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  1. this is exactly my position. One thing I will say though, I need to be convinced that anyone stepping forward to replace SB has the experience and ability to do the job better. If not, carry on Mr Brown.
  2. Who in their right mind would (after reading this thread) would put themselves up for it?
  3. I suspect that one of the reasons he's left was that DY couldn't guarantee him a start as has been the case lately. It's unlikely that a L1 side could offer him this. He's certainly a good player at this level though and will be snapped up soon if not already.
  4. So as an update following todays results... M.Ross 0.920 pts/game D. Young 1.105 pts/game
  5. I really haven't a clue whats going on here. Is this an attempted power grab by the Club Board?
  6. We did top one list... ...the player with most red cards
  7. To be honest, that's exactly what we all thought we had at the beginning of this season
  8. Here's my choices. Too many players haven't delivered despite early season promise. Currie - Keep Law - Keep Dunsmore - Keep Cummins - Go Creaney - Go McGregor - Go Banner - Keep McNiff - Go Hancock - Keep if poss Mclean - Keep if fit McGeachie - Keep Patterson - Go Leitch - Go Moore - Go Roberts - Go Laird - Go Flannigan - Go Grant - Go Carrick - Go Francis - Go Mackin - Go
  9. Scant consolation, I know, but I think we're the only side Kelty haven't beaten at their ground.
  10. I'm struggling to think of players I'd like to stay. With that in mind, I'd like to see some of the U20's feature in our remaining games.
  11. Ding Ding! I think you've both made your positions clear but you're just trading insults now.
  12. The reason for their success is no secret
  13. I've really got mixed feelings. It's very difficult for anyone not directly involved with the club at any level to come to a decision on the best way forward. Yes, we are all hacked off at the lack of success on the pitch and the Club Board have to accept some of the blame for this. But I am unhappy with the proposal to remove Stuart Brown. I believe that he has a plan to step down soon and hopefully a succession plan is in place to ensure a smooth transition. I think the resolution to remove him is short sighted and could do more harm than good.
  14. First half was fairly even and it was disappointing to go in a goal down at HT. Second half Annan dominated and it was no surprise that they saw the game out comfortably. I don't think Annan played that well but they didn't have to as we were so shockingly bad. We didn't lay a glove on Annan all game. Lots of effort from the players, however, zero ability, zero creativity. Tactically naive. Long aimless balls only concede possession. Balls punted out of defense in desperation. How can confidence evaporate so quickly after 2 wins?
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