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  1. Good luck to Gary Harkins, the Glasgow Cup game last week really highlighted his limitations. I think that signing the contract for us last year must have been the equivalent of him putting on an old jacket and finding £20 in the pocket. I cannot see him joining any club soon. Now waiting for the inevitable, Gary Harkins signs for Morton
  2. Does Harkins being free to leave the club mean that someone has to come in for him, or does it mean that we have negotiated his release?
  3. I did ask if we could nominate the players to punt, this was politely declined with the suggestion that the Clubs view was probably not dissimilar to that of the fans.
  4. In picking my ticket up today, word is we are "working" on another couple of players coming in. Got the impression we would like to get rid of a couple as well. No further details given.
  5. I have concern over his attitude on the pitch. All too often he seems more content to wave his arms about after a stray pass, blaming others rather than trying to rectify the error. He also seems a split second slower in thought than he was at the start of the season. I think that he still can contribute but we have to decide what his role should be. He seems to be all over the place at present.
  6. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/thistle-weir-youth-academy-now-expanding-their-team/ From the Official Site. Finances seem to be in place for the academy in the short to mid term at least. Thanks again to Colin Weir.
  7. Alex Rae getting a second yellow for "cupping his ear"* when he was the Dundee player manager and then being evicted from the dug out was one of my highlights. *"Cupping his ear". Rae's version of events as relayed of a couple of occasions on the radio. The last at the weekend when defending Morelos. (Most of us in the JHS, and more importantly the linesman, saw it as flicking the V's.)
  8. Found it interesting that Storey's passes found more Jags players yesterday than in any matches when he actually played for us. I was impressed by the amount of diving and moaning that the ICT players did. Robertson has truly built a team in his own image.
  9. Lets try to be positive. We are not a feeder team for Barnsley, we have not been taken over by speculators or asset strippers. Colin Weir seems to have the Club at heart and the "interim" Board contains a mix of business people and fans. I understand that this is initially short term, so can we all show a bit of support? In my opinion, this is by far a better position that the other potential ones were.
  10. Connahs Quay cannot be very nomadic if the could only bring 63 to Firhill today.
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