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  1. Check the new signature after lady gaga admitting to having a penis

  2. Haha cmon then you Falkirk scumbag pml

  3. Right you outside for a fight now :L

  4. I was going to mention that it was priceless, even after Shire won he still wouldn't back down and some of the arguments he came out with were hilarious.
  5. The jacket looks pretty smart but the trainers: WTF? They are absolutely rank.
  6. chub

    TV Characters

    1) Will McKenzie- The Inbetweeners 2) Sheldon Cooper- The Big Bang Theory 3) Basil Fawlty- Fawlty Towers 4) Trigger- Only Fools and Horses 5) Uncle Bryn- Gavin and Stacey
  7. I know when the tour starts bawbag but i'd suggest you change your signature as we'll be long back by the date you have in it;)

  8. 2.75 posts per day? Take a look at your life son :L

  9. Father the FSE tour begins 24th june

  10. No full-time team could realistically survive in the 3rd division, especially not 1 with the financial record of your club, administration beckons for a 3rd time me thinks
  11. Then you shouldn't have played any games until you were told for definite that you would remain in this division, which didn't happen until after about 6 games or so, also, how was your reason any better? The fact that you had been told by the SFL to play the game no matter if you appealed or not because it was too late to call games off should've been enough reason to play the game, no? Whereas we had already spent a large sum of money for the game to go ahead the first time, why should we have had to do it again with no compensation? Add to that the fact that the crowd was signifficantly lower because it was played on a Wednesday night rather than a Saturday, we also had a lot of fans coming up from England for the first game of the season on August 8, who were left out of pocket as they'd already paid for trains and hotels and it was too late to cancel the bookings and get refunds by the time the game was called off. So was it in the best interests of everyone involved for the game not to be played against us on August 8, aye?
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