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  1. Thank you for your opinion but I wholeheartedly do not agree. Yes there is selfishness across the ages but I don't have time to go into every example. I wonder if it will still be madness if figures continue to climb and weve done everything else. Nothing is sacrosanct.
  2. I have been fully supportive of SG Covid measures until now. Schools and universities going back clearly has had a big part to play in the rise of Covid again. We have a potential huge rise in asymptomatic carriers, because of the above. In my view the most dangerous type. As if you get it bad you are incapacitated, reducing chance of spread. Kids and teens don't consider consequences as much and tend to act in selfish manners without thinking. Quick example, my 15yo son went back to school, caught cold from taking a drink of his mates Cola. I've now got cold, and it's a stinker but it could have easily been Covid. This may sound radical but I think schools and universities should take a year out. It just doesn't make any sense when all other areas of society are being shutdown or impacted heavily by Covid but schools/universities are allowed to continue, and continue spread. The media seem unwilling to approach the question and the government are just burying their heads in the sand. I'm exasperated and disillusioned by it all.
  3. A fine tune. Although this one is equally as good. Any excuse to shoehorn a Slayer classic in. My walk on choice would be:
  4. Armstrong on for Forrest. Move McTominay in for McGregor and get O'Donnell on. That's was a turgid 45. Not enough urgency in attack, too many passes for the sake of it. Towards end of first half McGregor got ball in centre, he could have sparked a dangerous attack, as Israelis were out of position. What does he do? Passes it BACK. Takes all the threat out of it. Sums up entire first half really
  5. My Fuschia is the same. Sign of a vibrant plant. The warm spell in April/May has helped greatly towards this.
  6. Thanks for clearing that up that Terry. I trust you applied the same rigour to the prospectus for Brexit. That's the problem with the Yoons. They apply maximum analysis, often be it misplaced or misinterpreted regards Indy. Yet Wastemonster could invoke the killing of their first born and it would barely raise an eyebrow. If they could spare the same analysis to UK Gov, then they could see it's a failure. I feel sorry for them, supporting a medieval system that actively insults them, doesn't care about them and financially disadvantages them. As for the whole currency thing, I can't remember any nations that gained independence over the last 30 years, greeting about it. It's only thing UK Gov has left to scare the middle ground. However, if you look at it, you will see they have no right to this argument. It's as flawed as UK Gov. Indy Scotland can use Sterling and theres nothing UK Gov can do about it. As a seamless transition is in the interests of both, at the end of the day.
  7. I'm more irritated about the collective moaning. As currently they are having to burn bodies of family members in the street who have died due to Covid, in Ecuador. As the state cannot cope. It's not the only horror story around the world. Makes the holidaymakers seem even more selfish and thoughtless than they already are. Puts things into perspective somewhat.
  8. I see @DA Baracusand P&B got a mention on Off the Ball on Saturday evening. As a critic of Tam Cowans musical tastes. Just listening to it on catch up.
  9. Never panic, there is always a way. Although I hold no faith in the current incumbents in government to do the right thing. For the avoidance of doubt, I'm talking about the Tories.
  10. For all the economic damage the virus has/may cause, I doubt it will be as damaging as WW2. We spent out way out of that, investing in infrastructure, social housing and health. This is definitely the way to go, but you just know the Tories will fcuk it up. Further austerity would not be welcome or required. It failed before and will fail again. I don't hold out much hope for the latest gang of incompetents we have in charge at Westminster doing the right thing, so independence will be coming soon, as a result.
  11. Good to see Dispatches getting the boot into the Tories, regards initial response to Coronavirus tonight. Amateurish, out of their depth, ignorant and arrogant throughout. Sir Paul Nurse, of Francis Crick Institute described them as a blancmange. Macron was due to shut border with UK, if Tories didn't get their finger out. Worth a watch.
  12. I heard her talk on two occasions about it on the radio, today it was that f*ckwit Carlaw and PMQs today. She informed Public Health England regarding it, so she didn't try at any point to keep it secret or sweep it under the carpet. As far as I can see, she dealt with it in the proper manner. Scottish Tories are clutching at straws and trying to make a big deal out of nothing. That Jackson Carlaw, clearly has no concept of irony and has a brass neck of epic proportions.
  13. Contact Andy Irving, club secretary on Lesmahagow Juniors Facebook page. He posted on there a few days ago for anyone wishing to purchase kit
  14. You can add me to that list. I despise the Tories and all they stand for. The way they've handled this virus just compounds what I already know. I would herd them all onto a boat and sink it in the middle of the Atlantic. Is that angry enough for you? There is no place for the Tory ethos in a forward thinking, caring society.
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