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  1. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Russia did. America stole the glory.
  2. What is lesmahagow like?

    X74 City link goes to Glasgow and Dumfries every hour.
  3. What is lesmahagow like?

    It's a commuter town. Split into old village, in valley and up one side. Then the schemes on other top side of valley. Has a good range of shops and services, and a big Tesco. M74 gives it good links to Central belt and down south. What street did you view house? Streets to avoid; Monks Way, Briar Bank and Sanderlings/Hawfinch. The rest is pretty much ok and much like most towns of its size. No major crime or drug problems. Schools are good. Two primaries and a high school. What are you looking for, from a personal point of view?
  4. Should Weed Be Legal?

    "God gave all seed baring plants on Earth to you". Apparently it's in the Bible, but not being a God botherer, I will have to take their word on it.
  5. Should Weed Be Legal?

    Yes, that's the fellow.
  6. Should Weed Be Legal?

    This makes perfect sense but will never happen under the Tories. This is the same party that got a working group full of specialised professors in drugs to investigate the matter. When they came back with their findings, they sacked them as it didn't fit with their thoughts. What a huge waste of money and time, and by the fact they asked these experts to look into it. They admitted they(Tory party) didn't have the expertise. You couldn't make it up. Profit from weed is much less than other drugs, hence why your dealer wants you to take things further. Plus the hassle factor for them is far greater with weed. The ignorance that surrounds weed is astounding from general public and politicians.
  7. Official worst town in Scotland

    1. Lanark 2. New Cumnock 3. Port Glasgow 4. Airdrie 5. Coatbridge
  8. Favourite MILF Thread

    The lovely Victoria Coren Mitchell. https://goo.gl/images/uoCbmR
  9. Things you want to share with P&B

    It's miles from Denver and shrouded in mystery and conspiracy. Took forever to build it and some strange practices regards hiring/laying off construction staff. Used to have some odd and very grim murals inside terminal building. Rumours of an underground military installation there also.
  10. Worst Town In Scotland

    It's in shadow of the big shale bing. The surrounding countryside rivals the moon for desolation. Nearest "big place" is Carnwath, 4 miles away. No shop. Very little public transport, and what there is, takes you to the delights of Lanark. Apart from that, it's fine.
  11. Worst Town In Scotland

    There has been another two murders in "Rignam", one four weeks ago and another a couple of years ago. Some place, Rigside.
  12. Sectional Cup Final

    As a Gow fan, I have to agree with this. The Gow just didn't turn up today. A lot of effort but no product. Well done Talbot.
  13. Domestic violence

    I'm not suggesting anything. I'm offering an opinion. If it's a straight case of domestic abuse then report it But if it's as I say, then the man could be falsely being accused. As for spectrum thing, what I meant is people suffer to different extents. Some cope well and others don't and it's a wide range of factors. I do have sympathy for anyone at suffers but not when they target people with the more insidious side. I am not saying this is definitely the case in this matter, I'm just saying it's a consideration. I've said enough on the matter. I will leave it at that
  14. Domestic violence

    Go f**k yourself. Who do you think you are.
  15. Domestic violence

    Be careful how you proceed. She could suffer from borderline personality disorder, it's a spectrum thing. Manic episodes, shouting, threats and repeated false accusations are commonplace. Do you have definite proof he is violent towards her? It could easily be she is exacting emotional and mental abuse on him, as a means of insidious control By all means if you have definitive proof then report it. Having dealt with a similar situation in the past, makes you look at things from a different angle. Regardless of where fault lies, I do feel sorry for the bairns.