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  1. Thanks, Pat Clarke was the niggle at the back of my head. Edit: It was Jason that managed Cowden, Lee played for them (but not the Pars)
  2. With Liam Buchanan returning to Cowdenbeath, it got be wondering who else has turned out for Raith, Dunfermline, Cowden, and East Fife? I know about Stevie Crawford, anyone else? (I'm sure there are loads that played for three - Jason Dair and Gareth Wardlaw come to mind)
  3. That's a photo from 1895, three steam engines and a plough clearing snow at Altnabreac. Almost suggets we've gone backwards in our ability to cope! The resident electronic guru/trainspotter in my office tells me that the electronics on modern trains start failing below -5C so the doors freeze, heating fails etc, so ironically the old rickety trains with the handle doors, are more likely to keep running (although they're usually Baltic inside!)
  4. Tron Legacy 3D It's a bit like Tron vs The Matrix vs Revenge of the Sith. Not much plot (the standard Disney "father issues"), and the set pieces are too infrequent, despite the promise of 3D lightcycles etc - although I didn't expect much tbh. I don't recall seeing much in the way of 3D, so don't splash the cash on that, and I think the effects would be brighter without the glasses. On the plus side, the special effects are pretty and the Daft Punk soundtrack is fantastic - an electronic version of Hans Zimmer's Inception/Dark Knight soundtrack. 5/10. Watchable, but probably better off downloading the soundtrack. PS. Michael Sheen's character is really annoying.
  5. Yep! Who knew that would actually use any of the Oceanography stuff I learned at uni!
  6. Don't know if this has been posted before, but this is good website for tracking snow movement: http://www.raintoday.co.uk/ It's historical (15mins behind) but you get an idea on which direction it's moving. For anyone that's interested in weather stuff, we're due to continue experiencing La Nina conditions until Spring 2011 at least, which means wet places will be wetter and dry places will be dryer. This is combined with continued negative North Atlantic Oscillation which brings more cold air from the North. Hence the snow and cold!
  7. I agree, but while his kicking is brilliant, there are times (maybe Argentina excepted) when he only offers kicking as option. He possibly wasted a try scoring opportunity in the second half when he kicked (I think he was trying for a chip rather than a DG), whereas Barclay was open and he's not afraid to run at players (was it Wales in the last 6N when he ran through 3 players to score?)
  8. I strained the left side of my neck a few weeks ago, then there was a weird lump on one of my neck muscles, which I assumed was a knot, but since it calmed down my left thumb and forefinger are either numb or tingling with "pins and needles". Very annoying, and kinda painful.
  9. Alright mate. Good to see you back.

  10. Alright, guvnor! I'm back to raise hell. Or at least elevate it slightly :) How ya been?

  11. I made roast cauliflower with venison, haggis and gamekeepers sauce, followed by cranachan for dessert. Yum yum.
  12. He did the same against Australia. Godman's an average standoff at best and he kicking is so inconsistent (a la Dan Parks). I guess it doesn't help that everyone compares him to Paterson so the pressure is definitely on him, but it's clear we don't have anyone to replace Paterson when he retires. We had absolutely no spatial awareness yesterday, both in attack and defence - how many times did we lose position by kicking into no man's land with no-one chasing the ball down? You could see it in the mauls too, where the scrum-half (Lawson especially) was having to take an eternity to decide who to make the pass to. There was one point in the second half where Argentina had the scrum in our 22, and I pointed out to the girlfriend that the Pumas had two players on the overlap on the wing and our nearest defence was standing by the far post. Sure enough the ball came out of the scrum and our player had to run full tilt to take the boy out into touch. I'm afraid the only word I can use is pathetic. And once again Hines got a needless yellow card. I honestly could've seen a better display down the Beveridge Park.
  13. I've walked from Braemar to Rothiemurchus via the Lairig Ghru, stayed in the Rothiemurchus Lodge then round Cairngorm and back to Braemar via Glen Derry. I could do something similar but actually do some climbs this time. I'll need to speak to the Lodge nicely though since I've left the RNR since I did that walk!
  14. I need to investigate that area a bit more thoroughly, I've only done the WHW route. Blair Atholl area is great, amazing views from the top of Beinn Dearg and Carn nan Gabhar (not sure about Carn Liath because I couldn't see anything for cloud). The camping site beside the Castle is top notch and I'm partial to a pint of the local "Braveheart Ale" I fancy doing Schiehallion in winter time, which would be the last Munro in the Perthshire area I think. Not sure where I'll go after Blair Atholl. Probably head to Dalwhinnie and do Ben Alder, Aonach Beag etc via Culra. Always fancied doing The Fara too, apparently there's a wee bit scrambling involved if you approach via the Dirc Mhor.
  15. My plan is to do Carn a'Chlamain on Sunday which will complete the Blair Atholl munros for me. By the looks of the map, I left the easiest to last! I'm planning to test my bike's off road capabilities and cycle up Glen Tilt to the bottom which should half the time. I've cycled up as far as Gilbert Bridge before so I know the path's an easy cycle. Just got to remember and avoid the firing range because it's active on Sunday!
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