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  1. It we had a settled team it would help getting the team lines correct.
  2. Very surprised that Joffrey didn’t start. Even more surprised that he didn’t get on. Thought he must have been carrying an injury but from what I heard in club after the game that was not the case. Substitutions not great yesterday. Needed Moore on earlier. Not sure if Little was injured or not. Defence looked a lot more shaky in second half after he went off. We were obviously well beaten in the end but the penalty decision did change the game. Looked a very harsh decision.
  3. Spider I have an exclusive preview of the business model. If we don't go pro we're f****d. That concise enough for you?
  4. EGM of members in October to vote on going pro. 75% majority required. I can understand Gerry's motives in wanting to make sure there is no dubiety. Plus the fact that only 7% of the people who voted at last meeting wanted to stay amateur But 75% is a high threshold to meet. It won't take that many people with their heads in the sand to ensure it isn't met. Hope for the future of QP that Gerry's gamble pays off.
  5. Really? Hopefully he regrets making that comment and learns to hold his weesht in future. We've all made comments at games we later regret ( I have anyway!) but to have a go at a young player who is new to us ( and has already shown a fair bit of potential) is not good.
  6. Glad the President satisfactorily answered all your questions. Will help if we can all move forward together.
  7. I see the club is holding an informal update meeting on 18 Sep about the club's player status going forward. Hopefully they will have decided to move forward and the club has concrete plans about going pro. If nothing else it may end all the interminable debate on here about making sure we go through due process (some hope).
  8. Is that Winston from Still Game in the front row?
  9. Something like that. With a name like mine it seems appopriate.
  10. Would be happier if committee just got on with making change. If enough members were against it they could force an EGM. Not sure what % of supporters are required.
  11. To be honest I couldn't really care less how professional we have been in the past. What is important to me is that we survive (and maybe even prosper) in senior football. The best chance of that happening is to go professional. The committee should do whatever it takes to make that happen asap.
  12. Going back to Saturday - it was great to see the players chat to the fans. Even "auld steamers" like me. Wullie Muir was in great form and even sat with me and another couple of auld steamers at the end of the night having a wee drink. Great to have him back.
  13. Me neither. Maybe there is another reason why TMWNN is comparing them?
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