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  1. Time will tell I suppose. If it was our manager making changes to suit commitments elsewhere I'd question where his priorities lay.
  2. Yeah, I heard this from Clyde 1. Thursday night is Mark Wilsons slot on Superscoreboard
  3. A couple of posters here commenting on Brechin players fitness levels. Is it true that Mark Wilson has changed the training night schedule?
  4. I can never understand why teams that win the toss elect to switch ends when there’s no obvious advantage.
  5. That picture is pretty damming. Spec savers it is then
  6. Yes, you’re right, it was McLean. A straight red must mean the ref saw it as a deliberate attempt to deny a goal, which is ridiculous
  7. I've watched the, very shaky, clips. I don't think Nichols tackle was any more than a yellow. It wasn't high it was on the ground but he went into the tackle showing his studs. Wilsons red was a second yellow which I didn't realise. The new laws on handball are farcical but the same for all teams. Frustration about the inconsistency of refereeing isn't sour grapes. I (and a lot of others) saw many positives in our performance today.
  8. Why was Kenny Crichton acting as physio for both teams today?
  9. Maybe players should tuck their arms inside their shirts
  10. Only thing to add to this is that Rovers should have had a player sent off for the deliberate elbow on Danny Jardine. Oh, and epic time wasting by Rovers even when it was 12 v 9
  11. Fantastic news. Exactly what we need pace and width.
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