Hewitson for bringing financial stability to our club but the Fowler experiment has not worked.
  5. Yep! Falchurch are poor., .if we can grab 4th we can beat the bairms ina playoff and .....
  6. The stramash at the end was cos Malonga dived (c**t) and 'hamers' were wound up about injustice. #evens Hibs win #inside information
  7. Cheats! Cheats! Cheats! Referee gave the ball to Hiibs when it should have been a bounce ball or to Hibs and then to Robbie Thomson. They went up the park and scored from that gifted illegal possession incident when Brownlie was off the park. #Ladbrokes #paddypower £100 for Hibs win,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  8. It is because we are better than you. We are better than you because we took more to hampden than an you
  9. Hey I do not think you are stupid as you sound. I'm off to one of my girls but Gigi... i can put you in touch with someone Gigi What is you taste ? Give or take?
  10. listen cunto If you can para paraphrase and abbreviate and know about stuff and 'what the f**k' then you can sup with me but until then i really do not think I would allow you you to tie my laces or lick my rim. Oh hold on ,,,,I might make exceptions. What is you phone number?
  11. Listen fuckwits drill down as The teacher in Gourack says to his minions This is pure Port Glasgow... "sounds like a defeat but unlucky as i am, i am a fucking dick taking that to tuesday but i am a fucking dick but i am enjoying being an illiterate fuckwit delighted with this season being a dick who is that fuckwit chairman who robs my pocket for personal gain who would prod me towards a paper bbc proud concensus So I am a proud greenockian. I will not let the b*****d millionaire sweetie play me for a mug and be his play thing. Sainsbury..profit ..Smile. And we should have had a fucking penalty
  12. hey f**k That may have been my best. Savour it But look St Mirren Greenock Morton Historic but shite really shite
  13. Captain says "sounds like a defeat but but unlucky but i am a fucking dick but taking that to tuesday but i am a fucking dick but i am enjoying being an illiterate fuckwit delighted with this season being a dick who is that fuckwit who has not a fucking clue in getting up the fucking manager and up the league and we dominated and there was fucking contact and we should have has a fucking penalty. And we should have had a fucking penalty and we have got that fucking spirit that comes for my Jim Duffy Rangers. And I will return lord livingstone must go.
  14. Crap. Queens can take them. 2-1 Qos above St Mirren £100 easy money
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