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  1. Should have been 4 -0 up at half time. End up edging a 3-2 win. Whatever it takes. We are top.of League 1 by two points after 8 games and still undefeated. As a QP fan of over 40 years that's more than enough for me.
  2. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/fixture-amendments/ Hope my church service finishes on time.
  3. Other e-mail replied to as well. Fair play.
  4. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/liverpool-loan-signing-boosts-spiders/
  5. Aye someone sent me a link to this. No idea how valid it is.
  6. Any recommendations for decent pubs in Falkirk centre? Or nearer ground? Been many years since I've been in Falkirk. Asking for a friend of course.
  7. Yes probably the reason why there were no posts on here was that there was little to report. Lots of talk of getting communication better and Dempster said she was happy to answer any e-mails from members. However I do know of one member who e-mailed her next day and has still to receive a reply. Maybe they got e-mail address wrong or they need to sort out their spam filter.
  8. Three well worked goals. Looked really strong and composed yesterday. Apart from a couple of scares we were well on top.
  9. I need no motivation to go to the ground rather than watch a stream. But if for some reason I can't make a game I will be pissed off having to pay £15 for a game I've already paid for. Poor show from QP.
  10. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/free-scarves-for-supporters-as-we-unfurl-the-flag/ The free scarf is ample consolation.
  11. As long as I can buy a roll and pie at Alloa I'll be content.
  12. Not sure what other clubs do but I thought folk who have forked out for memberships and season tickets would at least get a discount for streaming games. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/live-streaming-news/
  13. Sold out. Glad I was able to get in at 10. Already know of some being too late.
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