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  1. Can’t see anything other than Stranraer winning it now. Absolutely relentless, probably on for one of highest points totals. Can they have an invincible season??
  2. Some stats there Jenkins, Thorburn and Graham were introduced at HT (was 0-0 are HT)
  3. Saints excellent 1st half, some really good players. No management present on sat..... p.s Uppers punching highest
  4. Just sign Jonesy aswell in triple deal.....
  5. Lochar won 3, bonny 0, 1 on pens, 1 because Bonny fielded ineligible players
  6. You must of missed the game he scored the 2 against you in last years midweek win.
  7. Yeah il agree with you there defo one for the future. His distribution with his feet is exceptional for a 17 year old kid
  8. Dode Martin best in area not just this league, would get a game for Star or Annan Athletic if he wanted IMO Some top goalies in league but my top 3 1. Martin 2. Gemmell 3. Murray Underrated - Kerr (Nithsdale)
  9. You’d be made welcome at the Glenpark as that’s where all the Lochar lads will be on their team day out. The Andrew Houston fan club will be in full force and Eck and Lee Martin can discuss surfaces and pitch markings.....Ha
  10. The 2nd half kicked off at 16.06 so 10/15 mins is a slight exaggeration. Unfortunatley one of those things, saving grace for everyone was that the scores were even, ref tried his best to give chance for lights to be switched on not knowing they had been disconnected. No expenses for visitors, can’t wait to head back midweek..........
  11. Maybe better if you concentrate on your own teams fortunes??
  12. I think the hulk is basing his thoughts not on the quality but on the reliability as the lights didn’t come on at all due to fault
  13. We must of been at different angles again. Lol was a complete accident and think the lad was embarrassed, apologised to all after game, game was over by that point anyway. Worst I've seen Mids this season, don't think Queens were troubled at all. No9 if he was the centre forward was Tremble, just called back from Gretna loan. Thought Ushers opener was a stunner, best player on pitch was No4 (Archie). Big ginger CB was decent before he went off injured, think all bar 3 players were under 17 so I think your maybe writing them off a bit early. Too much in house squabbling from certain Mids players to, more interested in arguing with each other and ref than game
  14. Great to hear some positive news on refs after some recent horrors. Who was it??
  15. Probably a touch unprofessional using the words the ref did. However he could easily of send the mids manager off, to say he stood his ground is inaccurate, he kneed the Heston full back up the rear as he bent down to pick up the ball for a throw, the Heston player then reacted by kicking the managers bottle of Irn Bru away as he went to pick it up to disguise his actions. All very petty but I'm sure they would rather be called f*nnies that have both seen red which some refs in the league would of done as some just want the game to be about them.
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