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  1. Hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahaha. Enjoy the lowland league troops
  2. Easy 2/3. More than any of our own players got. Maybe just me but see for 90 minutes I genuinely couldn’t give a f**k who else was on the park. Imagine branding yourself self an appreciation society for a league 2 player who doesn’t even play wae us anymore, come on tae f**k. Thought u were better than that.
  3. Not unjustified. You chanted about Kevin nicoll couple times then had a go where’s our midfield. Try getting behind our guys instead of the opposition. Snapped Lamont n c***s still chanted his name. As if we’ve no gt enough injuries. Clyde first.
  4. Never said don’t come to another game I only said I hope. What history? You think about it.
  5. If you only turned up today cause goodie was suspended, I genuinely hope you never make another game again.
  6. Kit Cummins, he’s involved with Alan Moore through the college. Great striker apparently.
  7. ‘More savage than human’ 😂😂😂 from that quote alone you can tell you 100% Wear a denim jacket and have Lego hair.
  8. Changing room areas still very much under construction and don’t think the new dug outs are ready yet. Would imagine they could use the pod area as changing if it’s only a friendly.
  9. Nice one Alan bro, just gives a wee shout once you decide to come out ur wee holiday from Clyde. Should just come back you can sit with tht banger John mason and talk about how bad Goodwillie is and post on twitter about the big bad Clyde fans shouting nasty things at folk
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