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  1. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/crunch-league-game-will-be-friendly-free-ticket-for-members-and-season-tickets/ Excellent initiative. Hope this is a sign of things to come when we get back to Hampden campus. Not so much free tickets (not an option at Lesser obviously) but fans feeling valued.
  2. Had no desire to go back to Hampden but infintely better than getting bus through to Ochilview .If it is just for a couple of games - at least we can say our goodbyes. However I think the powers that be would love us there on a more permanent basis. Maybe to be used when we play teams with bigger supports.
  3. Ah the old Ludere Causa Ludendi tune. Has that been ditched or have I missed it by being in Ochilview Bar too long?
  4. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/owen-coyle-jr-appointed-young-queens-park-head-coach/ At least there is no pretence that there was any process.
  5. The later they leave it I fear it will be information that will upset supporters. Maybe another big price hike? Or maybe make members' tickets available for league games only? That will be a good way to get membership numbers reduced. I have no idea but the silence is a bit concerning.
  6. Oh we know! So glad to see him back. Will be a major asset if he can stay fit.
  7. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/lee-kilday-entends-contract/ I wonder if it will be Longridge next? Followed by Fox and Murray. The most that terracing at Cathkin Park has been used in years.
  8. You should put them all back on. Be a good laugh
  9. Well done Zanetti. Did you find the old posts from it? Probably best you don't
  10. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/dom-thomas-signs-for-spiders/
  11. A few surprises there. Thought Doyle and Lyon might stay. We'll see who comes in. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/22-23-squad-update/
  12. And if it is true looking forward to " "The Eagle Has Landed" teaser from the media team
  13. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Eze Fist rumour I've heard but may be a case of 2+2=5
  14. If that is true it is the least bad option - especially for those of us going by public transport. Station Hotel beckons! Car drivers may well disagree with that.
  15. OK an86. I've waited long enough. How are the respect levels now?
  16. You seem to be obsessed with this chef. I never knew having a chef was supposed to guarantee football success. I think just about all the permanent signings we have made over the last couple of seasons have had really good spells. Unfortunately a lot of them have had really bad luck with injuries. Who we try to keep will depend on how serious some of these injuries are and of course how they fit into Owen Coyle's plans. I would happily take any of them back. One thing I am sure of is that all of the permanent players that have played over the last two seasons have given their all. To suggest otherwise from the safety of your keyboard is pretty pathetic.
  17. I’m sure the team will be gutted that they don’t have your respect if we go up. Maybe if there is any sort of celebration with the team you can tell them that? If this does happen I’ll be too busy celebrating to worry about anything else. Will look forward though to reading your post next day about how much we didn’t deserve to go up. Any team that achieves success for QP has my utmost respect.
  18. Top four in League One. Best position we have finished in since the 4 tier system was introduced in 1994-5. That is worth celebrating in my book and I managed to last night. Happy to leave all the doomsayers and boo boys to their misery and anger.
  19. Aye - 1st June gives him a chance to start afresh with a clean (ish) slate and appraise the squad beforehand.
  20. The issue here is the recruitment. The players are either (1) too similar or (2) not good enough. Far too many loan players as well. But no point booing and having a go at the players. I heard the usual suspects yesterday - quite sad really. The team don't pick themselves. Save your anger for those who are responsible for assembling (or more accurately cobbling together) this team. And having said all that we are still in driving seat for play offs. 3 points (effectively 4) ahead of Falkirk . They must be doing some things right. So let's not chuck the towel in quite yet. If we get Murray or other injured players back soon (a big if I know) a lot can change
  21. Are we really analysing how we celebrate goals now? The boy scores a brilliant goal and runs off to celebrate with his team. Ffs - what else do you expect him to do? Brisk handshake with his teammates and straight back to his own half? I honestly think there are some people are looking for reasons to criticise.
  22. OK - Barry Ferguson. That make you feel better?
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