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  1. Wouldn’t say bad but some are definitely way better than others.
  2. The Fall - The Light User Syndrome (1996). Not their best album by a long way but I’m going through all their studio albums again do got to take the good with the bad
  3. Few gigs lined up in coming months. Bought tickets yesterday for HAMISH HAWK who for some reason is playing a gig in Irvine library later this month. MAKING WAVES FESTIVAL also in Irvine this month. Not fussed at all about headliners Del Amitri but looking forward to seeing BLUE ROSE CODE and FATHERSON. Twin Atlantic, JJ Gilmour, Nerina Pallot and Anna Sweeney also playing on the Saturday. SWEETHEART REVUE in Stereo next month. FRUIT BATS in Glad Cafe (moved from St. Luke’s) also next month. MONICA QUEEN in CCA in September. If I can get time off work LIZABETH RUSSO is playing the HAC in Irvine (November). Good wee mix to look forward to and I’m sure more will crop up.
  4. Top 10 so far: 1 Pearl Charles - Magic Mirror 2 Dry Cleaning - New long Leg 3 the Gracious Losers - Six Road Ends 4 Hadda Be - Another Life 5 Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over ... 6 Godspeed YBE - G_d’s Pee ... 7 HAIM - Women in Music Part III 8 Maxwell Sterling- Turn of Phrase 9 Du Blonde - Homecoming 10 Veik - Surrounding Structures Pearl Charles is looking like album of the year even at this early stage. Last Night From Glasgow goes from strength to strength with 2 crackers from Gracious Losers and Hadda Be. Dry Cleaning has really grown on me after feeling a bit repetitive at first. Godspeed You! Black Emperor is amazing and should go higher in the list after a few more listens. Received the Squid album yesterday but not had a chance to play it yet. Rudimentary Peni new one also arrived yesterday. On first listen it doesn’t reach the heights of their earlier stuff but still great. Might get into the top 10 after a few more listens. A bit disappointed with the new Teenage Fanclub especially the vocals but will persevere. Arab Strap just missing out on top 10 for now.
  5. Night shift. Listening to the Boss and eating spicy burritos. I’ve had worse jobs
  6. I liked it on first listen but thought it got a bit repetitive towards the end. I’m expecting this to be the Rough Trade Club Album of The Month do will give it another listen when the vinyl arrives.
  7. Listened to this last night for the first time in around 25 years. Very much of it’s time, UK grunge lite but actually a bit better than I remember it as a whole and a shame it seems to have been erased somewhat from the history of the band.
  8. Today’s listening. Onto last one now before bed (nightshift ).
  9. New one (Kitchen Sink?) is excellent. That was the first I heard so checking out her other stuff now before sending an order off to Rough Trade. Cramps is actually playing right now. Bit of nostalgia for me but it actually sounds pretty fresh considering how old it is now. Lockdown has been great for catching up with old favourites if nothing else
  10. First time I’ve played this in years. Still love Harriet Wheeler’s voice.
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