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  1. Goodie played aswell, c**t got sent off for stamping on him and nearly started a riot between the dozen Clyde fans who made it and the 22 local farmers.
  2. How many goals are rumsby and Lang going to concede before we change it up?
  3. Tremendous result. Got boabied for 90 minutes never felt we were particularly the better side at any point
  4. Just wish the_bully_wee would hurry up and dish his phone number out man, choking for a chat.
  5. Who’s the biggest chugger chugger in the fleet?
  6. Montrose player from near me just posted in our group chat that Montrose have 4 players self isolating tomorrow. None of them have tested positive or have any symptoms but and they aren’t linked apparently.
  7. Cmonnnnnnnnn who doesn’t love a Sunday sport 😀
  8. McStay, Grant, Lamont, Syvertsen It would apply to. For me only grant and mcstay would be worth a decent development fee. I don’t even know what the going rate for that is? Would it net us 10k each? If so could be worthwhile - especially if they’re off and going to reject it anyway which I expect Grant will. Not made my mind up on What I think mcstay will do yet.
  9. Contracts will be up at the end of the month anyway will they not? For what it’s worth, I think we should at least be offering The better players that are under 23 a contract the same as what they’re on just now (grant, mcstay) I’d say it’s unlikely grant will stay anyway but at least it would make us entitled to a development fee if they decide to leave.
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