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  1. Straight from your own mouth: posted February 5th this year in response to TartanTony. "Nobody called my boss m8, you might have got a little confused when you were desperate to get poor 8mile banned by sharing his PMs." Better luck next time, swing & a miss, etc. Dear oh dear, Kilbowie2002, just when we all thought you couldn't sink much lower. PMing someone forever sneering about "Junior thickos" over in GN to come over here to stir the pot (only to fall on his face again)? Bit obvious when you "just happen" to be posting shortly after. Weren't you the one moaning not so long about non-Junior fans coming in here to cause trouble & pulling threads off topic - only to be encouraging it yourself? Wow, and all over a case of feeling sore after making an arse of yourself on here last week. Still, at least you're not bothered about it. There is one crumb of comfort - who would have thought Bobby would have shown himself happy to do some "Junior thicko"'s dirty work? Perhaps it's not the Junior fans that are the thickos after all.
  2. Back on topic:- No, council elections aren't about sending messages about referendums that are Holyrood's affairs, they are about the people you want looking after the bin collecting, the street lighting, social services, etc; & anyone voting on the reasons Jo-Lipsett-in-Middle-Age gives for voting Tory deserves to live in the medieval hovel five years of any Tory council will reduce their locality to.
  3. Wait a minute, is this an unneutered tom?
  4. Ffs, a bit of string, a rolled up bit of Kit Kat silver paper, anything with catnip in it - entertain them for quarter of an hour tops & then they sleep for 2/3rds of the day. It's not difficult looking after a cat, they largely take care of themselves.
  5. The exact same spambot turns up right now over at two other sites' forums: Clash of Clans & Prestashop. Registration & post times appear to be the same. Would reckon they all were using the same disposal email address so once they get added to the software many forums use for blocking auto-signing spambots they will have hit the maximum number of sites. What is achieved by this? If you spam millions upon millions of websites, statistically you will get a few thousand sales on the back of the enquiries generated, or ad revenue from those who click on the link, etc - & it costs nothing but time to do. They do it because, unfortunately, it works.
  6. Plentee ploblem P&B. Isn't there a two step verification process for here to stop spambots auto-signing up? If not, try getting one like every other forum board in the 21st century.
  7. No chance of that. No matter how much alcohol it contains, shit still doesn't burn well.
  8. Meanwhile the correct terminology for Labour politicians is "c***s" - strangely it seldom needs to be explained to anyone why.
  9. It is only on here and mainly because it is tacitly encouraged by the owner as good for his advertising revenue.
  10. The problem is if your zonecard gets near anything such as a mobile phone, tablet, etc. it busts it. I've left the card in trouser pockets accidentally & it has been fine with the automated barriers even after going through the wash (ticket inspectors however haven't been so amused) . Left near anything generating a magnetic field, & it means a trip to the nearest ticket station to get a replacement (doesn't cost anything, but the time). Unfortunately this also means if you are on a packed train you could get your card deactivated by someone with their mobile on 24/7 in a pocket, especially on some of the early morning cattle trucks. As for the station jumping, all they are doing is rationing it out rather than let all the lines take the King Cnut whenever they like.
  11. To be fair, you have something of a point. I've never understood why DomDom/RandyGiles screams "homophobe!" more times than a Guardian columnist, yet still spends an inordinate amount of time (largely when supposedly at work) arselicking from dawn to dusk those who abruptly turned against him a few years back. It was one of those WTF moments on here - one second part of what Zen Archer (albeit tongue-in-cheek) referred to as the "groovy gang", the next everything he posted became automatically "shit", & that was before he made an arse of himself with his tear stained resignation over his two troll heroes getting banned - it came earlier the split second he let his typing fingers run away with him after one shandy too many & outed himself (some comment about lusting after Charles Dance as I remember in the GoT threads). I've no time for the obsequious little shit, but a lot of P&B's virtue signallers are outright hypocrites.
  12. Okay, I'll bite. There are two major problems: 1. Due to various historical reasons, whilst there is duplication with the east regions & (to a certain extent) the North & Highlands, there is a Western Juniors but no Western League since the 1920s (& hence why Arthurlie, Beith, Royal Albert & Vale of Leven are all Junior sides as they'd nowhere else to go), a South of Scotland league but no Southern Juniors. In other words you would get a very top heavy Highlands-Northern combine, a very large Eastern; leaving Western Juniors & the SoS who would sooner lick Throbber's crusty sock than amalgamate. 2. Some of the Junior sides & Senior sides are so hopelessly weak due to their geographical location or having more powerful neighbours in the "other" league any enforced amalgamation risks killing them stone dead or force them to start from scratch in the amateurs, & there's a reluctance from both sides to be party to this. The perennial bottom feeders of Lanarkshire being stuck in a league with the SoS clubs would soon send many from both into early graves - let alone those from further afield like Vale of Leven.
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