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  1. Cmonnnnnnnnn who doesn’t love a Sunday sport 😀
  2. McStay, Grant, Lamont, Syvertsen It would apply to. For me only grant and mcstay would be worth a decent development fee. I don’t even know what the going rate for that is? Would it net us 10k each? If so could be worthwhile - especially if they’re off and going to reject it anyway which I expect Grant will. Not made my mind up on What I think mcstay will do yet.
  3. Contracts will be up at the end of the month anyway will they not? For what it’s worth, I think we should at least be offering The better players that are under 23 a contract the same as what they’re on just now (grant, mcstay) I’d say it’s unlikely grant will stay anyway but at least it would make us entitled to a development fee if they decide to leave.
  4. Says on the website there’s no transaction fees and the club gets 100% of donation. I think it doesn’t even land at him it just gets sent straight to the club account.
  5. Hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahaha. Enjoy the lowland league troops
  6. Easy 2/3. More than any of our own players got. Maybe just me but see for 90 minutes I genuinely couldn’t give a f**k who else was on the park. Imagine branding yourself self an appreciation society for a league 2 player who doesn’t even play wae us anymore, come on tae f**k. Thought u were better than that.
  7. Not unjustified. You chanted about Kevin nicoll couple times then had a go where’s our midfield. Try getting behind our guys instead of the opposition. Snapped Lamont n c***s still chanted his name. As if we’ve no gt enough injuries. Clyde first.
  8. Never said don’t come to another game I only said I hope. What history? You think about it.
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