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  1. Hopeful signs, be good if it's found to be effective https://nypost.com/2020/03/30/century-old-tuberculosis-vaccine-eyed-in-fight-against-coronavirus/?utm_source=url_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site%20buttons&utm_campaign=site%20buttons
  2. F**k that. This is payback for austerity and those banking/financial bawbags misdemeanors in 2008. After this we are even.
  3. Caulk is a decorators filler, hopeless in a bathroom. You get specific bathroom sealant, which is anti-fungicidal, so stops mould and you can have any colour you want.
  4. I view people who panic buy, as lesser individuals. It's a pathetic state of affairs, do they reckon if they wrap themselves up like an Egyptian mummy in bog roll they will be safe from the dreaded mang. I would have snipers sitting outside supermarkets taking these f**kers out, the human race would be better off for it.
  5. I have a similar situation with my 14yo son, my lawyer advised me that if my son makes a statement of intent that he wishes to stay with me, there is nothing the mother can do. Speak to a lawyer to see if this extends to your sons age. Might save yourself a lot of hassle and cash taking it through court.
  6. Rhyl, has got to be in with a shout. If depression was a town, it would be Rhyl.
  7. An increasing trend I've noticed, with the closing of banks.
  8. It's not a moral issue, I agree. If there were more morals and less greed, the state of public services wouldn't be so bad. As it always is, human beings are the problem, a constant source of disappointment.
  9. The example of Lewis Hamilton's helicopter. Whereby, Lewis Hamilton(Barbados) Ltd, purchases the helicopter, and then rents it to Lewis Hamilton(Isle of Man) Ltd. Mr Hamilton gains £0.5million savings in tax. This is avoidance, not evasion. It clearly is ripping the erse out of it and insult to the GB public. As has been said before, there's a lot of people making a lot of money from the grey areas and stretching avoidance to the limit. The laws regarding avoidance should be tightened alot and no grey areas, but this is a pipe dream. Morally its repugnant, but these areas that profit from this practice, dont have morals.
  10. Best way to deal with it, especially if it's a large area. Best of luck.
  11. Unscreened top soil is best option for clay, and much cheaper than screened stuff, and add washed concrete sand to it. You can also add compost Washed concrete sand and stones mix breaks up the clay and stops it bonding. Theres a fair bit of hard work ahead of you, but it will be worth it. Companies I would recommend for soil William Hamilton & Son Brown Soil
  12. Do you have a old chimney/flue in your house? Is it capped off or bird cage on it? If not, then bird might have karked it and fell down chimney, and bluebottles get in through vent. Had that issue a couple of years ago.
  13. This sounds exactly like our last house move, I can completely understand your thoughts for random violence and legging it. Throbber = good guy.
  14. Because they drive a BMW. Either the attitude comes free with the car or only selfish arseholes drive them, mostly.
  15. The Andromeda Galaxy is hurtling towards our Galaxy, that's bigger than a rock but reckon we have a few million years to spare, no need for the tin hat yet.
  16. What's Arlene Foster got to do with it?
  17. Yeah very good, and the Tories are? Promises broken already, few days into new term. Nine years of misery and counting.... If that bunch told me, it was Monday, I would check the calendar first. Are you Alister Jack?
  18. One nation Tories, except the sick and disabled. Did you see that awful legislation they brought out on day one, after election? Scum to the core.
  19. The more the unionists mention this "once in a generation" bullshit, the more it just reeks of desperation.
  20. Used this very tactic to convince my 67yo mum, a previous no voter. To vote SNP and she now backs independence. You are not alone. As much as I'm into politics, the forum in here, can make your eyes bleed sometimes.
  21. That certainly adds another dimension to your concerns. I would put your concerns across to whoever is over seeing your Mum, regards this report, asap. You cannot do much more than that. Unfortunately with psychiatric issues there isn't a "magic wand", as much as we would all like that. Even with meds it can be a case of ongoing trials, until they find the best course. My thoughts are with you G_man. I'm sure you are doing all you can for your Mum, try not to worry too much, I know that might be easier said than done.
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