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  1. Ah the old Ludere Causa Ludendi tune. Has that been ditched or have I missed it by being in Ochilview Bar too long?
  2. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/owen-coyle-jr-appointed-young-queens-park-head-coach/ At least there is no pretence that there was any process.
  3. The later they leave it I fear it will be information that will upset supporters. Maybe another big price hike? Or maybe make members' tickets available for league games only? That will be a good way to get membership numbers reduced. I have no idea but the silence is a bit concerning.
  4. Oh we know! So glad to see him back. Will be a major asset if he can stay fit.
  5. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/lee-kilday-entends-contract/ I wonder if it will be Longridge next? Followed by Fox and Murray. The most that terracing at Cathkin Park has been used in years.
  6. You should put them all back on. Be a good laugh
  7. Well done Zanetti. Did you find the old posts from it? Probably best you don't
  8. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/dom-thomas-signs-for-spiders/
  9. A few surprises there. Thought Doyle and Lyon might stay. We'll see who comes in. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/22-23-squad-update/
  10. And if it is true looking forward to " "The Eagle Has Landed" teaser from the media team
  11. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Eze Fist rumour I've heard but may be a case of 2+2=5
  12. If that is true it is the least bad option - especially for those of us going by public transport. Station Hotel beckons! Car drivers may well disagree with that.
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