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  1. Aye, did it with the RNR about 5yrs ago. Managed it in around 19hrs despite jarring my knee in an ill-advised attempt to run down the Devil's Staircase. I don't recall it being too hard a walk, and we'd have probably gone faster, but we all picked up niggles of some kind. I'd done all my preparation training in B3 boots, which I wore from Glen Nevis to Strathfillan - and at 3am, at my most tired, I stupidly decided to switch to my softer trail boots - result was rapid formation of blisters over the last few miles to Loch Lomond. Oh hang on, just noticed they've changed the route slightly. It used to run from Glen Nevis to Loch Lomond, I see it's Gairlochy to Strathfillan now, so not sure what terrain is like that the start. Worst part for me was the lack of sleep, mainly due to us opting to stay in the Polldubh bothy the night before which was cold and uncomfortable. Not ideal preparation!
  2. Climbed the north Glen Clova corries a week past Monday - up The Snub, along the top of Loch Brandy corrie, along the Green Hill then onto Ben Tirran/The Goet (Corbett). Sunny warm day in the glen, but the tops were exposed to strong biting winds and dull cloud cover. Where the snow had melted (and there was still a lot left), it had become sheet ice. Ice sheets + strong winds = ice skating, was lucky not to end up on my backside a few times - not enough ice to justify crampons, but too much to continually navigate around. It was too gusty to stay longer enough at the trig point at The Goet (which was inside a wee wall shelter which had filled with water) so no photos from the top, but got some nice wildlife shots on the way back now once out of the wind - Red Grouse, Red Deer, a Mountain Hare & a red coloured Common Frog, which is apparently a rare colouring.
  3. I started using the gym and pool at work after coming back from Christmas - usually 20min on treadmill, 20min on rowing machine and circuit of weights machines on Mon, Wed and Fri, with 30mins swimming on Tues and Thurs as a recovery. Haven't altered my diet really, just cut out most of the crap. I've lost 4kg, my muscles are more defined (esp biceps) and I can run 2.4km in under 14min for the first time in 6yrs. Well chuffed. Good way to release a bit of stress too. I've not got a target weight, but would be happy with 85-90kg (97kg at the moment) - no way will I be aiming for the "healthy" BMI weight of 80kg. I'd look like anorexic with my build at that weight!
  4. It's a fantastic movie and every person I've shown it to has loved it. The Daily Mail's review is amusing to read - standard morality rant. Any film that pisses off the Daily Mail is a good film in my book.
  5. That's a photo from 1895, three steam engines and a plough clearing snow at Altnabreac. Almost suggets we've gone backwards in our ability to cope! The resident electronic guru/trainspotter in my office tells me that the electronics on modern trains start failing below -5C so the doors freeze, heating fails etc, so ironically the old rickety trains with the handle doors, are more likely to keep running (although they're usually Baltic inside!)
  6. Tron Legacy 3D It's a bit like Tron vs The Matrix vs Revenge of the Sith. Not much plot (the standard Disney "father issues"), and the set pieces are too infrequent, despite the promise of 3D lightcycles etc - although I didn't expect much tbh. I don't recall seeing much in the way of 3D, so don't splash the cash on that, and I think the effects would be brighter without the glasses. On the plus side, the special effects are pretty and the Daft Punk soundtrack is fantastic - an electronic version of Hans Zimmer's Inception/Dark Knight soundtrack. 5/10. Watchable, but probably better off downloading the soundtrack. PS. Michael Sheen's character is really annoying.
  7. Yep! Who knew that would actually use any of the Oceanography stuff I learned at uni!
  8. Don't know if this has been posted before, but this is good website for tracking snow movement: http://www.raintoday.co.uk/ It's historical (15mins behind) but you get an idea on which direction it's moving. For anyone that's interested in weather stuff, we're due to continue experiencing La Nina conditions until Spring 2011 at least, which means wet places will be wetter and dry places will be dryer. This is combined with continued negative North Atlantic Oscillation which brings more cold air from the North. Hence the snow and cold!
  9. It's annoying that the emergency services are warning people not to travel unless absolutely necessary, yet the vibe from our HR is to make all efforts to come in, regardless of whether you are essential personnel or not. Hmm... In my office alone: - One member of staff crashed their car trying to get into the office for a nightshift. - Two members of staff had to seek emergency accommodation after getting stuck in the office. - The average travel time (one way) to the office is currently around 3hrs (usually 1hr) - The heating in the office is not configured for shift workers, so staff have resorted to blankets to keep warm. The work won't activate a whole floor's heating for one office and we've been waiting on extra standalone heaters for over a week. And they think it looks bad for us to work from home.
  10. All train services via Kirkcaldy are withdrawn. Thanks to Scotrail for claiming the services were still running on their website before I left the house, meaning a wasted 20min walk. Cold enough today to freeze the LCD on my watch.
  11. I agree, but while his kicking is brilliant, there are times (maybe Argentina excepted) when he only offers kicking as option. He possibly wasted a try scoring opportunity in the second half when he kicked (I think he was trying for a chip rather than a DG), whereas Barclay was open and he's not afraid to run at players (was it Wales in the last 6N when he ran through 3 players to score?)
  12. I strained the left side of my neck a few weeks ago, then there was a weird lump on one of my neck muscles, which I assumed was a knot, but since it calmed down my left thumb and forefinger are either numb or tingling with "pins and needles". Very annoying, and kinda painful.
  13. Haven't used this thread in a long long time.... Bit more than a petty nag I guess, but I'm just back from the funeral of the 6 month year old son of a family friend. Fucking pisses me off that a nice loving couple lose their bairn to a genetic disease when (engage Daily Mail mode) there are lassies with unwanted bairns using them just to claim benefits . By far, the worst funeral I've ever had to attend (in terms of the travesty) and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Really put into perspective when I compared the funeral of my grandfather who died at 80 and was carried to the grave on the shoulders of me and 5 other big lads in my family, and we struggled with the weight, yet the poor wee lad was only carried in by four wee guys, and there was clearly no weight in the coffin . Sorry to be morbid on a Friday night, but that's my rant against the world tonight.
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